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September 28, 2010, 07:59 PM
I want to know who everyone's favorite characters are in the OP world. now i don't want to know your top three favorite characters or any thing but i want to know is:

Favorite Supernova ( Besides Luffy and Zoro )
Favorite Strawhat ( Besides Luffy )
Favorite Villain
Favorite Marine
Favorite Strawhat ally

Now the reason i excluded Luffy and Zoro is because There the two Strawhat Supernovas and i also want to know if Luffy was excluded who peoples favorite Strawhats would be.

I also want reasons for your choices of ya feel like it.

September 28, 2010, 08:56 PM
Favorite Supernova: Kidd, because he is the quintessential pirate from we have seen so far.

Favorite Strawhat: Zoro (it wasn't Luffy from the get-go) because he gets lost often ha haha nah Zoro reminds me of my cool older brother.

Favorite Villain: Crocodile, apart from the fact that he was the first really strong villain that Luffy fought and apart from the fact that Luffy really grew in his fights with him... I just love the way the guy laughs.

Favorite Marine: (never really thought about that one so i'll go with the first person that popped into my head when i read the question) Garp, he's just an older Luffy and I just can't wait to see the bastard fight someone.

Favorite Strawhat ally: (again I never really thought about this one until now) WB pirates, because I want to see what kind of relationship will materialize between the SH and them.

this is a really good thread man.

Captain golddigger
September 28, 2010, 10:10 PM
favorite supernova: law ( i just like the way he is, laid back cocky and smart)

Favorite straw hat: Zoro ( i mean the guys is just badass...that all i can say)

Favorite Villian: hmm...don't have a favorite but the one i'm most terrified of is akainu (even though a marine) he killed my favorite character (ace) everytime he is mentioned i can imagine luffy having flashes of that magma fist going through ace..i do whenever i see him.

Favorite marine: By far...its garp...he's on the other side of justice but deep down he stays true to family...and personally...i believe he is the most powerful character...i know u guys don't agree but seriously garp is holding back some godly powers. (too bad he's old)

Favorite strawhat ally: man...i want to say the wb pirates but i'm still looking forward to shanks and them. but the way luffy and the wb pirates work that battefield on marineford i'll say WB pirates for now

nice thread man!!

September 29, 2010, 07:31 AM
fav supernova: Law. Hard to say someone else.
fav strawhat: Sanji. A smart kick-ass perv ... I can easily relate to someone like that :D
fav villain: Crocoboy
fav marine: Smoker
fav ally: By far, vivi.

September 30, 2010, 02:48 AM
So my favorite supernova would have to be X Drake because i like the whole three musketeer thing that him and his crew has got going and his DF is just badass

my favorite Strawhat would have to be Dead Bones Brook because hes just so funny with the bones jokes and his whole personality is just awesome

my favorite Villain is Magellan because i love is DF and i like the whole Satan thing he has going on

My favorite Marine would have to be Sentamaru because i like the sumo thing he has and that broad axe is badass as well

and my favorite strawhat ally would have to be Mr 2 just because his time in the Arabasta arc and the Impel Down ark just made it much better for some reason

September 30, 2010, 07:37 AM
1. Jewelry Bonney - she's hot.
2. Nami and Robin - they're hot.
3. slim Alvida (not the old one)- she's hot now.
4. Hina - she's hot.
5. Boa Hancock - definitely hot.

St Michael
October 03, 2010, 04:44 AM
Supernova : I like Hawkins. Too bad Beppo isn't a supernova (for now haha) btw.

SH : mmh , before the current events , I would have say Sanji or Zoro , maybe even Franky. But now , my choice is harder , as Brook looks so awesome.. tough one. New Zoro could be cool too. :D

Villain : Crocodile. Without considering his overall style (<3) , I like his powers and his personality. Plus , he was the first really impressive foe that fought Luffy. He looked invincible back then ..

Marine : Garp ! So awesome character.

