View Full Version : Design Create your own Hollow/Menos/Arrancar Thread

May 18, 2010, 07:50 AM
In response of the the Create youre own Shinigami/Zanpaktou/Vaizard thread, I would like to know what people would imagine themselves being hollows/menos or Arrancar.

While creating youre own hollow please state what kind of fighting style youre hollow uses:
Reiatsu based
Some kind of element

When creating an arrancar you can also state what kind of aspect of death you are

May 18, 2010, 09:58 AM
If I had the chance, no the honor of being one of this magnificent creatures, I would be a hollow...

Name: Oscuriel Sombralunar
My affinity is darkness itself. My power manifests over the realm of the Shadows. So I would be Ninjalike;) (my face is covered)
My released self would be something like: "Deteriora, Rio pecaminoso" which means "Deteriorate, Sinful River":mad So my power would somehow have control of the weather around me.:tem
Haven't thought about a segunda etapa or, second stage..:o :D

May 26, 2010, 04:35 AM
Here is my input:

A female Arrancar with purple spikey long hair with black highlights in it. She is about 1.70 - 1.75 with a slender figure. And as a finishing detail to prevent her boobs from getting to big she has a cup B. She has a menacing look in her eyes.

Arrancar name: kawaza Kotone (Kotone of the river) (Koto = Harp, Ne = sound)

mask fragment: the fragment of her mask covers her ears and a are connected like a pair of headphones. in the middle of the headphones shaped mask fragment are sound wave markings

sword type: Tachi
zanpaktou name: la explosión Eco (echo blast)
fighting style: Long distance fighter.
fighting style: Prefering to stay at a distance shooting sound waves or cero's in the form of leeches

unreleased state:

A Tachi shaped zanpaktou with on the gaurd with little thunderwaves on it the hilt. The color of the hilt is purple.

The zanpaktou is worn straight on the back and is drawn and ready to make a slice straight through the opponent.
Ressurrecion: Ensordecen el mundo, la explosión Eco (Deafen the world, Echo blast)
The long hairs of the arrancar transform in a pair of wings with small holes in them, their size can be changed. The body in engulfed by a white liquid which hardens into the shape of a slender armor looking skin. The arms and legs get covered by small purple plates.

The mask fragment stays the same unlike most hollows.
The wings make it possible to shoot sound waves.
Cero is being fired from the mask fragment, 2 small ceros form at the left and right mask fragment and then shoot and come together in front of the arrancar, the weakness about this Cero is obvious.

July 18, 2011, 07:16 AM
Sounds very interesting! I especially like how you described her from color to shape of mask and attack stragedy. I draw custom art from shows like this for fun and she insipred me to test her out on this description. With your permission id like to sketch her and post her up on this thread.

Mine would be a Vizard, Tokestu Aikai (Frozen Death) blue markings on the mask.