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Gold Knight
November 17, 2006, 12:07 AM
Time for some musing!

Yo, everybody! First time I'm posting a Comments in the Naruto section instead of Scrapbooks! I think it's for the best, though - after all, it's Naruto I'm reviewing. In case you've never seen my reviews before, I've been doing them at Mangahelpers since last spring, and even longer at Naruto Forums (since almost the beginning of Part 2), although, unfortunately, I've lost these ones. But hope ya enjoy the ones I've posted here since chapter 300! (Man, that's 32 Naruto reviews so far... where has the time gone?)

I also did Bleach and One Piece for a time, but unfortunately couldn't keep it up. I came very close to losing all my energy doing all three at one point. However, good news, Djudge, White Silver, Garaku, and Gignator21, and perhaps more to come (hint hint), have taken over reviewing these ones! Be sure to check out their stuff sometimes! (In the Reviews boards of either the Bleach or OP sections.)

That being said, if anybody here wants to review the latest Naruto chapter as well, be my guest! I absolutely don't mind sharing the board at all.

Well, onward with the credits for this review! Many thanks to Osakagaeri formerly known as Nihongaeri, Yoshitsune, p1noypr1de, HisshouBuraiKen, and brucelee for their translations this week. Also, LadySonia (formerly known as Yume) for her scanlation that I'll be using for this edition, and NarutoBuzz for the header. And finally most of all, to Touch for getting us the RAW in the first place! And finally, I'd like to say thanks to everybody who've supported my Comments for so long. You all rock.

Well, here goes. Feel free to comment. And in case you don't know, today is the first year's anniversary of Mangahelpers' existence, so have a good one all! Cheers! Or maybe I should say DATTEBAYO!!! :XD

* * * Gold Knight's Ten Comments on Naruto Chapter 331: Team 10 Sets Out...!! * * *


1. Whoops, Caught! Heh, for a split second there, I saw Shikamaru and his team as a bunch of preadolescent kids with their hands caught in the cookie jar - especially Chouji!

Well, I had expected them to perhaps meet somebody on the way out of town, but I didn't expect a direct confrontation with the Godaime herself. Shizune, maybe. Or even Kakashi (who's done it before with Sasuke.) But not Tsunade! Guess the Fifth really does look out for her kids now.

Makes sense that somebody at least would be watching them carefully, though. Team 10 just lost their sensei after all, and Shikamaru in particular had been in the thick of the battle which had killed his teacher. The Leaf nins would have been absolute idiots to think they'd have no thoughts of getting revenge at all.

Excuses, excuses...

As for Shikamaru's feeble excuse about why they were setting out without permission - heh! Yeah, he was just trying to talk his way out of that one.

But his mention that the 18 Teams were still searching for the Akatsuki at least put my mind at ease about something that had been bothering me since last week. I didn't want to see Konoha suddenly quit their search for Hidan and Kakuzu just to pay their respects at a funeral, even if it is Asuma's. That would have defeated the point of sending the teams out in the first place. So it's good that they're keeping up the pressure on the Akatsuki.

Sidenote: And, what, another chapter without a cover? Wow. Even if we did get a nice one last week, this makes eight out of the last ten weeks that Kishimoto didn't give us a cover. Our colorists must be bored out of their minds!

Too troublesome to not kick Hidan's butt at least once, eh?

2. A Different Mindset. When you think of Shikamaru, what comes to your mind first about him? When we were introduced to this kid, all he would do was complain, right? Always mumbling about having to do something that he believed was a pain in the neck. He did it throughout the Chuunin Exams, but redeemed himself by being such a super strategist.

Well, that hasn't changed much. Except for one thing.

Now Shikamaru considers it troublesome to leave jobs unfinished. Now that's something I CAN admire - and it's a nice, subtle change to his personality that I think will now eventually lead him to jounin status.\

Another question I want to ask all you guys, though. What is the difference between Team 10 leaving with revenge in mind and Sasuke leaving with the hope of killing Itachi?

Not a whole lot, in my opinion. I think Team 10 would have left regardless of whatever decision the Godaime made. But I think the key difference is that I don't think Team 10 would have completely abandoned their loyalty to Konohagakure in setting out to find their enemy. Sasuke, on the other hand, was completely obsessed with Itachi and determined to defeat him no matter what the consequences - the Leaf be damned.

Still an interesting comparison, though...!

Let's all start a temple for Asuma!

3. Ummm... Okay. Of all the characters in the Narutoverse, the last one I'd have expected to say stuff like "the smoke seems to be protecting us," was Shikamaru! I don't blame Tsunade for thinking that they were all off their rocker, heh.

I mean, I knew the smoking was Shikamaru's way of coping with Asuma's death, but I didn't expect it to be the source of their confidence going against the Akasuki. Though I can understand the sentiment, I'm still very surprised that Shikamaru actually took an impractical approach towards the whole situation.

Guess it just goes to show how Asuma's death affected them all, though - and just for that exact reason, I think the Godaime was absolutely right to have stopped them. I agree with her, I don't think Team 10 was being very rational at all here.

One thing I did like, though. Looks like Robotic Red was right. Shikamaru does seem to be planning to quit smoking when the mission's over. Whew.

Tsunade must really not like Kakashi right now...!

4. Kakashi to the Rescue...! Well, so Kakashi (assuming it is him) did turn out to be the one to intercept Team 10 and join them. I had a feeling that would be the case, for some reason.'

Just have to say, the idea of Kakashi and Shikamaru together has always been something I wanted to see. How would these two geniuses work with each other, for example? I've always kind of wondered about how all the teams would do if they happened to have different senseis. So this is a truly intriguing turn of events to me.

Assuming it is Kakashi, of course. For more on why it might not be him, see the next comment ;)

Two more things before we move on, though. The Godaime was obviously very displeased that Kakashi butted in and vouched his availability for supervising Team 10, and I don't blame her. It's not the first time they've butted heads - Kakashi also ignored her orders when he went off in search of Sasuke and Naruto. You know, that wasn't too different from what Team 10 was doing here. I wonder sometimes if Tsunade feels like nobody is listening to her. I don't think people still obey her as instanteously as they did the Third. In a way, how the Fifth deals with all these situations is as interesting as the action - she's also similarly developing as a character as the rest of them!