Ally : WB's. Or Crocodile :p

Lord Rayleigh
October 03, 2010, 10:10 AM
1. Diez Drake
2. Sanji
3. Crocodile
4. Smoker
5. Bon Kurei

October 03, 2010, 08:45 PM
1- Law
Unexpected ally who have a cool personality, but at the same time has a evil attitude.
2 -Zoro
strong as hell and very loyal, can keep the cool in bad times and has a evil aura
3 - Don Flamingo
Crazy guy who seems to enjoy chaos, do whatever he wants and looks very strong
4 - Garp
Strong and funny, do the things the way he want... too bad we never saw him in a serious fight
5 - Rayleigh
The old man can swim through a calm belt and knows how to enjoy the life after retirement

October 04, 2010, 12:22 AM
Now the reason i excluded Luffy and Zoro is because There the two Strawhat Supernovas and i also want to know if Luffy was excluded who peoples favorite Strawhats would be.

I also want reasons for your choices of ya feel like it.[/QUOTE]

Favorite SN: Trafalgar Law, Perhaps the most cool level headed and still badass pirate IMO. Not only does he have his own sense of honor, but he seems like Luffy's WB if you know what I mean...

Favorite SH: Sanji. Why?? Cuz he's the Ero Chef that's why.

Favorite Villain: BB, because he is the real deal no BS pirate. And he's proud of it. He'd kill his own grandma if it would benefit him.. Just thinking of him makes me want to take a shower.. He's that slimy..

Favorite Marine: Smoker... He's honorable and possibly the truest force of Justice in the manga.. Because he told his superiors to eat shit, and still asks Aokiji a favor... ok I'm a smoker fanboy...:amuse

Favorite ally: Boa Hancock.. Yeah.

October 04, 2010, 02:05 PM
1. Favorite Supernova - Law/Kidd
2. Favorite Strawhat - Zoro
3. Favorite Villain - Blackbeard (he infuriates me...so he wins)
4. Favorite Marine - Garp by a large margin
5. Favorite Strawhat ally - Boa....

October 04, 2010, 05:51 PM
Favorite Supernova: Law. One of the coolest character designs in the series overall, and has the most awesome crew of the Supernovae (except Straw Hats). He's got a laid back nature but is still kick-ass when he gets into a fight (his DF ability is one of the most original as well).

Favorite Strawhat: Sanji (and he beats Luffy as well). Sanji has that perfect mix between being as badass as Zoro and being as quirky and hilarious as Brook. You can't beat that.

Favorite Villain: Blackbeard or Crocodile.
Blackbeard because he’s the most typical pirate-like character in the series, and while redefining the view on pirates like Oda has done is cool, I’m glad he included a character like this, a real sterotypical bad egg. The fact that he’s an evil bastard but with the same ”a man is nothing without his dream”-attitude as Luffy also adds to his character, as it shows that the Peace Maine, adventure-loving, dream-following type of pirate we’ve learned to love in Luffy can also be as cruel and wicked as Blackbeard.

For Crocodile, I just like his overall style. He's one of very few truly arrogant people I've actually been able to like because of that characteristic, and I guess it's because he can actually back it up. As others has mentioned, he was also the first really strong opponent of Luffy's. The first opponent you felt "oh, shit... Luffy is an ant compared to this guy". His actions in the war also prove that he does have a sense of what's fair and what's not. He's the mortal enemy of Luffy and intended to kill Whitebeard, but for the sake of Akainu not getting his way more than he already had, he was able to let those things go and do what was right. Arrogant asshole, but a respectable and badass one.

Favorite Straw Hat Ally: Has to be Bon Clay~~~! He's brought us hilarity, he's brought us epic, he's brought us tears... He's given us all we could ever ask for... the okama way!

October 04, 2010, 08:19 PM
1-Drake: the guy is a dinosaur, could someone be cooler than that? Plus his confident nature and the fact he is a former marine make me a truly fanboy...
2-Sanji: with the cigarettes and the addiction with the girls, he was always my favorite SH, although Zoro is becoming more awesome with time but even if he wasn't excluded from this topic, I would still stay with Sanji... and Franky is pretty awesome as well...
3-The most difficult choice for me cuz' I think one of the most increadible things in OP is the fact that almost all of it villains are so f*ckin' badasses... but if I have to pick one, I go with Doflamingo, he got style, attitude and strength... he is definitely the character I'm most hyped to see more of...
4-Garp and Smoker: I can't pick just one of them and I still mention Aokiji.
5-Hancock: She's powerful and funny and got so much potential that I'd like her to play, if not a major, then at least a bigger role than the "ow Luffy is so awesome". Not that I don't like it, I think it's very funny but she deserves more than that.

