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July 09, 2010, 11:08 AM
Finally, after exactly 10 chapters without a review I can say it again: Welcome to a LoneLobo Review! To those of you who actually care, I was busy with university stuff and currently I'm writing my bachelor thesis, so... I got not that much time (and motivation) to write stuff for fun. However, I do intend to continue making reviews, so be prepared for some reviews for chapters I think are great or at least okay. That said, let's enjoy the review. ;)

Chapter 591: "You sure that's alright?"


Oda continues to present us with a cover page of some unimportant characters like Rayleigh. Okay, not that unimportant, but we want a new cover story. Damn it! It seems we have to wait a little longer...
The title of the chapter is something totally normal, but it does not give away anything what will happen in the chapter. So... boring chapter? Let's find out.

Rayleigh... nobody fucks with him


Not even Chuck Norris!

In Calm Belt we see a big Sea King getting it's ass handed to it by some unknown create... wait, is it a human? Nah, not really, it's Rayleigh! His ship sunk in stormy weather so he had to swim the rest of the way.
Now, this is indeed really interesting. First, it confirms that Rayleigh is just badass and did not eat a devil fruit! Second, despite his old age, he is still superhuman strong and can kill giant Sea Kings without a problem. Third, there was a storm. Although he does not specify that the storm was in the Calm Belt (there are no storms there), it is still possible. Storms... creating them...does it ring a bell? Of course! I is possible that Nami is on her way and during the process she created a storm which sank Rayleigh's ship.

Jinbei... shivering...


Because he pissed his pants in fear.

The women of Amazon Lilly are glad to see Luffy again and... Margret? wants to make clothes for Luffy again with no frills. This means: Outfit change! Meanwhile Hancock thinks she is married to Luffy and the old hag explains to her that she is not. Man, that was funny.
Now Rayleigh and Luffy meet, Jinbei is kinda freaked out, Rayleigh gives him the strawhat, and Law is gone. Law seems to know more than the reader, because he talks about D and calling up a storm again. I think this isn't meant to be read literally: It's not about a storm, but about things which will happen. Oh, and there's that bear joke again! Awesome.
The old woman enters and she and the rest know Rayleigh. That's a surprise there. And Boa is angry because Jinbei is hungry. Ha, this chapter is very funny up to this point. The food is offered to Luffy by her, and what happens now is interesting again: He waits a second and is thinking while holding his stomach. So, what does that mean? First, he is hungry. Second, this is not the Luffy we knew. The old Luffy would have taken that meat in an instant. The new Luffy does not, he is still hurt. But then the new Luffy comes to a conclusion and eats the meat, meaning that he his back to his old self. And that's a good thing.

A woman's intuition


Is always right

Shakky wrote them a letter etc. etc. Short flashback time! We get the confirmation that Kuma indeed works, or worked, for the Revolutionary Army. And he talks about not having time left, meaning he will become a true Pacifista. We then get to know how exactly Rayleigh, with a little help from Shakky, was able to determine where Luffy was sent. Shakky saw through everything, which means that... a woman's intuition is a frightening thing o,o Small thing to notice here: The hearts above Hancock's head. Great.
Then it goes to the main event. Luffy is hugging/eating the meat and seems to be his old self again. But then Rayleigh reminds him of the the events which happened on Sabaody. And now take a look at Luffy's reaction. There is the pain again when he thinks back. Remember, he only noticed that he is weak two chapters ago. Rayleigh then says he has an offer to make. What kind of offer? I vote for him training Luffy on Amazon Lilly. Or at least showing him how to use Haki. This should be the more possible solution, because Luffy still has to recover for at least two weeks. Haki training should be possible without hurting his body. If he is indeed traning him, regardless which kind of traning, there is still the possibility of the time skip everyone is waiting for. If it's still happening, after next week's chapter is a good time to do it.

The Crew's Whereabouts


Come True #1: Usoppn!

We then skip to Usopp who is now super fat. Short summary: He wants to get off the island to cure Luffy's broken heart. Isn't that touching? Yes, it is. This just shows how much Usopp cares about Luffy. But to get of the island he has to reach one end of it, but the further he gets away from the center the stronger are the creatures waiting there. To put it simple: If he wants to get out there, he has to become strong and slim (=his power up). Oh, and the archipelago is a plant which eats the things it lures onto itself. That is kinda cool and.. wait a minute. So the anime was true in the end? Not that I thought otherwise, but it is good to see that now in the manga to confirm that it really is canon. Oh, and that SeaHippo was awesome...

The Crew's Whereabouts


I totally knew it!

Before I talk about Choppers part, I want to quote myself from chapter 554: "I think Chopper will help the birds and humans to reach a status of understanding so that they can co-exist in the future. And the bird one this coverpage can fly Chopper to another island or even back to Shabondy." And my prediction from back then already sums it up. They co-exist know, the birds understand that the "humans" (look at them, they are not humans but rather Mr. and Mrs. Potatoheads) just need some plants. A bird then flies of with Chopper who definitely enjoys his ride. Important to notice here again: His motivation is also to get back to Luffy to heal his wounds. Nakama, eh? Anyway, his fun ends when he receives a newspaper with a shocking revelation about Luffy. "Luffy.. why again?!" Can actually mean a lot of stuff. IMHO it is about a new bounty for Luffy. His probably trippled again, meaning at least 900.000.000. However, it can be something totally different. Seems we have to wait a week. =/



So, what now? Next chapter will show us the thing which freaks Chooper out (maybe a new bounty), we will hear Rayleigh's offer (Training?) and maybe another Strawhat will be shown (take a pick, it could be anyone). Do you agree? ;)

Have a nice day. -LoneLobo

Credits: All chapter 591 pictures taken from mangastream.