And finally, why in the world does Team 10 need a fourth member, though? They're all chuunins now, with Shikamaru himself, at least once, having led a squad on a dangerous mission, and together they're as formidable as any team, simply because they complement each other's abilities to perfection. Half the time, I'd be willing to bet that Asuma didn't even feel like he had to help them out on missions. Although I can understand it if Tsunade was trying to use that as an excuse to stop them from going off on what she perceived as a "suicide mission."


5. Wait, Is It Really Kakashi...? A member first brought it up in the Naruto Spoiler Discussion, but at the time I thought it wasn't going to be the case. But now, after seeing this particular exchange between Shikamaru and Kakashi, I can't help but feel like he was right.

Is Kakashi in actuality a disguised Naruto pretending to be his sensei in the hopes of accompanying Team 10? Could Naruto have been affected enough by Konohamaru's tears that he wanted to take care of his uncle's killer for him?

And if not, how do you explain the bandages on his hands? And why would Kakashi abruptly change the subject instead of explaining his injury when Ino asked him?

But if it IS Naruto - how in the world, I ask you guys, did Tsunade not suspect anything? Why didn't she ask Kakashi about the injury? As well as Naruto?

Guess we'll find out in the coming chapters.

If it IS Naruto, though, he's definitely getting better as a ninja! And Tsunade must be getting senile.

All's going according to plan so far...! Fu fu fu.

6. How's the Akatsuki Doing? Looks like they're finished with the Sanbi (which just seemed to disappear entirely - must've been completely absorbed by the "Anima" statue") and are now moving on to Yugito, or the Nibi.

Just wanted to point out that it looks as if they HAVEN'T caught all the bijuu except Naruto yet, though, despite what Kakuzu said a while ago. The "Anima" statue only has five "eyes" from what we can tell, including the Sanbi. With the Nibi to go. That'd make "six" which leaves them three more to go, including Naruto's Kyuubi, which I'm going to assume would be the central eye.

So looks like the Akatsuki still has some work yet to do. And they're still not going to concentrate all their efforts on capturing Naruto just yet, I think.

And also, it must have been exactly three days since Asuma died, because they're now moving on to Yugito - or is it sooner than they expected? Either way, if Yugito is to be rescued like I believe she will be, Team 10 better move, and fast.

Morino Ibiki is a scary SOB...!

7. Interrogation Time...! Hey, cool. It's Ibiki doing what he does best. :D

Didn't expect that, but I loved it. So Konohagakure did catch "Dr. Evil" and put him in the hands of the best interrogator we know in the series - Morino Ibiki! Great way to re-introduce the character, who's best known for his memorable part in the first exam of the Chuunin Exams. And it's a good way of continuing the search for Hidan and Kakuzu.

Suddenly, finding the Akatsuki doesn't seem as daunting a challenge anymore with Ibiki on the case, huh! Be prepared for some pain, Dr. Evil! :D

Gotta give Kishimoto some credit for starting to bring back all his old minor characters. About time ^_^

Hidan and Kakuzu are dead, they just don't know it yet.

8. What's the Plan? Well, I'm not surprised that Kakashi (if it is him) deferred to Shikamaru on the plan. It was his call to leave in the first place, after all.

Now, what's the plan all about? Must be all about Hidan. I don't think they're prepared enough to face Kakuzu to know exactly how to defend against him yet.

That, and you guys also happen to be the leading characters of the series...

9. Another Reinforcement Team - Guess Who? Well, in case Kakashi doesn't turn out to be Naruto, we now know that we'll still definitely get some Team 7 action as well. Hopefully it doesn't take away from Team 10's time in the spotlight, though.

Of course, that's just assuming that Naruto, if he's still training, gets his new jutsu perfected in time. But I'm sure he will. And I'm going to guess that Yamato will be along as the sensei if the new Team 7 catches up with Team 10.

And just a prediction here, but I think Yamato is eventually going to be Asuma's replacement as Team 10's sensei. We'll see, though.

Make it so!

10. Even More Back-Up? And if that wasn't enough, it looks as though another team may be deployed to back up Team 10 as well. Could it be... Kurenai's team?

Although I would be absolutely shocked if Tsunade had Kurenai in mind, considering more than even Team 10, Kurenai is probably emotionally out of sorts right now. Of course, though, Kurenai could also be the only person to snap Team 10 out of their depression, especially if they see her in a calm state. Who knows?

But either way, I do think her team is going to be involved as well, now. Kiba, Shino, and Hinata all have waited a long time to be back in the spotlight, as well. I'll tell ya, what - this storyarc has all the makings of being an epic Naruto battle!

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Fun chapter. A lot of dialogue to let us know what's going on in everybody's minds. Story's getting more interesting, and Kishimoto also gives us something to guess about (Kakashi). Only reason it didn't get a 5 is because it's a prelude - nothing action wise going on.

Predictions: We'll find out if Kakashi is really Kakashi, and they might meet up with Ibiki.

Credits: Thanks to our translators, and LadySonia and NarutoBuzz for their scans.

Have fun discussing the chapter!

Time for some popcorn...!
Comment! ;)

November 17, 2006, 01:08 AM
cool stuff man. ^^ i've enjoyed reading your comments.

oh and first'd.

November 17, 2006, 01:23 AM
I haven't been replying to your Ten Comments for a long time, have I? I still follow Naruto but I am not as enthusiastic about making a post on the latest chapter compared to before due to events that happened both in the manga and in my life. I guess I'll give it a try then.

It's good to know that I'm not only one who drew parallels of the Sasuke Retrieval Arc in this chapter (didn't read everything in the discussion thread). I am reminded of Sasuke and Kakashi at the beginning of that arc in Shikamaru and Tsunade respectively. I even thought of Kurenai possibly doing what Rock Lee did - leaving Konoha without orders to join up. Does that mean she'll be saved by someone in a pinch?

One thing I noticed in the discussion thread was the possibility of Kurenai henge'd into Kakashi instead of Naruto henge'd into Kakashi. I don't know which would be more disastrous because I doubt Kurenai would be calm by then. If it's Naruto henge'd as Kakashi, we would have to sit back and wait for an angry Sakura rushing in followed by Yamato, Kakashi, and perhaps even Sai just to make it a legitimate 4-man team :XD By the way, I would have to disagree with your prediction of Yamato replacing Asuma. I expect Team 10 to react as violently as Naruto did when he learned that Sai was going to be his teammate, even if the reasons are different. Shikamaru's explanation to Tsunade sounds like a clue to that. Also, let us not forget that Yamato has the most effective way to hold back Kyuubi. Even if Jiraiya developed a seal, Kakashi would have to go face-to-face with Naruto to apply it. Yamato would require a less proximity than that.