October 09, 2010, 03:22 PM
1) Favorite Supernova: Drake/Law/Bonney, I really can't choose between them. They are the coolest ones.

2) Favorite Strawhat: Zoro (Luffy is not even in my top 3). He is badass, and I like swords.

3) Favorite Villain: Enel. The guy has the coolest devil fruit in the series.

4) Favorite Marine: Of course Garp. He is a beast.

5) Favorite Straw Hat Ally: Hancock. She is a badass female pirate.

October 09, 2010, 03:58 PM
1. Favorite Supernova - Eustass Kid ; )
Worst Supernova-Capone Bege & Scratchmen Apoo

2. Favorite Strawhat - Zoro by far the best :) ..seems ODA's Favourtie too cuz he always introduces him in the end with everything EPIC.. (robin is sexy btw )
Worst Strawhat- Franky old n boring :P

3. Favorite Villain - Blackbeard (Kizaru for his cheap jokes :P Doflamingo too)
MOST HATED VILLIAN - Akainu that dog needs to be killed on sight

4. Favorite Marine - None
Worst Marine- Sengoku :D

5. Favorite Strawhat ally - many cant say one .. everyone have helped them one way or the other..

October 10, 2010, 04:52 AM
1. Favourite Supernova: Trafalgar Law

I like the idea that a "doctor" or "surgeon" can be a badass and ironically, kill people :)

2. Favourite Strawhat: Usopp

Hilarious and practically on par with Luffy when it comes to my personal rankings ;)

3. Favourite Villain: Enel

Love his power. Plus, he seems pretty simple-minded and stupidly adorable, lol.

4. Favourite Marine: Smoker

After hearing him tell the government elders to eat shit post-Arabasta arc, who wouldn't love him?

5. Favourite Strawhat ally: Rayleigh

The only character that I can think of that I actually really like... Besides Vivi... -_-

October 18, 2010, 07:35 PM
Favorite Supernova: Law hands down, a calm clever badass, nice look. nice powers
Worst Supernova: Scratchman Apoo, just to silly in a bad way

Favorite Strawhat: Zoro always has been, if he would have Sanji's lust for ladies it could be me xD
Worst Strawhat: I don't like Franky all that much and for that i blame his design. skinny legs with underpants only and mega arms don't do it for me.

Favorite Villain: Crocodile has the best looks and is my favo, most evil i would tie with BB/Don flamingo.
Worst Villain: Gecko Moria, altough i liked his powers i did not like his clowny look.

Favorite Marine: Smoker, Cool design cool powers and a serious don't f with me attituide.
Worst Marine: don't really have 1..

Favorite Strawhat ally: Rayleigh, he made Luffy a new world beast what more can i say.
Worst Ally: Okama Queen, yikes ugly hideous design...

Coolest Schibukai: Mihawk: i'ts the sword+Dracula look... i'm sold :D.

October 26, 2010, 05:39 AM
Favorite Supernova ( Besides Luffy and Zoro )


Favorite Strawhat ( Besides Luffy )

Zoro and Usopp

Favorite Villain

Cpt. Buggy =D

Favorite Marine


Favorite Strawhat ally

Karuh ^^

October 26, 2010, 09:57 AM
Favorite Strawhat ( Besides Luffy )
Not sure, however Usopp and Chopper are a lot funny

Favorite Strawhat ally
If Impel Down/Marineford arcs count it would be Hancock. Otherwise I will go with Ace and Rayleigh

Favorite Villain
I still like the CP9

Favorite Marine
No idea, they are so cool

Favorite Supernova ( Besides Luffy and Zoro )
Law, but Hawkins, Drake and Kidd, are all cool

November 03, 2010, 08:15 AM
1. Favourite Supernova: Basil Hawkins

I just like those guyz that use cards and the straw-man thing is just an added suppeeeeeer addition

2. Favourite Strawhat: Chopper/ Robin

Well Chopper is just cute . While Robin is well the only SH that speaks less [i prefer ppl who speak less]

3. Favourite Villain: Perona

Has a nice power . Add to that she is just spooky .