Edit: My 50th post! =P


July 09, 2010, 01:19 PM
I wish you woulda done the last chapter it was better

Lord Rayleigh
July 09, 2010, 01:41 PM
To me, the storm thing actually means that Rayleigh'ship was sunken on the Grand Line and not on the Calm Belt. It was a way to explain that he'd been swimming for a long time and that he really crossed all the Calm Belt.

July 10, 2010, 11:55 AM
^^ Exactly the same thought, It would be badass if he swam throught the WHOLE of the calm belt because his ship sunk just before reaching it.

July 10, 2010, 12:13 PM
Welcome back LoneLobo! xD Great review as always, thanks a lot! The "bear" moments were very amusing indeed. Hell Yeah! to the Sabo flashback review! :shakefist

I'm looking forward to reading your next OP chapter review, Lobo. See ya around. Bug. :)

Super Angillis
July 10, 2010, 01:32 PM
Ah, a One Piece Chapter Review. I would love to know what Nyon told Boa she needed to do in order to be married, LOL. I also figure that we'll see two Strawhats a chapter while Luffy finishes up on the island. I think Robin and Zoro will be the last two we see. No way Ussop isn't stronger after having survived on an island so dangerous. Too bad the Sea Hippo got eaten, it was cool.

July 11, 2010, 01:37 PM
When i read the spoilers i thought that a storm was created in the calm belt so it might be dragon. But now its just to explain how strong and persistent he is.
Well i like the respect Jinbei shows and that the girls and Ray-san met before.
Training is a good thing, because with Luffy`s new very high bounty he cant be the weak kid he is now. If it is 900 000 000 belli, which i would defenately agree with, he has to train a bit. His physical strength now is pretty hard to say but about 400 000 000 - 500 000 000 belli MAYBE.
So to be able to defend the reputation of himself and his crew he needs to lean a lot of stuff. Dinner time

July 11, 2010, 02:13 PM
Good review.

I'm actually thinking that the next chapter doesn't continue straight from where it left off, but rather show the other Strawhats.

July 12, 2010, 04:17 PM
In the prediction thread someone wrote that the newspaper might show Moria's defeat by the hands of Luffy. Since Moria is supposed to be really finished this time it would be hard to cover it up. Blaming another Shishibukai is out of question too (especially if it's Don Flamingo).
Sounded pretty plausible though the bountything could also be true.

July 16, 2010, 12:08 AM
Wow, a one piece review. So nostalgic-v-~~. I hope you can do the 592 one too when it comes out before doing the Sabo flashbacks. Anyway, I love the fact that Eiichiro may be telling us in secret how long we may have til we see the result of whatever Rayleigh offered him. Law said you had to stay put for TWO more WEEKS. Anyway, hope you do more reviews soon Lobo^^.

July 16, 2010, 10:59 AM
Awesome review. I always liked how simplified things are

July 19, 2010, 10:14 AM
The storm could be that Dragon is near and was protecting the island from any intruders...knowing that the powerful marines and pirates have DF fruits and destroying their ships would essentially kill them

July 20, 2010, 08:13 PM
great review as always , i am glad to see that you are doing reviews again XD , and good luck in the study XD

September 18, 2010, 02:49 PM
Hi guys,

I just want to do a status update because you deserve it. =)
First I wanted to do a review of 594, but then I noticed that this would be pretty hard to do because 594-597 are one big chapter which is brilliantly scriped. So then I wanted to do a review of that, but I just didn't found the time to do it. Two reasons:
1. I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis which takes a lot of time and work.
2. I went on my fist vacation in years to Austria to meet Doug Walker aka That Guy With The Glasses aka Ask That Guy at the AniNite 2010 in Vienna. Of course I stayed a week there, and in case you don't know Doug, check out his webpage here (http://www.tgwtg.com)

Another reason for me to post is that I wrote a nearly complete review of chapter 594 when it first came out. It would be a waste to delete it, so here it is. But remember: This never was completed, but maybe you will find something useful in it. Maybe I will do one for 598... hell yeah, I'm so doing one for that chapter^^

Chapter 594: Message

Another normal cover and not a cover story, which kinda sucks. But we get a Sengoku and Garp having fun and OMG it's the return of powngoat! The title is straightforward, not much to say here.

King Kong Appears
The chapter starts with the five elders, five guys with just small appearances throughout the manga, and this one is also just a double spread. I'm not going to recite what they are talking about here (read the chapter =P) but one thing is interesting: One over a hundret million rookie was taken care of by Blackbeard. So, let's count:
Law should be safe, he was with Luffy until a bit ago
Kid, Urouge, Hawkins, Capoone appear this chapter. Who's missing? Apoo, Boney and X.Drake. With Boney being kinda sad because of Whitebeard's death (as far as I remember) it would make sense for her to attack BB. And then he took care of her.

Then we jump to Sengoku who is... retiring? Oh boy. And Garp already retired? Man. That was expected I think, but Sengoku? Hm... it seems to make sense after all what happened at Marineford... but like Kong says, that is huge news for the rest of the world. And then he proposes Aokiji as the next Fleet Admiral. Interesting. From the three admirals he choses the least "evil" one as his succesor. But Aokiji as the fleet admiral? I don't know, I think Akainu will get this job.
A funny thing is that we jump to Smoker and Aokiji now. Smoker wants to be transfered to the New World, the place where he will probably run into Luffy again. And this is the only reason for him to go there and he even tells us himself: Better to keep your targets close.
Another skip. Coby is confirmed that he awakened his Haki. Not much here, it just confirms what we already suspected.