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April 02, 2010, 05:32 PM
Welcome to a LoneLobo Double-Review. Again. Meh. I’m sorry . Let’s go anyway. ;)

Chapter 579: Seconds of Courage

Chapter 580: End of the War


Two chapter, two titles; but just “End of the War” is very straight forward . The cover is in one case Vivi and Karu, which was expected. And like I thought, Oda has another “filler” cover before he will start a new cover story the week after next. So we get Corby, Helmeppo and Tashigi in one cover, which might indicate that they know each other. But let’s start with the chapter.

We need a medic here


Right when you say “we need a medic here!” one appears. He came all the way from Shabondy to rescue Luffy, but Buggy doesn’t want to hand him over that quickly. Teach goes nuts and we have a panel with a very crazy looking ocean. The power of the quake fruit is indeed... incredible. No wonder Whitebeard was known to have the power to destroy the world. This, of course, creates a tsunami and the inhabitants of Shabondy run away in panic. Hm. Nothing interesting here.

Thirst for Blood


But now it gets interesting. Corby says that voices in his heads are disappearing. This could mean that Corby is going bonkers, but it could also mean that he has the power to hear other people, like Enel could with Mantra. If this means that Corby can use mantra is debatable, but it seems to be a power similar to it.


Akainu looks pretty funny with his face open... the worst sharp-shooter, Kizaru attacks Buggy and forces him to make one of his many silly faces xD This forces him to drop Luffy and Jinbei, so that he can survive. Good old Buggy. But now Law and Co. are the target. But Kizaru can attack them, Corby joins the fun.

I’ve come to be BADASS


Corby stands before Akainu and the Whitebeard Pirates and shouts that everyone should stop. He talks a bit about the meaningless of fighting on. Even Blackbeard stops and looks at him, while Garp cannot believe his eyes. But Akainu doesn’t give a crap and attacks Corby, who joins Mr. 2 by at least thinking that he has no regrets. Of course he is saved, but by whom? A guy protected him with a sword against a magma fist. Man, that’s cool.
Corby faints and Ben Beckman threatens Kizaru, which is pretty cool. Kizaru even stops his attack, which could indicate that Beckman might be able to inflict damage on him. And the man picks up the strawhat Luffy dropped. He has not just come to end this war. Shanks has come to be badass.

Not breaking the promise


Shanks appears and everyone is just stunned. Again. =P And who could blame them? Oda informed us that Shanks battled Kaidou, so no one even thought that he would appear here. This can mean a few things. First, the information given to Sengoku that Kaidou attacked Shanks is wrong. This is doubtful. Second, Shanks kicked Kaidous ass. That’s possible. This could even mean that Kaidou, who owned Moria, is the third or fourth strongest Yonkou. Just a thought.
Shanks then throws the strawhat to Buggy and pushes his buttons by offering him a treasure map. The idiot he is, Buggy throws the hat to Law who is watching the scene. Shanks himself is said that he is not able to see Luffy, but this would go against their promise. But I think it was already clear that it while take a while before Luffy can talk to anyone anymore, and that the meeting with Shanks will be in the New World.

Buggy 4 President


Akainu is pissed, which is awesome. Aokiji freezes the ocean and tries to catch the submarine while Kizaru launches a machinegun like laser attack; but it seems the submarine was able to escape. Then something surprising happens. Boa goes after the submarine with a marine ship. Okay, I never thought of that... Meanwhile Buggy notices that Shanks lied about the treasure map and is quiet angry. So awesome. What’s not awesome is that the ex-prisoners understand it wrong and want to follow Buggy forever. This was expected.

The Red-Hair Pirates


We then get a nice double spread with the Red-Hair Pirates. Aren’t they awesome? We see some new faces and the old ones, but where the hell is Rockstar? Anyway, Shanks challenges everyone who wants to continue this war. Blackbeard seems a bit frightened, which may be my imagination. But the Blackbeard Pirates withdraw, and this counts. Marines and pirates stop their fighting and some of them start crying, which is somehow very nice to see. We then get a lot of character shots, but the last one with Akainu is the most important one: He doesn’t look happy. I think he is the only one who really wants to fight on...