4. Favourite Marine: Coby

I used to not care about the little critter , but he seems to have grown strong and also has care for human life

5. Favourite Strawhat ally: Jinbei

Very strong non - DF user who seems to be nearly invincible in an underwater fight

November 03, 2010, 03:04 PM
So i want to add a #6 to the favorites list and thats favorite warlord of the seas

Mine is Gecko Moria just because i love is DF ability

November 03, 2010, 06:31 PM
Favorite Supernova ( Besides Luffy and Zoro ): Trafalgar Law.. Even before he saved Luffy he's was my fav. He's cool calm and seemingly under control.. Not only that but he seems to have some knowledge of the will of "D" and seems like a not so bad guy....


Favorite Strawhat ( Besides Luffy ): Tied between Sanji and Robin.. I love Sanji for his personality, and his affliction with women.. But mostly for his chivalry and clearheaded nature (except for with women).. And as for Robin I've loved her silent type nature and the knowledge and dreams she brings to the crew...
I mean my User Name is Poneglyph.....
That and I'd do bad bad things to her if she existed....

Favorite Villain: Blackbeard, I mean the guy would sell his own Grandmother to a slaver if it would benefit himself... I love to hate him and his opportunistic ways... Just when you think he's a dumb ass he goes and shows he's no fool... BB I can't wait to see you get your ass handed to you.

Favorite Marine: Smoker.. I mean seriously.. I'd be Smoker if I fell into One Piece.

Favorite Strawhat ally: Rayleigh.. again yeah Obviously.

November 08, 2010, 09:39 AM
1- Trafalgar law , he's so cool
2- Zorro , nuff said
3- Crocodile : "HAHAHAHAHA .....worthless"
4- Smoker, a real sens of justice
5- Lord Rayleigh, without him SH would be already dead.

November 09, 2010, 04:00 AM
Favorite Supernova ( Besides Luffy and Zoro )
Favorite Strawhat ( Besides Luffy )
Favorite Villain
Favorite Marine
Favorite Strawhat ally1. Don't have any
2. Zoro
3. Crocodile
4. Garp
5. Rayleigh

St Michael
November 09, 2010, 12:12 PM
The question 6 has the same answer that the 3 as far as I'm concerned.

November 09, 2010, 01:50 PM
The question 6 has the same answer that the 3 as far as I'm concerned.
Well not necessarily remember the jinbie, Hancock, arent villians to the Strawhats and Kuma and Crocodile are kinda like a friend or foe type thing right now

November 09, 2010, 02:10 PM
Favorite Shichibukai: Mihawk

He has the most awesome character design in OP... hands down. Just looking at him and you know he's badass!

St Michael
November 09, 2010, 04:11 PM
Well not necessarily remember the jinbie, Hancock, arent villians to the Strawhats and Kuma and Crocodile are kinda like a friend or foe type thing right now

I meant that Croc is both my fav Shichi and my fav villain. Sorry I wasn't clear enough.

November 09, 2010, 11:00 PM
I meant that Croc is both my fav Shichi and my fav villain. Sorry I wasn't clear enough.Same here. I think he has the best quotes/dialogues in OP. I also like how he is representing the mafia theme in the story. Too bad though that he is mid-tier. Still, hat guy is just badass.

Oda did good job by bringing him back. Unlike certain other mangaka, Oda can write his awesome stories without killing and reawacking characters.

November 11, 2010, 08:10 PM
At present:

1.Favorite Supernova - Tough choice but I'll go for Kidd.

2.Favorite Strawhat - Besides Luffy, Zoro and Sanji; it would have to be Usopp. :amuse

3.Favorite Villain - Blackbeard. There's just so much I want to know about him. Croco-boy and Enel would both come in joint second position for me.

4.Favorite Marine - Besides Garp? I don't really have any other favourite apart from the old man. The rest of them stink and I f****** hate Akainu. :mad

Oh and Sengoku failed as Fleet Admiral. I was so hyped to see what that goat could do during the War lolz. =P

5.Favorite Strawhat ally - this can be divided into several different sub-categories but I'll just go for three of my favs;

- Hottest and most beautiful ally - Boa Hancock :p

- For support, strength and admiration - Buggy & Bon Clay. :smile-big

- Most badass ally (thus far) - Dark Lord Rayleigh. :worship2