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January 27, 2009, 12:20 PM
we see many chars in favor of the SH along the way but if the 10 poeple limit is accurate(and i think it is) there is no place for most of them.

so i thought if WB got many ships why not luffy?.i know it will probably never happen but still the idea of making some additional crews to help the SH is fun so here what i came up with

the princes and falcon(from the arc with croc)

i know this crew will have some sociall issues but overall if a was luffy i was happy to have a ship like that backing me up.

please write your own drean team :)

January 27, 2009, 02:12 PM
hangcock, http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/froehlich/g035.gif


I doubt it but i was thinking the same thing a few days ago a second division headed by hancock.

January 27, 2009, 02:27 PM
I don't know. It could happen some day. I mean, I can see all sorts of pirates wanting to sail under Luffy's flag after he becomes famous enough, but I don't see it any time soon. It would probably require a more serous and mature Luffy
At this time, it's hard for me to imagine other crews obeying Luffy just like that.

And to be honest there are already friendly crews of SH pirates around. And I don't doubt there will be others too.

August 02, 2010, 01:27 PM
I know that this is a little early for this, however I know that sooner or later the strawhat's alliance will be created... Because we all agree that with the power of a single crew will not be enough to go against the WG, not even the whitebeard pirates. So I create this thread so that you guys can give some opinions about who will be in strawhat's alliance.

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August 02, 2010, 04:15 PM
Well, Red hair pirates is obvious. Then there's the revolutionary army, Law's heart pirates, Hancock and her amazon pirate crew. Then possibly fishmen, buggy, crocodile. Otherwise you might also have some allied countries like water seven, drum kingdom and arabaster.

August 02, 2010, 05:00 PM
Ok I will start with hometowns of each strawhats and notable individuals from each, then I will go to islands they have visited then allies they have made since they have been seperated

Luffys home-dadan and mountain bandits. They aren't that strong but in a war they can be of use

Zoros home-kishiro and the dojo students. Kishiro is intriguing, I think he is a beast and as far as the dojo students go, I'm sure there are a few older students who will be strong.

Sanji's home- zeff- he may have lost a leg but I'm sure he can still hold his own against a lesser fighter

Usopp's home- his girlfriend may not be a fighter but she is studying to be a doctor so in a war she could be of use that way.

Choppers home- doctorine and the bison guy. Doctorine is a great doctor and the bison guy is an ok fighter.

Frankie's home- gallery la and frankie family- they are all average foot soldiers but iceberg is a master shipbuilder and could possibly help with the preperations of ships

Brooks home-we techanally doesn't know where he is from but I will use thriller bark. Lola and her crew are average as well but through her they will meet her mom who could possibly be a powerful ally

Robin and nami's home- robin has no home and their isn't anyone notable from nami's home

Now I will discuss the notable islands the strawhats have visited

The island before skypeia- nolands descendant and his crew- they are not fighters but may be of use some other way

Skypeia-skypeia has some good fighter, ganfall and wyper are the strongest. Wypers tribe has some strong fighters and the little girl has mantra which I'm sure will be develped. When the time comes they will aid luffy again.

Little garden- the 2 elbaf giant captains. Dorry and brogy will eventually leave little garden and become captains of their crew again which I'm sure will aid the hats

Alabasta- vivi ans carue are unofficial strawhats and plus the king knows they owe the strawhats everything. When the time comes alabasta will back up the strawhats with its full might. Notable fighters are koga, pell, ingaram, and the jackle guy.

S.A- pappagg, cami, and hachi are important because they will be the escorts for the hats on fishmand island.hacchi is an ok fighter but papapagg said he will introduce the mermaid princess which could lead toan alliance.

Also I think law will be an ally since he saved luffy. Kidd is still in the air. The big time ally is rayleigh and shakki. Rayleigh is world famous and super strong just his name alone commands repect. When the time comes rayleigh will be on the front lines with the remnants of the rogers pirates that have yet to be revealed.

Lastly I will discuss allies they have made since the have been seperated

Luffy- hancock and the the women on amazon lilly, jinbei, invonkov, crocodile, buggy, and mr 2, the whitebeard pirates and their allies.

