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The Boff
November 22, 2006, 02:57 PM
i LOVE Morrowind and Oblivion. ive played through Morrowind countless times with different types of characters and
all kinds of mods. I love that game.
Oblivion was even better :D but unfortunatly my computer cant handle it so i cant play that, i have played through the story and it was AWESOME.

ofcourse there were some things that made both games loose some points, Morrowind has such a boring landscape and you come to a point where your character is unbeatable. nothing is a challenge anymore, but fortunatly since the people at bethesda are geniouses they released the code and behold. countless mods with more creatures/foes.

In Oblivion they made the same mistake, although it was the opposite :D the world level up with you. and thats just dumb. when youre playing a high level char dont be surprised if you encounter a robber in the wilderness with an armor and weapons worth enough money to buy a house with... why rob people if you have that much money?
but again, some awesome people thought just like me and released Obscuros Oblivion Overhaul. it sets the people in the world on decided levels. so you can go down in a cavern at level 1 but oops, this place has enemies i cant beat. i need to get better and then get back. just like it should be.

so what about you? do you play any of the Elder scrolls games? do you like em, hate em?

lets talk about them, oh and if you play morrowind and want help with something. just ask, ive found almost everything in that game.

Gold Knight
November 23, 2006, 12:58 AM
Oblivion I have played, but not Morrowind.

I really liked Oblivion a lot, but the only PC I can play it on is my own laptop, and I don't often get on it much. But I did enjoy the graphics - they were amazing - and the sheer size of the cities, the landscapes, the caverns. I actually did not mind that the enemies leveled up with me. My biggest complaint would be the gameplay, and the tendency to accidentally pick up something and being seen as a thief in the city, and having guards on your ass in a split second. (Though that does make for some humorous moments - I remember deciding to test how far I could run away from these guards before they'd stop chasing me. I ended up dead and face down in a river with a heckuva lot of arrows sticking out of my backside XD )

Some sidequests were also tedious, and the lock-picking aspect really frustrated me at some points. Sometimes I would get a difficult lock in one try, and sometimes it'll take all the lockpicks I have just for a simple lock. It would have been a lot easier, I think, with a controller than with a mouse. I did like the reputation thing whenever talking to people though, I got pretty good at that.

November 23, 2006, 07:48 AM
That's weird, I had absolutely no problems with the lockpicking part, doing it with eyes closed and I was usually picking very hard locks in on try :s On the other hand, I always had a hard time with the reputation thing with NPCs...

I have a 100+ hours assassin and a 50+ hours battlemage on Oblivion, and I just loved it :darn I like the fact that the ennemies level up when you do since I like to do all quests of one faction before going to another (usually doing all the Dark Brotherhood quests first to get Shadowmere as fast as possible). Of course it seems weird when you're high-level that common robbers in camp have equipment that should sell high enough for them to live without robbing others for a while, but gameplay-wise, for me who spend my time doing all side quests before even going to Kvatch, it's better^^"

November 25, 2006, 01:55 PM
heh.. the first time I played Oblivion, I died even before I get out of the prison >.<

But it's ok now. I guess I got into all of the guilds and managed to become the leader for all of them except the thieves guild. The last mission is hard.... Darkbrotherhood is fun :) Most boring would be the fighters guild.

for me who spend my time doing all side quests before even going to Kvatch, it's better^^"

Heh.. I ignored Kvatch too :p The longest quest would be to find the nirnroots >.< It took me a week playing just Oblivion to finish that quest. But, I'm a vampire now >.< I can't go out in the sun, which makes other quests so hard (like meeting the count/countess because they only be at their thrones during the day).

November 25, 2006, 02:34 PM
I have played oblivion now and i can say that i have finished it after 180 hours of playing and highest rank in all the guild's and i must say i realy love playong a great game like that ^^

to bad about all the bug's I happened to find.

June 21, 2007, 06:40 AM
I have Daggerfall and Morrowind (with Tribunal and Bloodmoon) and I will probably buy Oblivion once a gold version with all its expansions is released.
I really like Daggerfall but there are too many bugs and as it is rather old, it suffers from the comparison with the more recent episodes of Elder Scrolls.
I played Morrowind a lot. My main character was a Telvanni Nightblade Dunmer whose motto was "why should I spend my money when I can spend others' ". It was really fun to see someone saying I was a hero although I had just stolen all I could find in his house :) .
From what I saw of Oblivion, I cannot say I liked it as much as Morrowind because of these reasons :
- many spells have disappeared
- some skills have too
- enemies' equipment being based on your level make it too easy to find high level stuff (a bandit with a full set of glass armor ? wow)
- magical items with constant effects are too easy to find
- you cannot sell stolen items if you have not joined the Thief Guild
- lockpicking is too easy (especially after you have found the unbreakable one)
- disappearance of some of the pieces of armor (I liked the fact that you could have 2 different gauntlet)
- you can travel to a known location simply by clicking (I preferred travelling by ships...)
However, I don't know Oblivion as well as Morrowind so I might change my mind in the future. And I did not say Oblivion was a bad game, only that I was a bit disappointed because I found it too simplified.

June 27, 2007, 08:58 PM
I like Morrowind a lot, I just wish I had the time needed to devote to it to really get a lot out of it.