View Full Version : Discussion Priscilla vs the destoyer.who will win

melvo 17
April 06, 2010, 10:10 AM
That would be a great battle. I think priscilla will win cause of her unlimited yoma power and fast regeneration.the destroyer is very dif from other awaken beings.it released those parasite thing.they cant regenerate so that probaby means the the destroyer cant regenerate

April 06, 2010, 11:01 AM
As it stand right now, Priscilla most definately.

This is due to that we know very little about the Destroyer, including not knowing its actual power level* and/or possible other abilities. We don't even know if the Destroyer can move (aka "walk" or travel distance over land).

*there's two sources (riful and Deneve/Helen) of the Destroyer's power level being described, both of them saying that the Destroyer is more powerful then Riful and Isley are. Well, this doesn't help us at all when paired up against Priscilla. hehe.

And Priscilla has shown little concern/worry/fear over the Destroyer. In fact, the only reaction Priscilla gives towards the Destroyer is saying to Raki (while they were still in Ticheri town) that ~"something new has been born".

what we know about the Destroyer:

1. the Destroyer launches volleys of huge projectiles which become hellcats or infect living beings into hellcat-like hybrids (Beth) or enhance their awakened body/form (Dauf).

2. These hellcats or infected hosts (at least Beth could. We still have to see what infected Dauf can do), can shoot out small projectiles, which clearly are shown to infect as well. However, we have yet to see what these small projectiles actually do to their hosts.

3. The Destroyer can attack with tentacles. (this is seen as Clare escapes from it)

4. *possibly* the Destroyer can create an "itachi (naruto manga/anime) like genjutsu" if it connects its mind with the target. (this is *possibly* what is occuring in the strange Clare+image of Rafaela+Destroyer mental/mind connection of Clare's with the half merged bodies of Rafaela+Luciela in the forest castle)

5. it is gigantic, towering in fact, in size, even compared to awakeneds.