Luffy has made some great connections. The amazon lilly women like him and hancock is in love so she will back him up. Jinbei will eventually become the sunny pirates cpatian again. Invonkov has her cady boys, and I think croc is a semi good guy now. I'm sure he will help luffy just out of his hate for the WG. Buggy has a great crew and I'm sure he will help even if helps on accident.

Zoro-zoro and perona are friends now. I think she will stay on the island and boss around the baboons. In the end I think she will lead them to help luffy.

Sanji- the fruit cakes lead by invonkov will surely fight.

Usopp- hurcules is funny as hell. I'm sure somehow he will show up again to help his student.

Chopper-he united the birds and the peoples so I'm sure when the shit hits the fan the the inhabitants on that island will come swooping in mounted on the birds back kinda like an air force.

Brook- I don't know yet but maybe he makes friends with the long arms. The other village is pretty much useless

Robin-the RA will duscuss later

Nami- weatheria- the one guy who calls her name all the time. I'm sure he will assist her someway by using eather

Frankie- don't know but he has vegapunks blueprints some I'm sure he will do something with tthat.

The best connections the strahwhats made are the red hairs and the RA

Shanks sees luffy as a son. They are one of the yonkou crews and are very powerful.

The RA is lead by luffys real father and very powerful.

August 02, 2010, 06:16 PM
I don't think, regarding any sort of alliance, we should be looking at the "home-towns" and people obviously tied to a physical location as back-up to the Strawhats. Sure, places such as Alabasta, Drum and many parts in the East Blue are indebted to the Strawhats, but when shit hits the fan Luffy isn't exactly going to call them to help.

For the alliance, you probably need to look at those who are travelling along the Grand Line. Revolutionaries, Jimbei (+ Sunny Pirates?) and the Kuja Pirates for example.

I wouldn't put any pirate rivals as part of any alliance for now. Even Law and Buggy, despite their assistance to Luffy in the previous arc, are still not going to drop everything to save him whenever he falls over and scrapes his knees.

August 02, 2010, 09:42 PM
I agree with bittman that not only the distance is a problem for east blue ppl but the thing is that they are not strong enough to go for a war. I think that red hair, dragon, law, and kidd will be in the alliance. I know that they are rivals of luffy. However I have a feeling that they aren't that bad(well, Law helped luffy, as for Kidd I still dont know about that yet).

August 03, 2010, 12:18 AM
I think that Luffy will continue to form bonds through his will. There are clear standing bonds (Dragon/RA, Redhair Pirates, Kuja...)
Then there are others like Jinbei and Law who further interest me.
Mostly because I don't think they'd support or join the SH on the quest for OP.
But however both see Luffy and his deeds, and maybe on Law's part some understanding of the "D". And both saved Luffy, a deed I doubt would go unforgotten..
But I can see that whenever Luffy (hopefully with the SH) makes it to F.I., that's when Jinbei will go his own way IMO.

And clearly Law will be involved in the race to find OP. But when it comes to the revelation of the secrets of the Void Century and Poneglyphs.. The aftermath would be a far different story IMO. I mean the two "reasons" for an alliance are the "aftermath" of the discovery of OP, OR the ultimate defeat of BB and whatever he's going to plan from where we are now...

So who joins this supposed alliance IMO depends on the reason the SH would accept an alliance too...
But with Luffy's pure character it will be grand... and a long ass time from now.

August 03, 2010, 08:59 AM
I don't think Law and Luffy will be real allies. There relationship will be more like the relationship white beard and roger had.

August 03, 2010, 10:07 AM
You've to add all the pirates that admire Luffy + all the ones who wants the WG down.

If Luffy goes all out war, it will have ALL the pirates plus some part of the government on his side.

Host Samurai
August 03, 2010, 10:29 AM
So far Luffy has definetly two of the Yonkou's back up, namely The Red Hair and the Whitebeard Pirates (http://haven-reader.net/index.php?mode=view&series=One+Piece&chapter=Chapter+577&page=10&next=true).