One thing that made me happy with this chapter is the return of Morino Ibiki. Naruto has a huge cast, and it's sad to think that there are characters that seem arc-specific only even if they are still alive at the end of the arc and beyond. We already saw Izumo and Kotetsu, Raidou, and Aoba ( :aobadoor) in this arc. I'm crossing my fingers for reappearnaces by Anko and Genma. Probably more surprising than these two reappearing would be Iwashi because nobody seems to remember him, unlike Aoba. To those who were wondering who Iwashi is, he was with Shizune, Genma and Raidou in the Rescue Sasuke Arc. I also want to see Team 8 but given my doubt on Kurenai's condition, they might be assigned to a different captain.

Can't really give an original comment about the bandaged hand, or feel like reiterating what others have said. This would go back to the henge possibility (either Naruto or Kurenai) or Kakashi improving Chidori.

That's all for now :noworry

white silver
November 17, 2006, 01:44 AM
[b][font=verdana][size=1]Wow, quick comments! *Darn if only One Piece have finshed their scanslations*

Anyways, I really like the idea that Kakashi is actually a Henge in disguise. That would explain the bandages in his hand but here's what I orginally thought:

Kakashi, upon discovering Naruto's "formula" for completing the Rasengan, implemented it on his own. The Lightning Rasengan may prove fatal since an "unstable" electricity spinning around madly may have caused some damage to his hand. Just a guess though.

It's great that Ibiki is back, looks like Kishimoto is catching up the pace, we have "yet" to see what interrogation techniques Ibiki uses. After all, isn't that what intrigued us when we first saw him? Poor Poor Bounty guy, I hope he doesn't have drills on his head as well! OR NOT *evil smirk*

Kakuzu and Hidan are most likely to be the next matchup against the great 4 (Team 10 and Kakashi/Naruto). Now that Shikimaru knows his techniques, it's up to Kakashi (Pikachu Rasengan) or Naruto (Kazengan), to do what no man has ever done before. KILL HIDAN!

*You were warned Hidan, numerous times, and now you're gonnna get it*

Anyways, what fantastic commentary [color=red]GK it's good that you're still GOIN' ON! By the way when I do my comments, does it matter if I do over 10? Maybe I should follow the tradtion by keeping it to a minimal of 10 comments. Well done and good for LadySonia aka Yume for the scans!

The Fourth
November 17, 2006, 01:47 AM
I think Tsunade was especially pretty in this chapter ;)

I knew it Shika does not plan to smoke after the mission :)
(which does not mean he wont :notrust )

I dont think that is Naruto Henged as Kakashi
why would he Henge bandages on himself?
he an have bandages on his hand and Henged into Kakashi without bandages IMHO
plus Tsunade would have figured it out

and Shikamarus plan cant be all about Hidan
both Kakuzu and Hidan will come back if Im not mistaken
You cant afford not to take Kakuzu in consideration, that would be foolish

I guess we'll only see the result of the interrogation
too bad :)

and I really hope we'll see Shino in action in the backup team

btw nice ones again GK :)

November 17, 2006, 02:36 AM
The artwork was AMAZING this chapter! I just had to say it.

Also, I'm really anti-Kakshi being Naruto in disguise. Just seems stupid to me. What reason would he have to abandon his pursuit of Sasuke? He needs the jutsu to save his best friend. To him, that is far more important than going off and getting revenge for Asuma's death. Kakashi was Asuma's friend and I can see why he'd want to look out for the man's former students. The hand thing just keeps him from being able to go all out, thus leaving the majority of the spotlight up to Team 10.

Still, that look on Kakashi's face at the mention of Naruto did make me wonder.

Nice job as always.

Gold Knight
November 17, 2006, 03:39 AM
Anyways, what fantastic commentary GK it's good that you're still GOIN' ON! By the way when I do my comments, does it matter if I do over 10? Maybe I should follow the tradtion by keeping it to a minimal of 10 comments. Well done and good for LadySonia aka Yume for the scans!

Do your reviews however you feel like it works for you - there's no right or wrong way to review. For example, if I ever do another Bleach review, I'd probably keep it to a minimal of three or five comments, because I don't think their chapters offer as much to think about. With One Piece, because it is so story-driven and dialogue-laden, though, I wouldn't be surprised at all if you came up with over 10 comments on it. So yeah, do it however you like. ;)

Thanks guys - keep 'em comments coming. I'll be sure to come back and post again later on the weekend.

November 17, 2006, 04:32 AM
I agree with your suspicions about "Kakashi" here, GK....
For me, the bandages are one of the tip-offs (unless Kakashi had them in a previous chapter and I missed them).....the other being his "convenient" appearance just as Tsunade starts talking about Team 10 needing a captain.....

Well, it may be Naruto, but there are two more possibilities: Kurenai and Konohamaru
Kurenai seems to be the more likely candidate for this, IMO....IIRC, Kurenai's specialty IS genjutsu (like impersonating others), making it easier for her to deceive someone like Tsunade than the inexperienced Konohamaru or the gung-ho and reckless Naruto.....unless Konohamaru and Naruto have grown up and have become much better at their techniques.....

November 17, 2006, 07:44 AM
Been a while since I commented… here goes…

I’m gonna suport the theory that it is Kakashi there, and not Naruto… But I might be wrong… We’ll just have to wait and see about that…

I also had some thought about Kakashi’s bandages, like Kunai… And they’re similar!!! It is quite posibile ( for me, since I already saw that many people don’t agree with this… :p ) that that damage on Kakashi’s arm is caused by him trying out the new Rasengan on his own… It makes some sense to me… That is definitely something that Kakashi would do!!! I don’t care how many times he said that he can’t!!! :)

Anyways, that’s how I interpreted that bandages on his arm, anyway… If it really is Naruto doing henge, then I’d be blown out of my mind with that!!!

I’d also like to mention that I wasn’t really happy with the idea that Kakashi is going with team 10, and that Sakura is going to be involved in Naruto’s training… Just didn’t like that kind of arrangement… Don’t know why… Seemed unreasonable to me, at the time…

But after reading the chapter, and now after I saw how you explained it here, I guess I’m OK with it!!! I’ll just have to hold my temper a bit more, and wait and see how all this will develop! :) :p xD

Nice comments GK!!!