Last page! Sengoku even allows Shanks to take care of Whitebeard’s and Ace’s funeral. I think this will crush every Vegapunk-will-modify-Ace theory out there. The important part is: why does Sengoku let Shanks to do that? It seems there is some kind of respect between these mortal enemies, like there was friendship between Whitebeard and Roger. Hm, kinda strange. This chapter ends with a nearly destructed Marine HQ and the magic words that the war has ended.

Conclusion and Predictions


Let me quote myself from my last review: “I think this arc is really near its end. I vote for two more chapters”. Man, I was right. ;) Oda takes a break this week, and this is really a nice place to take a break. But what will happen then? There are quite a few possibilities.

Timeskip. It will probably happen, I vote for around 3 months, so that the world can settle down and Luffy can recover.
Where will they be? Shabondy Archipelago? Possible, maybe Law will deliver Luffy to Shaggy and Rayleigh. Meaning, he could follow the Vivre Card.
Where will they be? Fishman Island? Possible as well. It is probably more secure than Shabondy for them. Jinbei can lead them there.
What will actually happen in the next chapter? I think we will not see Luffy again, but maybe some of his nakama.
Will Jinbei join the crew? I vote for yes ;)

Have a nice day. -LoneLobo

Credits: All chapter 579 and 578 pictures taken from mangastream.

April 02, 2010, 05:52 PM
nice review tho im looking forward to your theory .

April 02, 2010, 06:35 PM
One vote for Hancock as the next SH!! If there is a time skip, will she have caught up with Luffy?

April 03, 2010, 11:55 AM
Great review.
I really like your review.

April 05, 2010, 06:12 PM
Great review LoneLobo! :thumbs Thanks for all your efforts! :tem

Law to follow the Vivre Card that Rayleigh gave Luffy!? That's interesting and most certainly a strong possiblity since I believe the way in which Law received the hat from Buggy was not just for the sole purpose of Luffy getting his hat back safe and sound. It's not just a concidence in my eyes anyway. ;)

• Will Jinbei join the crew? I vote for yes ;)

:crying So I'm not the only believer! :shakefist

April 06, 2010, 02:37 AM
Nice review. I'm hoping Jimbei doesn't join however, he's so boring..

Robotic Red
April 06, 2010, 09:57 AM
Don't think Jimbei will join. With Whitebeard dead, his protection of Fishman Island is gone.

April 07, 2010, 09:32 AM
Good review.

I also support Jimbei for next Strawhat - 1.Merman (adds diversity) 2.Fistfighter + in the ocean (even more diversity) 3.Great strength (what Strawhat Crew needs).

I lol'd because I can't imagine her name actually be Shaggy... I like Shakki better :)

April 07, 2010, 09:48 AM
love the review...............jinbei is to strong to join the hats though. right now he can beat all of them combined on land, just imagine what he would do in the water

April 09, 2010, 12:57 PM
awesome review as always :>

I would love to thank you for bringing up the vegapunk-modify-ace-thing, please give the guy his respectfull death, even in shounen we usually have importent character's death...

and, vive card is good idea, but I have feeling every SH will be guided by another person, for example, I think Sanji will be helped by Ivan...

anyway, we need to get a collection for the warship moment from the prisoners, that kept this arc with laughable part ... otherwise, people would've died with this arc ._.

May 23, 2010, 05:39 AM
Hi guys,
I just want to leave a message here that there will be no new reviews this month because I currently have a lot of stuff to do (to those who are interested: Right now I'm finishing two term papers and I will start working on my Bachelor thesis soon). Maybe I will do a review of the whole flashback in June, maybe I will skip it and just continue with the new chapters.

But I got something else regarding the flashback. Does someone remember Hunter X Hunter? ;) Chapter 102, page 8-9: