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March 27, 2010, 07:05 PM
Since we saw that part of what made Whitebeard the 'Ruler of the Seas' was all of his allies on top of his strength, and with all the people Luffy has been meeting lately how many allies will him and his crew have when this war is all set and done? And I am just talking people with strength and note full countries and islands like Alabasta and Water 7.

Leftover Whitebeard Crew
Kuja Pirates
Silvers Rayleigh
Shanks and crew
Trafalgar Law
Flying Fish Raiders

Captain Kidd
Smoker and Tashigi
Revolutionary Army

Luffy is gonna need to face some serious enemies in the New World considering all of the Pirates and major groups of people that have his back.

March 27, 2010, 08:08 PM
Kidd is his future rival in the New World.
Smoker and Crew are Marines with the goal to hunt down the Mugiwaras.
We don't know much about the Revolution Army yet, so no opinion on them. But hey they take advantage of Luffys actions, so they owe him o
Garp and Cody are marines too, with Garp as a trainer for his kind of justice, not being friendly to Luffy. Who knows, if Garp will stay alive in this war and Coby joining Smokers crew.
I can't see them ally with Luffy, but on the last fight with Blackbeard.

March 28, 2010, 10:49 AM
You forget civilians. Like Drum Kingdom, and Arabasta, and probably a good part of East Blue, plus Crocus, plus Laboon, plus some Giants, plus Skypea (Though I doubt they will go down) plus some characters I'm probably forgetting.

Luffy is a damn dangerous bastard, if we realize the reach of his contacts.

March 28, 2010, 02:29 PM
ok lets break it down. each of the strawhats hometowns will have their back. redleg zeff is still pretty tough and zoro's master, im sure is still pretty skilled.

the strawhats have helped a lot of people along their journey. i think these people will help them

alabasta kingdom
skypeia kingdom
elbaf giants
WB pirates
Red hair pirates
New buggy pirates
rayleigh and shakki
sunny pirates(via jinbei)
kuja pirates(via hancock)
heart pirates
lola and her crew

also invonkov now repsects luffy so he will vouch for him to the RA, and plus dragon is his father.

lets not forget lola's mom.

as of right now thats pretty much it

March 28, 2010, 02:49 PM
And Water 7, don't forget.

March 28, 2010, 03:53 PM
basically everywhere where Luffy has helped people he has allies and friends. As Mihawk thinked after Vista stopped his fight with Luffy http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/561/12/

March 29, 2010, 01:00 PM
The Kuja Pirates :hearts are definitely the most important allies. :p

It'll be interesting to see all of these allies coming together and uniting with the Straw Hat Pirates on the battlefied one day. :shakefist

March 29, 2010, 06:24 PM
I can see that happening at the very end
Either before One Piece is revealed or after :o

Luffy will probably make more allies along the way in the New World

March 29, 2010, 06:35 PM
also the possiblity of the new world captains who were allied with wb alligning with luffy

March 29, 2010, 07:05 PM
I can see that happening at the very end
Either before One Piece is revealed or after :o

Luffy will probably make more allies along the way in the New World

of course....WB said another war will take place bigger than this. he already has an impressive list of allies, but you can never have to many allies

December 10, 2010, 12:38 PM
Since old characters and names have been popping up since the saobondy arc, i have decided to make a thread to all the possible allies the strawhats have now that could be of use when the BIG WAR comes. 1st of im going to start with people of note from there individual hometowns, then im going to discuss the countries that will join them, then pirate crews, and lastly other people or organizations.


Luffy- The Dadan bandits-DAdan is the leader so it would be safe to say that she is the strongest. she isnt that strong, so at best her and her bandits would be foot soldiers at best. She is luffys mother, so i doubt he would let her fight though.

Zoro- The dojo- i think kishiro is a flat out monster. i think he is super strong, and it will be revealed later. im sure there will be a few others decent swordsman, so i think they will be very usful in a war. I laso think koshiro is a RA leader, but thats for another time.

Sanji-REd leg-yes he has lsot a leg but zeff is still capable of fighting some small frys, but thats about it. maybe frankie changes that wooden leg into a seastone leg, just a thought:)

Usopp-kaya and merry-she is not a fighter, but she is studying to be a doctor, so she can help in that way. merry understands how to design ships, so he could wotk with gallery la

Frankie- frankie family and gallery la-frankie family are average foot ssoldiers but the real strength of water 7 is their ship buiding skills. iceburg and the boys are best, so they could modify ships and make them stronger.

Chopper-Dalton and kureha-Dalton is now the king so he would have the countries full military might at his command. kureha is the best docotr in the series so far and she would be very valuable in the war.