November 17, 2006, 07:53 AM
I'm currently preoccupied with some chores that are needed to be settled before this weekend ends. Anyway, I always found some time for MH despite my very tight schedule this week. Or is it that I'm stuck with MH :XD Considering the ratio of days registered, post counts and time online >.>

Anyway, I didn't drop by in your Chapter 330 comments did I? Well, sorry for that. Anyway, this chapter is kinda slowing down the pace a bit. After a battle and glimpse of Naruto's training, Kishi decided to make us wait a week more >.<

About Shikamaru
Well, I admit that Shikamaru is kinda cooler than his lazy-ass type before. His character development is very fast, but amazingly done. He is more focused now. What I like the most is, he looks very sharp now. His character is a mimic of his father at the end of Retrieve Sasuke arc. Just look at the eyes.


compare to this:


I never been so fond of Shimakamaru before the last chapter. Yet again, Shikamaru still has a lot to prove. I don't know whether he's unlucky or Kishi wants him to be like that, but everytime he's been thrown into a fray, he always been squared off with opponents that can easily overpower him. Previously Tayuya and now Hidan/Kakuzu.

About Ibiki
I expected him to come out and play soon, but not this soon. As the ANBU's Head Interrogator, he seems quite "quiet". The last time we saw him, is not on good terms either. He can't do nothing about the giant snakes at all (luckily Jiraiya came and bailed him out ;)

But I do admit that his appearance is somewhat intimidating.

About Kakashi
Hmm.... I don't know about this "Naruto in disguise" thing. Maybe there's some truth in it. The major argument would be his hands. I don't recall anything that might force Kakashi to bandage his hand (unless there will be some flashback after this). On the other hand, Naruto did have a reason to bandage his hand. We'll see soon enough.

Thsi chapter is just a preparation chapter. It's like a trasnsition point before we enter another Akatsuki hunt. It would be nice if we can more characters being brought into the story. In fact, Konoha is on war with Akatsuki right now, with Akatsuki just raised the stakes. Perhaps, we'll see more of Team Kurenai and Anko as well.

November 17, 2006, 08:15 AM
When i read GK's Comment about the Naruto Kakashi disguise . . it seemed to (kind of) make sense . .
If kakashi was naruto disguised. . he could have left his clones to still be training . . since his now quite experienced with his Bunshins he should be able to hold them for a larger period of time, hence him being able to leave them to train and himself being able to accompany team 10. Then hand could have been an injury sustained performing the new jutsu (since naruto uses his right hand to hold down the rasengan).


November 17, 2006, 08:31 AM
[b][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]Wow, quick comments! *Darn if only One Kakuzu and Hidan are most likely to be the next matchup against the great 4 (Team 10 and Kakashi/Naruto). Now that Shikimaru knows his techniques, it's up to Kakashi (Pikachu Rasengan) or Naruto (Kazengan), to do what no man has ever done before. KILL HIDAN!

I'm sorry I just LMAO with your comment of Pikachu Rasengan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and your green font, really hard to follow!!

Robotic Red
November 17, 2006, 08:42 AM
Yes, Shikamaru plans to quit the smoking.

These chapters have suddenly gotten more tense; now we're moving into a new phase. It seemed to kind of slow down a bit with the interrim between Sasuke Retrieval and Kakuzu/Hidan vs. Asuma/Shikamaru/Izumo/Kotetsu, but now it's picking back up.

November 17, 2006, 10:06 AM
Great read once again!
Let me star by saying... YES!!! I called it and I was right on. (well I guess it was rather obvious anyway)
Shikamaru and his team where getting ready to go on an unauthorized rouge mission and someone was sent out after them to stop them. I just thought that they would have already been engaged in battle before anyone actuallt cought up to them, but it seems that tsunade is quite sharp and pretty much in the know about what is going on. I am somewhat surprised that she let them go in the end even with Kakashi.
Speaking of Kakashi, it never occured to me that it might be someone else preforming a henge. I will admit that he deed seam to be acting somewhat strange. Now even though I do agree that the concept sounds intriguing and that all your arguments make sense, I still do not see any character feeling the need to actually deceive the Godaime.
First let talk Naruto, If he does decide to go out on revenge, he usually dismisses all rationall thought and just goes headfirst at the task, he would not try to disguese himself to get past "Tsunade-baachan" he would probably run straight to her office and have a hefty argument with her. Second, even though one of his defining traits is his unnaturaly high capacity for empathy, I just can't see the present situation evoking the kind of responce out of him that would persuade him to go through with this course of action. Asuma died, out on the battle field, He did not see it he does not know who killed him probably does not know the details of how he died. Konohamaru is his friend but it is not like they grew up together nor have they been enjoying a very close relationship in the last few years because Naruto was gone. And finally naruto has his training to worry about and he is just about to get a breakthrough.

About Kurenai, Now i do not have half as much material on kurenai, her being a minor side carachter and all, but even she would not realisticly do the henge. Kurenai Is one of Konoha's Jounin, and I will go out on a limb here and assume that she is the kind that is well informed about the rules and the S.O.P. Furthermore I think she not the impulsive type. She herself would understand more than anyone else that at the moment she is in no shape to go out on a mission much less an unauthorized revenge mission. Further more, do any of you really see her as the type who would do a henge and try to decieve the Hokage? Seriously guys...

Konohamaru on the otherhand is at least as mischivous as Naruto was when first introduced, and he is definately not as rational as kurenai. Nevertheless, I still think that though they might have been close (again we have absolutely no proof for this) Asuma was not even imidiate family to him, he was not his father brother or mother. And just like Naruto, Konohamaru does not know who killed him nor how he died. He would not know who to focus his vengance on, nor exactly how much or why he is deserving of Konohamaru's wrath.

Yeah, so the redmoon, has captured six bijuu. ok... one more question cleared up.

Yeah again, it is cool to see Ibiki, I doubt we will actually be invited to admire the work of the "Great Master" We will only see the end results. Well thats my guess anyway.

I am not even going to make a guess at who the second back up team will be, chances are we will not even get to see them anyway.

white silver
November 17, 2006, 10:26 AM
I'm sorry I just LMAO with your comment of Pikachu Rasengan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and your green font, really hard to follow!!

[B][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]LOL! Glad you followed up! Anyways, if green is a pain in the ass I'll change it to another color!

November 17, 2006, 10:28 AM
I was really happy that Shikamaru didn't start smoking for good :D Was also surprised to see that he was still acting like an emo. Interesting thought about Kakashi. At first, I thought he got injured by helping Naruto with his jutsu, but it would definitely be more interesting if it was naruto.. wonder who's the Naruto doing the jutsu is though. A clone?

