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melvo 17
May 02, 2010, 05:44 PM


1. "soft-skinned". doesn't require much strength to cut/damage her.
2. got dominated by teamwork of Alicia+Beth.
3. her amnesia.
4. unstable.
5. child-regression (only lasted for 7 years though)


1. Fast Regeneration.
2. immense power/yoki.
3. flight. she has wings.
4. (presumably)extremely fast.
(i can't remember if manga said that Isley was faster or that she was. the fight between them doesn't prove one way or other, as she could have let Isley get her. However, she did seem to be able to move fast in her decapitation of Alicia, and then travel to Riful and then to Clare. so who knows if Priscilla is fast, how fast, or not fast)
5. tentacles. inside of body appears to be tentacles which she can send out of her body anywhere. still uncertain if her body is like Riful's, Agatha's, or Ophelia's though.


Priscilla is actually quite vulnerable (killable). The problem is "merely" not getting killed first by her, and then doing enough damage all at once all over her body (Drill Sword and maybe Quick Sword), before she just regenerates it back. The well coordinated teamwork of Alicia+Beth ("pincer attack"=video game term. Alicia was in front of Priscilla charging her, while Beth was behind Priscilla spearing her back open with her tail) was very effective, but the great damage they did to Priscilla was just regenerated back.

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Super Angillis
May 04, 2010, 11:14 PM
Well I imagine that much like an Abyssal Feeder, you'd have to destroy her brain to stop her. But she's fast. We can infer this from the fact she was able to own Rigardo. And when she decides to not get hurt two things come into play. Her regeneration speed becomes virtually instantaious, and she can manipulate her body, namely the tentacles. And that's assuming we've seen all her tricks. The quicksword could do it, but the tricky part is actually pulling it off.

May 06, 2010, 05:46 PM
For that matter, Priscilla could fly away too (her wings), if she actually comes close to death... (though Clare and Yuma have been shown to be able to throw their swords at flying away yomas).

Priscilla is most likely fast. As she near instantanously went from Alicia+Beth's battle location to Riful+Dauf's location, so fast that Riful could barely blink from the time to Priscilla killing Beth to standing next to her. Now, the distance may not be very far apart, but that still doesn't change how fast Priscilla moved.

Also, is how fast she moved when "she got serious" when she was doing her decapitation of Alicia. Alicia's head was already falling to the ground before she realized that Priscilla had moved so fast towards her, covered the distance between them, that she was right in front of her and then brought down her hand knocking off poor Alicia's head, killing her. That must of been fast for Alicia to not even be able to blink in the same amount of minute (<-as in small, not as in 60 minutes in an hour) time.

My point though is that your Rigardo example by itself doesn't really work, because:

For all we know, Priscilla might not have even moved against Rigardo. Rigardo stabs his hand through her, and then Priscilla sends out her tentacles (though Rigardo appears undamaged if I remember the pic correctly). battle over.

much like what happened against Isley. Priscilla gets impaled by Isley's Lance Arm mode centaur joosting charge attack, but she just uses that to send her tentacles at Isley (whom is stuck helpless impaled into Priscilla) and nearly kills him. We don't know if Priscilla was merely letting Isley hit/damage her or if Isley was actually too fast for Priscilla.

But taking everything (all instances) into account, Priscilla probably is indeed very fast.


don't forget Helen's extendable Drill Sword....

that'd be a shocker if Helen Drill Swords Priscilla to death.


(though Helen had already tried it, and Priscilla simply caught/grabbed helen's arm first.

maybe....Deneve/Clare could be in front of Priscilla distracting her, while Helen extends her arm from behind Priscilla, and "Drills" or helicopter-rotary blade Priscilla into "soup", just like Alicia+Beth had done, resulting in Beth able to impale her tail into Priscilla ripping her back open. Which, is what prompted Priscilla to get serious, and immediately decapitate Alicia...)


Priscilla seems like she might actually be able to have HARD skin, as chapter 103 shows us, with Priscilla able to be smashed (blunt force) by Dauf's punches, THOUGH his punch to her face/head did take off a part of her jaw/check bones....

June 01, 2010, 03:34 PM
just wait til claire fully awakens.her head portion and brain have not awaken.also,for some reason the longer claire fights the better her abilities get,so eventually she'll be on speed with priscilla.