Brook- as of now, we dont know his hometown, so i will classify laboon for his hometown. we dont know if laboon has any fighting skills though.

Robin and Nami-Robins hometown is gone and no one of note from nami's home.

Allied Countries

Alabasta Kingdom-
people of note-Cobra, vivi, khoza, pell, ingram, chaka

Since vivi is an "unofficial strawhat" and she owes the stability of her country to the strawhats she will do whatever to help them. they have a million plus soldiers at their command. khoza is a good leader. chaka is a jackal DF user and pell is a Bird DF user, so they are pretty good fighters. ingram is ok himself.

Sky Kingdom_
people of note-Ganfall, wyper, aisa

GAnfall is now the king, so the troops would follow him into battle, and that includes wyper and his boys. sais is still a little girl but she has the color of observation, so maybe she could at least tell poeple were to attack. on a sidenote, wyper was one of my fav character and i wished he would have joined the SH's

Water 7-i have already given there countries might with frankies hometown.

Pirate crews

Elbaf giant crew-the strawhat saved dorry and brogy, so its safe to assume they will rejoin there crews and follow the strawhats into battle. we dont know there strength yet

Lola pirates-from what we have seen of their zombies they arent that strong, but the real benefit of befriending then was her mom's vevi card. Lola's mom is powerful pirate(maybe bigmom)

Red hair pirates- do i really need to say more. the red hairs monsters and are 1 of the stongest crews in the world.

Whitebeard pirates-they may not have Ace and Whitebeard anymore but they still are a really strong crew.

43 allied pirates-well them helping the strawhats is a loose assumption of mines. they saw luffy fight bravely and saw his kings haki. if there are only 2 sides in a war i figured they would help him. also since we didnt see them all, im pretty sure we will se the allies again.

New Buggy pirates-well buggy may not like strawhat, but i dont think he would attavk him on sight. i think in the end though buggy has a respect for luffy and would help him. furthmore i think he would ride we shanks since they are rogers pirates

Kuja pirates-they are commandes by a shichibuaki and are pretty strong though we havent seen most of them fight. also nyon is a noted person as well.

Heart pirates luffy owes Law his life. Law seems to know of the will of D, and luffy is the type to return favors, so they will join forces in the future.

People,organizations, and training grounds

Johnny and Yosaku-they were nothing special but hopefully we will se them again anyway.

The motherf*cking RA Dragon is luffy's father, so thats a given he will help him. We havent seen there strength yet, but its safe to say they are beast. I cant wait to see them in action.

Baroque works rebooted-when i say boroque works i mean they top guns, croc, mr 1, 2, and 3. CRoc reminds of vegeta a bit, he saved luffy during the marineford arc, so i think he sees the potential in luffy. croc and mr 1 will defintely help luffy when the time comes. Man i hope Mr 2 is alive, he was the best. Mr 3 is with buggy so.....

SAobondy Connection Shakki, Flying fish riders, hacchi, pappagg,and cami. shakki and the fishriders seemed to be average fighters but everyhand helps. Since we are about to get into the FI arc, time will tell about how well the others wil help.

Garp and SEngoku-Since garp is retired i think he will help luffy when necessary. Now that sengoku is retired, he wont at least attack them on sight. i think he has become disgusted with the gorousei and that why he ritired. i think he feels guilty about killing ace, so he will help garp.

Shichibukai already taked about boa. mihawk i will discuss later, but With jinbei i think he is waiting for luffy, so with him also time will tell about what he can bring. its sad that kuma will be a full robot when they meet him again.....or will he?


rayleigh was gold rogers right hand. he still is strong enough to fight an admiral after being outta practice. and im sure he still has the respect of the roger remenants. i think they will all come together again. in the geen databook it said the rogers 3rd in command might appear later.

Mihawk and perona Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in the world and can handle his own against anyone. im sure after training zoro for 2 years he has taken a liking to him, even if he wouldnt show it. perona is an ok fighter, her and zoro have a sister brother type relationship, so i think she would help him.

The fruit cakes-sanji hates them, but he respect their fighting skills. invonkov was proabably the one watvhing over him though. im sure the 99 masters are pretty good.

hercules-we stil dont know how strong he is, but he has to be to survive the man eating island. ussopp being his only pupil, he would come to his aid.

the old grandpa's they are worlds foremost experts on weather and nami is their star pupil, so thay would help.


December 11, 2010, 11:44 AM
You missed Gin (&Don Krieg). Assuming he survived the poison. Gin was on par with Sanji, and sure has grown in strenght as Sanji has. If he has beaten some sense to Don, and collected more noteworthy crewmember's, he could be a dependable ally. Well, he could also be a rival/enemy, but many of those you listed there go on that category as well (Law, Buggy, Croc & Co.)