And seems like you were dead on. only 3 days have passed.

November 17, 2006, 11:13 AM
It would make the most sense if it was Kurenai in the "kakashi-suite" wouldn't it? She just lost her "man" (probably :p) and as we saw in the chapter before, shikamaru told tsunade that he would talk to kurenai because Asuma had a message for her. Maybe shikamaru also made these plans at that time when they met to talk, which would explain why she/he turned up at the exact right time? Another reason for it to not be kakashi or naruto is, naruto is obviously very close to completing his new jutsu, so why would he leave? And kakashi is about to witness this new jutsu they've been working hard on acheiving. But here is the REALLY REEHEHEHEHEAAALLY (yes, i did a dr cox) convincing part on why it is kurenai, and that is those bandages... The main question; Who has bandages? Kurenai has bandages... Only thing about that is, she is suposed to be Jounin though she made such a big henge-mistake? :p

November 17, 2006, 01:00 PM
Hmm... If it isn't really Kakashi, Shikamaru's plan is scrapped since he did have to adjust it due to the sudden team addition.
The only excuse that I see for Kakashi not being Kakashi there is if Shikamaru actually figured out who transformed just by looking at the bandage... Honestly I don't see any obvious connection with a single bandage, but then again Shikamaru is a genius...

My point wrapped up into a single sentence: It has to be Kakashi for Shikamaru's plan to work! (At least in the beginning until they start messing up needing Naruto to come and blow everyone away with his last minute killer move!)

Gold Knight
November 17, 2006, 04:29 PM
Since I have some time to kill, here goes my responses...

Ayah, what exactly made you non-enthusiastic about talking about the latest Naruto chapters, if you don't mind my asking? Sounds like it was something related to Asuma's death?

The Kurenai being Kakashi theory is pretty plausible too. Could be. Especially since Kurenai is a presumed master of illusion, to the point where I'm sure Tsunade wouldn't detect it. And I don't think Tsunade would be sending Kurenai herself. I agree with you in that it would be a very emotional moment for Kurenai if she confronted the Akatsuki too.

You might be right about Yamato actually replacing Kakashi as Team 7's sensei. And Kakashi might have to take over Team 10 instead. Though I'd miss Kakashi a lot.

I'm really liking the return and influx of secondary characters too. It's making the series feel more rich to me now, as it did in Part 1.

White Silver, thanks for the nice praise.

I doubt Kakashi would have been stupid enough to try doing the jutsu himself, considering we just saw him admit that there wasn't a way for him to do it. If it really is our silver-haired jounin, I don't think he injured himself that way.

Ibiki... I don't expect to see him actually perform the interrogation techniques. This is a kid's magazine, after all.

And yes, I think Hidan and Kakuzu would have to be the opponents again, considering that they're probably the closest right now that they can disrupt...

Already answered your question about reviewing earlier ;)

Fourth, you have a good point about why Kakashi would have a bandaged hand if he was a henge. That tells me that it must be Naruto more than Kurenai, if it is a henge, because I don't think Kurenai would make such a critical mistake as that.

I don't know if Shikamaru has enough information right now to build up an effective plan against Kakuzu as well as Hidan. I'm thinking the plan is more about how to take Hidan out early so that they can concentrate solely on his partner. That's all right now.

I suppose Tsunade was nice looking this chapter :amuse

Chiru, you said that the art was awesome this chapter. It seems as though readers lately have really liked the art more lately than the chapters from last month and the month before that. Not sure what that's all about - I'm thinking readers must not have liked how Asuma was drawn during his fight against Hidan?

But anyway, I agree, the art is great as always. I've always thought it was and that hasn't changed now... which is why I didn't really comment on it. I tend to take it for granted now. I do need to remember to mention it at times, though!

Yeah, the look on Kakashi's face was what made me suspicious more than anything about him...

goofy man, nope Kakashi didn't have bandages in recent chapters.

And Konohamaru... haha. If it is him, then... wow. Shikamaru's got more problems than he thought. Actually, I don't think it is Konohamaru, because there's no way Kishimoto would make fools out of Godaime and Shikamaru's team by having Konohamaru trick them all... I think. >.>

Yeste, thanks - I'd prefer it to actually be Kakashi than a henge, myself.

Bax, hmm, I always liked the pace of the series and that Kishimoto shows us the beginning of every journey that Team 7 or any other team sets out on. Makes it all feel more real. We can follow the characters to where they're going and see how they plan. Maybe, yeah, it's a slow pace compared to, say, OP or Bleach, but I still like it better than battles suddenly starting out of the blue. (Though that can be fun sometimes, like Orochimaru's attack on Konoha.)

Heh, yeah, Shikamaru IS a chip off the ol' block when it comes to looking like his dad. Probably grow some facial hair at some point too.

RevenGz, thanks for tossing your thoughts in, if it IS Naruto, I agree, he should be able to do it better now... though still with some flaws it seems.

Robotic Red, I've thought the story has felt tense ever since the first appearance of Hidan and Kakuzu. I do think, though, that the chapters leading up to Asuma's fight with Hidan were too predictable though, so that's probably why the battle felt a little boring. Hopefully Kishimoto will make this storyarc more unexpected. So far it's off to a good start, I think.

kiddo7, very very good point about Naruto not being the sort to do that, you're right, he IS more impulsive than that. So, you may be right on that.

But I disagree about Kurenai, she probably would know that the Tsunade would forbid her to go considering her personal relationship with Asuma. And yes, I can see her fooling Tsunade if she believed she could get away with it. She's well known for employing genjutsu. However, at the same time, I can't see her miss a thing like her bandages, as I mentioned earlier in the post.

Konohamaru, I just can't see him as being convincing enough to sneak past Tsunade and fool even Shikamaru. And Shikamaru wouldn't let him come with them if he knew it was him.

But your post has made me believe it really is Kakashi. XD

ibra87, yeah, I was really glad to see that Shikamaru won't be a smoker past this fight, though I still wish he had never started. But since he's kind of not acting like himself right now, and it's understandable, it's cool with me now.

Yeah, only 3 days have passed imo... we'll see if they get to Yugito before she dies. I think they will. If Kishimoto had intended for Yugito's story to be over, I definitely think he wouldn't show us all these shots of her. It's like Kishimoto is reminding us all that somebody's life is at stake here.

bastukov, your last question is exactly why I don't think it's Kurenai. The only thing I can think of is Kurenai may have been so distressed that she's not exactly herself right now, either, and made a mistake.