August 03, 2010, 01:04 PM
WB Pirates lead by Marco
RH Pirates lead by Shanks
RA lead by Dragon + Iva Kama Kingdom
Kuja Kingdom/Pirates lead by Hancock

Drum Kingdom lead by Dalton
Alabasta lead by Cobra

Kaizoku-O Luffy
August 03, 2010, 09:57 PM
Wb pirates and the pirates showed up alongside WB during the war, shanks and his group, Kuja pirates and hancock, Jinbei and quite possibly fishman pirates, 2 giants from that little garden, and 2 giants they met in enies lobby. Revolutionaries. Big mom is possible due to the relationship between them and their daughter. Shakky, Rayleigh and the remnants of the Gold rogers crew. Drum kingdom, alabasta and franky brothers. Of the rookies only LAW is the highly likely one at the moment. Buggy and crocodile are possibilities. Moria maybe.

August 03, 2010, 10:14 PM
Straw Hats

Possible Alliances
- Whitebeard Pirates (Marco)- Initially assisted Luffy on the grounds that they both wanted to save Ace, who was Luffy's "brother" as much as he is their nakama. Whitebeard ordered the pirates, especially Marco, to protect Luffy as his last request to his own crew. Whitebeard himself saw Luffy's potential firsthand on the battlefield in Marineford, after hearing stories of the pirate from Shanks.
- Red-Haired Pirates (led by Shanks)- Shanks may have saved Luffy quite a few times, but it doesn't mean that Shanks should be considered an ally Luffy can count upon when he is in trouble. Shanks does not want Luffy and he to meet eyes to eyes until the day they meet in the New World. Iow, they don't have an established alliance as of yet.
- Rolling Pirates (led by Lola)- After the Straw Hats have retrieved the crewmates' shadows and defeated Gecko Moria at Thriller Bark, Lola has given Nami a BibliCard for her mother to aid them in the New World. Lola also said she was originally from the New World.
- Water 7 (Iceberg, Kokoro, Franky Family)- For the obvious reasons of the Straw Hats associating with Franky, a member of the crew.
- Flying Fishmen Riders (led by Duval) - They are mainly in the debt of Sanji, who has repaired Duval's face to becoming more "handsome." Right now Duval seems intent on protecting the docked Sunny Go ship in Sabaody Archipelago.
- Dorry and Brogy- These two giants have assisted the Straw Hats in the past by allowing them to escape the Baroque Works agents targeting them in Little Garden.
- People in the Straw Hat Pirates' hometowns- They have supported the Straw Hats as they read the papers on their new bounty increases. At some point, they may directly assist the Straw Hats.
- Alabasta- This country was saved by the Straw Hats when Crocodile planned to destroy it. Vivi, the princess, has directly travelled along with the Straw Hats in the past. The first six Straw Hats also have an intimate bond with Vivi (the X Mark), and as a result, are forever binded as friends.
- Rayleigh- He has helped the Straw Hats in the past back at Sabaody, and despite being in retirement for so long, has proven to be a great asset to the safety and well-being of the crew. He also noticed similarities between Luffy and his Captain Gol D. Roger in terms of personality.
- Jimbei and/or Fishman Island- Jimbei has helped and protected Luffy throughout the Impel Down arc. Jimbei is currently by Luffy's side. The Straw Hats may end up going to Fishman Island, which is Jimbei's home location. The other fishmen might be convinced that the Straw Hats are their allies.
- Kambakka Kingdom- The "queen" of the kingdom, Emporio Ivankov, is a Revolutionary commander and has assisted Luffy in the past. Sanji is currently on that island and at some point may come across Ivankov for assistance. Mr. 2, another okama, is also Luffy's friend and has saved his life in Impel Down. Ivankov's influence might inspire the okama in the kingdom to assist Luffy and the other Straw Hats at some point.
- Amazon Lily- A similar scenario with that of Kambakka. Boa Hancock, who is in love with Luffy, will probably assist him and his crew in the future. The other two Hancock sisters are also indebted to Luffy for protecting their secret from their people, even if they have tried to kill him before. Some of the residents, including Marguerite, who have been turned to stone have been saved by Luffy.