December 11, 2010, 09:29 PM
What about the Saruyama Alliance? Sure they aren't too strong, but they'd do good as foot soldiers.

December 11, 2010, 10:20 PM
snap i completely forgot about them. yea you are rite

December 12, 2010, 06:36 PM
I forgot them too. But not only as foot soldiers, but they would be good in some Special or Intelligence Corps with their sonding and sunken ship salvaging skills.

December 12, 2010, 08:27 PM
What about the Foxy Pirates, they'd make good foot soldiers

December 13, 2010, 06:09 AM
Mihawk, a man who has seen it all and done it all, said that Luffy possessed "the most dangerous ability in (the) entire ocean", "the simple ability to turn those around him (even enemies) into his allies".

In addition, unlike Shirohige, who has many allies/loyalists/territories, but also many people hating him (eg: civilians, prisoners, pirates), Luffy & Co don't really have anybody hating them, I think. (Enel, Moria are gone, man.) In fact, besides the Marines(esp. Akainu) / World Gov-Gorousei / Tenryuubito / Kurohige, who in the One Piece world ISN'T on their side??

This would make Luffy much like the 'next Whitebeard', and possibly be a great help to overcome the MASSIVE power of Blackbeard & his crew.

So in this thread, I want to list ALL of them. All the people, kingdoms, whatever, who would rise to fight by the Straw-Hats. I'll list EVEN THE MORE DOUBTFUL ONES -please remember that.
Please fill in if you feel I've left anybody out, and I will include into my list.

##Arranged in rough groupings##

---------------------------More affiliated to Luffy:
*Kuja, Hancock(Shichibukai), Rusukaina(giant/ferocious beast island)(sort of)
*Fuusha village, Dadan and bandits
*Perhaps Sabo if he's living, and whoever he's affiliated with now **(see bottom for a theory)
*Dragon?(see Robin)
*Smoker, Aokiji(Admiral) (err...)
*Mr 3 (San)
*Crocodile(X.Shichibukai), Mr 1 (??)
*All the collective power of WB pirates, Allied New World pirates
*Red-Hair(Emperor) and Crew
*Impel Down Prisoners/Newkamas, Baggie and crews (?)
*Dark King Rayleigh
*Shakky(former pirate chased by Garp)
*Kraken, LOL

------------------------More affiliated to Zoro:
*Mihawk?(if only to fight Zoro + curious about Luffy's fate)
*Humandrills(battle baboons) of Kuraigana island (hey it could happen)

------------------------More affiliated to Nami:
*Cocoyashi village, Nojiko
*Weatheria, Haredas
*Hachi Keimi Pappug

------------------------More affiliated to Ussop:
*Syrup village
*Greenstone forest giant bugs?, Heracles-sun

------------------------More affiliated to Sanji:
*Kamabakka kingdom, Ivankov
*Gin and fleet ?
*Duval and Rosy Life Riders

-----------------------More affiliated to Chopper:
*Sakura kingdom (Drum)
*Torino kingdom, giant birds and natives

----------------------More affiliated to Robin:
*Revolutionaries, Dragon, on Baltigo and around the world

----------------------More affiliated to Franky:
*Franky Family
*Water 7, Kokoro Chimney Gonbe, Galley-La, Paulie Iceburg
*Kitton Grandpa Taroimo of Future country Baldimore

----------------------More affiliated to Brook:
*Laboon, Crocus
*Cultists, Longarms (perhaps) (Apoo, then?)
*Soul King's fans

*Arabasta kingdom, Cobra Vivi guards/soldiers, Kohza rebels
*Dorry Brogy, Kashii Oimo, and possibly giants of Elbaf
*Saruyama Alliance
*Skypiea- Shandians Wiper Gan Fall Aisa(Mantra) Nola(giant snake) etc
*Lola, Thriller Bark Victim's Association, her mother(famous pirate)(possibly Big Mom of the Yonkou)
*Trafalgar Law..?

Thanks for reading! See ya!

Do you think the title of 588- [Sabo's Ocean], is a foreshadowing of Sabo currently being a very powerful, perhaps SHADOWY figure in the OP world now?
I mean, it's 'Sabo's Ocean' but nobody has even mentioned that name in the present... And it's pretty clear Dragon saved a heavily wounded Sabo in the very beginning after his small boat was sunk. The scarred Sabo was so against the Nobles and such, he might have gone mad or turned evil and could become a villain to Luffy later on..?
Probably I'm reading into things too much.

***Sorry about that, Mods... I didn't search throughly enough before creating my 'new' thread. Still can't believe someone else did such a similar thing before me tho 0_0 Will try not to let it happen again. Cheers, happy hols, and hope that OP gets better and better!***