Garaku, I actually think Shikamaru knows who Kakashi is, if it's not Kakashi. We'll see, though ;)

November 17, 2006, 05:08 PM
I have to disagree with GK about Asuma needing a replacement. All three of team 10's members are no longer genins, they are chuunins. This means that they can lead their own squad into battle. A mentor like Kakashi or Yamato/Tenzou may be important to team 10's development, but they don't need another sensei. They may need another squad member to make it four members, and this person may or may not outrank Shikamaru and take over as their leader, but they are past the point in their development where they require a sensei.

November 17, 2006, 08:36 PM
The difference between Sasuke's and Team 10's revenge:
I don't know, I think Team 10 has a better chance. Then again, maybe not. But they do want other's help, unlike Sasuke. At least Team 10 has a plan.
-Sasuke ... 'angsted' over the deaths (for a VERY LONG time), had a whole back story to his vengences, up again his own brother, wants to do things alone with his own power.
-Team 10 ... cried, and remorsed, felt they had a chance all together this time, (I can say against 2+ people, right? Since they might meet other Akatsuki's), wants help/back up.
(Am I purposely defending them? =/)

You're right, it is difficult to find the differences.

The four people thing- didn't some character say that teams must be 'four-men team'? It has its advantages(which I cannot remember). Four-men only( no more no less) is the best formation, hence they have four men teams for everything). It's also an excuse, of course.
(However, if four-man team is THAT important, why did they have five members when they went to look for Sasuke? -_-)

Well, Naruto has became a better Ninja. He was able to mask himself during an important conversation between Tsuande and (Shizune?). Though Tsuande DID know Naruto was there.. But it showed Naruto was getting better and better as a Ninja.
(I really hope this actually did happen in manga, and I didn't just somehow conjure it up in my memory.)

When I first saw the bandaged hand, I thought maybe Naruto perfected his jutsu, and Kakashi tested his Raikiri/Chidori against it.. But that was obviously proven false by the end of the chapter. Though, I still think it might had something to do with trainning...
Still, I wondered why he just left in the middle of Naruto's trainning. o.O Why doesn't he want to see it through? Especially since it's so close to finishing up.
I don't believe Kakashi really is someone else..

Excuses, excuses. I really don't see how Team 7 can 'contact Team 10 easily'. Unless they have those mic things. But I don't suppose Team 10 and Kakashi are carrying it with them.

I'd like to see Team 8. They're the only team that haven't really made an appearance so far. Team Gai had chapter time, and now Team 10... Time for Team 8! ...soon. Maybe. Well, sooner or later. hee.

If Hidan is a goner, then Kakuzu will need yet another new partner.. And he doesn't dislike this one too terribly considering Hidan is 'immortal'.

Shikamaru is developing fast, like Asuma.... Well, I don't suppose Kishimoto would kill off another (very much loved) character so soon.
And GK's later mention of facial hair- if Shikamaru can grow a beard or something.. He'd look more like Asuma!
Food for thought or something another.

November 18, 2006, 12:37 AM
1-I'm not surprise they being caught at all, but I am surprise that they were to continued their mission.

2- =( Shika changing fast :scry he became more ambitious than about four years ago.
The differences between team 10's revenge and Sasuke's revenge are Shika know better, he had not forfeit Ino nor Choji, although the revenge is personal but nothing compare to Sasuke's super personal revenge.

3- The smoke look cool but smell horrible. I just did a project on Indian Tobacco, they using it for smoke not chew nor sniff.

4- When Two genious working together, either it going very well, or end up a disaster, It seemed like Shika is the captain instead of Kakashi (Gold Knight must be disappointed)

5- I hoped it is not Naruto, but the hint show a 100% it going to be Naruto. We got to see the result of the training. YIKE. OR NOT

7- Ibbiki back, I think he is stronger than what the anime filler potray him. He sure is an interesting character. And we have not yet see him in action. (cool new torturing jutsu)

8- Plan- plan are not good in these situation, knowledge is best and flexibility are best against unknown fool (other akatsukis)

9-10 I want to see Hinata in action so bad (I hope it will not limited to the anime filler tech of Hinata)

Well done GK
Before I made stupid and unimportant comments (it seemed you ignored it)
But as soon as I try my best in grammar and spelling (which I still sux) and made smart comment, it seemed you replied to my post.

Thanx again for doing this. :p

November 18, 2006, 02:01 AM
I have only joined today, however I have been browsing MH since its humble beginnings. I respect your comments very much and the insight into the chapters are amazing. Often I find myself only noticing things after you have commented on them.

My only thought is that the Akatsuki are in control of 6 of the Jinchurikii not 5. I say this because when I read the chapter there were 4 eyes before they sealed the 3 tails and 5 after. Now they are moving to seal the 2 tails which means once they seal her they will have 6 of the tailed beasts in their control. this is all restating what you have said however I dont know how you figure that there are 4 beasts left including Naruto. There are only 9 eyes and 9 beasts and if they have six there can be only 3 left.

I wonder what tailed beasts they are or if they are sealed like Naruto or free roaming like the 3 tails

November 18, 2006, 07:01 PM
Yamato is an ANBU. As he was more fit of replacing Kakashi as the leader of team 7 than anyone else (Kyuubi-sealing ability), he was given the mission to replace Team 7's sensei. In order to hold the Kyuubi down when Naruto's training, he was obviously given a mission by the Hokage herself to help him. When Naruto is done, Yamato will probably head back to the ANBU and do important assassination missions or whatever Tsunade has on her mind.

^ I hope what I've just wrote is true. I don't like the idea of Kakashi being with T-10 while Yamato is with T-7. And I don't think it will happen. Don't know why, but I think it has something to do with Sasuke. Especially Sasuke's comments regarding team 7 and who has replaced who (don't really know exactly what).

Gold Knight
November 18, 2006, 11:55 PM
xi0, I didn't say that Team 10 needed a replacement sensei - actually, I questioned why Tsunade even said that Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji needed a fourth member, then said that she was probably just looking for an excuse to keep them from going off on a suicide mission.

What I did say was that I predicted that Yamato would be Asuma's replacement as the sensei, but I was going by the assumption that Kishimoto intends to keep a fourth spot for somebody else in Shiki-Cho-Ino team, which is what it looks like at this point...