I'm sure there are a lot more alliances to come, but this is just the starting point.

August 09, 2010, 07:52 PM
Does anybody consider that the ex shichibukai(lol...my spelling...well you know) Crocodile will ally with Strawhat? Well I know that he attacked Vivi's country and all but... he did help Luffy last time I checked.... although I dont understand why he did it...And further more Ivan-chan (xD) have his secret... and Ivan-chan will ally with Luffy for sure.

August 09, 2010, 08:15 PM
Crocodile has no interest in helping Luffy; it won't benefit him at all. He only helped out during the war because he didn't like the idea of the Marines winning, taking WB's head himself and because of the dirt Ivankov has on him.

@DARK: You should have just mentioned Whitebeard Pirates as a whole, they wouldn't object to helping Luffy simply because he is Ace's brother. We saw proof of that when most of the commanders stood to stop Akainu form reaching Luffy when he was being carried away with Jimbei.

August 10, 2010, 09:54 PM
1. whitebeard pirates: It's a given since they have already risked ther lives to save him while he escaped.
2. Shanks crew: Duh, they would never in there life say no to helping luffy when he needs it.
3. Hancock and all the women on amazon lilly: This is also a given, hancock helped luffy in the war and is also in love with him, and all the women on the island like him and his rubberyness...heheh.
4. Revolutionary Army: This one i might not be so sure on, since luffy's father seems content with letting luffy take care of himself, but there also the fact that he IS his son and that a father alway's comes to help his son and also they have the same objective in a way, the fight againts the marines. For that i put them in here.
5. Fishmen: This is depending on weather the fishmen think of jimbie as an ally still, but even if they don't, Luffy has made friends and also saved hachi and the mermaid so that alone will benifit there help.
6. Alabaster crew: I mean come on, if luffy seriously asked for there help, they would go to him in a heartbeat without a second thought... Vivi is so loyal to the crew and is also an unafficial crew member.

There are also other people that i would like to mention but would just take to long, so i will just name them without an explonation... The first one are the people that the other crew members are encountering right now, i mean why else would they go through these stories with the other crew members... The big bird and hunter that are with chopper, they will most deffinitly be there sky attack, hercule will most deffinitly leave the island with usopp so he will probably help usopp when he needs it, sky people, well i don't think all of them will help since Nami didn't really get on there good side but i do think the one old man will help her since he know's her real story, And i'm kinda thinking that those bears that Zoro is fighting will start to like zoro and come to his help if he needs it... Something tells me that he will beat them good enough that they will start to show him respect. The long armed people will somehow start to like Brook and will go help him... just a hunch...

With all these people on his team i believe the marine are in deep shit, but also i only wrote this to fullfill a fantasy of what could happen in the manga, i don't actually think that luffy will gather everyone he can to fight the marine... I believe that luffy is goin to do it with his own crew, plain and simple... And also i will say this now, Law WILL NOT HELP LUFFY... he indicated that the only reason he is helping him now is because he feel that he is his rival that he needs to beat himself... He just had a feeling that he needed to help him at the spur of the moment....

August 10, 2010, 10:18 PM
@DARK: You should have just mentioned Whitebeard Pirates as a whole, they wouldn't object to helping Luffy simply because he is Ace's brother. We saw proof of that when most of the commanders stood to stop Akainu form reaching Luffy when he was being carried away with Jimbei.

I edited my post, adding that in addition to the individual commanders' actions to safeguard Luffy from Akainu's attacks, the Whitebeard Pirates were ordered by their late captain to protect Luffy at all costs. Luffy is, in his own eyes, an important asset in the future.

August 11, 2010, 12:23 PM
The obvious choice would be the WB pirates and any of the pirate crews that fought along side of the WB pirates. Which are pretty good allies to have, and probably the overall strongest amount of allies Luffy can have numbers wise.

August 11, 2010, 05:21 PM
How about Buggy ?

He might side with the SH for protection..

August 11, 2010, 06:58 PM
i believe that he will be invited as a shichibukai, which is what that letter was that he got from the marines