But I didn't say that I wanted it to happen, nor that it was necessary.

But I think Ayah is right in that Kakashi might have to switch over to Team 10 for good, because Yamato obviously has more power over the Kyuubi.

SilveryShadows, heh. I think Kishimoto may have been cunning enough to throw in that twist to have the readers possibly sympathize more with Sasuke at some point, because the situations aren't that different at all.

I think that they had a five-member team look for Sasuke because they did not have a veteran chuunin. Shikamaru had just turned chuunin, and the rest were genin.

And who knows, they might have electronic bugs to track down Team 10 XD

Or it's more likely that Kakashi can summon his puppies to contact Team 7.

movingstone, nah, I'm not disappointed that Kakashi isn't in the lead so to speak. Kakashi made it clear that he would be the observer, and that he'd be the one to save their butts if things got dicey. No matter how you look at it though, he IS the captain - he's the veteran elite jounin. But he's also not Team 10's original sensei either, and he's more of the stranger, and this wasn't a mission that Tsunade ordered them to go on nor was he part of the plans to begin with, so he's allowing Shikamaru to lead. For now.

If it is Kakashi. But no, I'm not disappointed. What I'm interested in is how well he will work with Team 10.

And if I missed replying to your comments at all in the post, rest assured it was unintentional :/ I make a point of reading everybody's comments, but sometimes I can't find time to reply to everybody.

But yes, it helps if you inspire me to say something ;)

KickAzzThug, glad you enjoy my comments and thanks for your support ^^

Thanks for correcting me - I did say that they had 6 bijuu right now, but only 5 are eyes - however when counting the rest that were left, I forgot to count the Nibi.

So yeah, you're correct, after the Nibi, they only have three to go. Edited ^^

ibra87, somehow I feel like Yamato's days with the ANBU may be over. If Yamato used to be on Kakashi's ANBU team, then he's been an ANBU for a very long time. You know, how exactly does any of the ANBU members know when they're done being part of the ANBU? How did Kakashi leave the ANBU?

I've got to think that it's all because the Hokage gave them different missions - which eventually led them to more and more solo missions.

Which is what's happening with Yamato right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Tsunade goes and tells Yamato, "okay, you're doing a good job. You're done with the ANBU - you're working for me directly now. Feel free to use your real name now, Tenzou."

November 19, 2006, 03:01 AM
Since I have some time to kill, here goes my responses...

Ayah, what exactly made you non-enthusiastic about talking about the latest Naruto chapters, if you don't mind my asking? Sounds like it was something related to Asuma's death?

The Kurenai being Kakashi theory is pretty plausible too. Could be. Especially since Kurenai is a presumed master of illusion, to the point where I'm sure Tsunade wouldn't detect it. And I don't think Tsunade would be sending Kurenai herself. I agree with you in that it would be a very emotional moment for Kurenai if she confronted the Akatsuki too.

You might be right about Yamato actually replacing Kakashi as Team 7's sensei. And Kakashi might have to take over Team 10 instead. Though I'd miss Kakashi a lot.

I'm really liking the return and influx of secondary characters too. It's making the series feel more rich to me now, as it did in Part 1.

I am disappointed on how Asuma was handled in this arc. He suddenly gets attention and at the same time, you also get vibes that he would be killed hence the attention in the first place. I want foreshadowings of death to be more subtle! :darn Even in the Rescue Gaara Arc, I always felt that Gaara would be resurrected. I am also bored at the training.

Thanks for the responses :amuse

Gold Knight
November 19, 2006, 06:26 AM
Yeah, I totally agree Ayah - I think Part 2 has by far lacked the "surprise" element that Part 1 had. Not at all sure why Kishimoto has chosen to be less subtle.

That's probably the most disappointing thing about Part 2 so far to me.

white silver
November 19, 2006, 06:28 AM
Yeah, I totally agree Ayah - I think Part 2 has by far lacked the "surprise" element that Part 1 had. Not at all sure why Kishimoto has chosen to be less subtle.

That's probably the most disappointing thing about Part 2 so far to me.


November 19, 2006, 02:01 PM
As usual, awesome comments GK. Got my weekly fix, now I can relax. :amuse

I also thought about the Shika/Sasuke comparison. I wonder if it will actually come to mean something significant in future chapters? Well, the two only compare in principle, I guess, since Sasuke's motivation for vengeance is rooted far more deeply in his psyche than Shika's. It's one thing to lose your beloved captain in battle and quite another to suddenly, and without explanation, lose your entire clan and parents at the hands of your idolised brother (and be mentally tortured to boot). Still, Shika is acting pretty formidable right now.

Imagine Shika and Sasuke running into each other? Woooo! I wanna see THAT! :tem[br]Posted on: 19 November 2006, 13:58:41_________________________________________________

Yeah, I totally agree Ayah - I think Part 2 has by far lacked the "surprise" element that Part 1 had. Not at all sure why Kishimoto has chosen to be less subtle.

That's probably the most disappointing thing about Part 2 so far to me.

On that note, you guys might want to drop in to this thread: http://mangahelpers.com/forum/index.php?topic=10817.msg215961#msg215961 and add your two bits worth. It's quite an interesting and varied discussion about what we think of the manga currently. Food for thought anyway. :amuse

I think I'll post there after Naruto finishes his new jutsu and has caught up with Team 10. If a fight breaks out in that encounter, I'll let it finish first. I find the training parts boring in general but the fight after it may be interesting. ~ Ayah

Gold Knight
November 20, 2006, 07:52 PM
I'd love it if Shikamaru and Sasuke did bump into each other. I think Orochimaru would have scouts checking up on the Akatsuki too - so who knows.

I'll go to that thread to throw in my 10 cents. Thanks ^^

November 20, 2006, 08:05 PM
Maybe another meet Sasuke soon then?
If Shikamaru might meet Sasuke, and Naruto is going to come as back up, then another reunion.

Naruto definately will completle his jutsu. Maybe not in next chapter, to keep the suspense, but I'm certain he will. Otherwise, what's the point of saying he only has 24 hours, etc. Methinks it'd be bad story telling if Naruto can't complete the jutsu in time.
I mean, if he can't complete it, it'll end up: Naruto, "I couldn't complete it. Too bad. Guess can't back up InoShikaCho and Kakashi... No more trainning, since it won't help with anything. blah blah Ramen... "

Gold Knight
November 21, 2006, 01:30 AM
Hmm, no, not a reunion between Naruto and Sasuke. I think it's probably too soon for that...

But I could see Sasuke bump in Team 10 at some point. That'd be interesting.

November 21, 2006, 02:01 AM
I'm finally getting around to commenting on your comments, so here goes...

In no particular order...

I think people are reading too much into the whole Kakashi identity thing. I don't think it's possible for it to be Naruto. Let say that this Kakashi really is Naruto, that would mean, the real Kakashi and Yamato should be with Naruto, and Naruto should be training. And yes, theoretically he could use a kagebunshin to fool them, but I think Kakashi and Yamato are too sharp to fall for that. As for it being Kurenai, I think Godaime would probably be aware of her movements. She predicted Team 10's movements well enough to head them off before they could leave. I'm sure she's well aware of Kurenai's connection to Asuma and therefore would keep the same sort of "watch" over her that she did Team 10. (If someone's mentioned this already sorry, I haven't had a chance to read through all the replies. :p)

But that said, I would really love to see Kurenai and Team 8 in action. I'm hoping that Tsunade's going to send more than just Team 7 as backup. (Though it's a bit unlikely).

And I have a feeling that Kakashi really is going to be the unofficial leader of Team 10 from now on, and Yamato will be the new leader of Team 7 for the most part. As we saw with Naruto's training, only Yamato can really suppress the Kyubi in Naruto, and Kakashi words in this chapter were "Naruto has no need for me anymore." And I think that meant more than for this jutsu training.

The Akatsuki and Ugito: I think the reason Kishi is showing Yugito so much is that she's going to live. He keeps showing frames of her every time we see the Akatsuki and he probably wouldn't if he wasn't going to keep her around. I think Team 10 isn't going to just wait where Hidan told them to wait, but go after Hidan and Kakuzu, find them, and interrupt the extraction process. Which will then give someone (maybe Team Gai and Team 8?) the opening to save her. If that's true, it'd be interesting to see how Hinata and Neji would work together.

I think Shika's change is temporary, just like his smoking, at least to a large degree. I think he'll still have his lazy and laid-back attitude except when his teammates/friends really need him. At least that's what I hope, because Shika's lazy, laid-back attitude is an essential part of what makes Shika, well Shika. :p

But I have to really agree with Rei-chan here. Naruto part 2 is really getting predictable, and as I said a few chaps ago... a bit boring. I'm not seeing anything that's really making me go "Wow! I never saw that coming!" And there was plenty of that in part 1.

Meh... I know I had more comments, but I can't remember them now. Oh well, this is getting too long anyways. :p

November 21, 2006, 02:06 AM
I think people are reading too much into the whole Kakashi identity thing.


Naruto part 2 is really getting predictable, and as I said a few chaps ago... a bit boring. I'm not seeing anything that's really making me go "Wow! I never saw that coming!"

makes me wish that the Kakashi in this chapter IS Kakashi himself.

November 21, 2006, 05:10 AM
What do you think about the disaster of the platoons? Making only 4 ninja fighting against 2 Akatsuki members was a plain suicide, imho.

November 21, 2006, 04:41 PM
But if Naruto/Sakura were to go as backups, then they and team 10 very well might meet Sasuke if Team 10 might.

I suppose you mean Team 10 meet Sasuke before Naruto/Sakura come as backups? But that'd be disappointing for those two because they miss their chance of seeing/rescuing Sasuke. Though Kakashi would finally meet Sasuke after so long...

GK- If you want (you don't have to at all), instead of redoing a review for each chapter, just do a full volume review. (Really, you don't need to. It was just an idea because you said you wanted to re-review chapters..)

Re:disaster of the platoons
Methinks the backups didn't get there in time. They could have though. I kept wondering where the backups were, and why weren't there more backups when Ino's team came.
They sent out 20 teams! Wasn't any of the other 18 teams close to Asuma's team to go help them earlier? (20 teams minus Asuma's and Ino's..)

Notices were sent out to go to one of the four bouty locations, but only 2 teams arrived at the one Hidan/Kakuzu were at.
Doesn't make sense to me why there weren't more help than I'd hoped... Surely if more help came along, Asuma would have surivived?

(The who's team is just easier to type than typing all four members of the team because I don't actual know the leader of the teams, not for Ino's team anyway.)
Just posting my two cents here because I don't want/like to read through 15+ pages of posts. I suppose the question is directed at GK, but hope it's okay that I answered [too..]

Gold Knight
November 21, 2006, 06:35 PM
I agree with everything in Winny's post pretty much. Although, if Kakashi is going to be the official leader of Team 10 from now on, that's going to put a dampener on Katy's Kakashi-Sakura fanfics, I think. Though perhaps "absence will make the heart feel fonder..." :XD

Luckas, I think Asuma had a hard decision to make there - he had Hidan with his guard obviously down, with the possibility of Kakuzu or others rejoining him at any point. So, whether to wait or attack? Especially with the Akatsuki, it's always better to take them one at a time. I DO think he made a bad decision, though. I would have waited for back-ups and just tracked them to find another opportunity to pick them off one by one, and also, to learn about their techniques. Still, given Asuma's obvious confidence and his faith in his teammates, especially Shikamaru, I'm not really all that surprised he went for it. Too bad.

SilveryShadows, I'm actually more comfortable reviewing them chapter by chapter as they come out. I get to talk about more stuff that I see. I'll be doing volume reviews of Volume 33 and 34 at some point, but after that, that'll probably be it - unless I get interested in doing volume reviews of Bleach and OP or something else.

I only want to re-review the chapters/volumes I didn't get to post here at MH and lost.

November 21, 2006, 08:12 PM
I for one, am 100% sure that nibi will die. Even if Shikamaru was to find Hidan and cancel the extraction process (which is highly unlikely), nibi will still not be able to run and hide from people like the leader, the cannibal or Itachi. So if anything then she'll probably just get some more time to live until they extract it out of her again.
(Hmm, if she lives she might get to Naruto and teach him how to control kyuubi, hmm not bad a idea, but that would make him invincible).

Oh and the bandages around Kakashi's arm look like those on Kurenai's body >_>

Gold Knight
November 22, 2006, 05:00 AM
Since I've already seen the spoilers for 332... that ends my participation in this thread ;) I usually don't read the spoilers this early though, but I couldn't resist.

November 22, 2006, 05:26 AM
Meh... me too. I should have come here and commented first. :darn Oh well, I transed the spoilers so now I know, and I can't make any more comments. :p