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September 30, 2010, 01:14 PM
A LoneLobo Review

Hi guys! I'm still writing my Bachelor thesis, but I just couldn't resist the urge to do this chapter. I think all of you can relate to that ;) I cannot promise you to do a review next week, but I do intend to continue making reviews, so be prepared for at least some reviews in the future. That said, let's enjoy the review, and... Welcome to a LoneLobo review.^^

Let's go


This chapter does not start like the usual chapter, before the cover page we get 2 pages with Luffy. Actually, this is a really nice start for the second part of One Piece, as it slowly welcomes us back to the world of One Piece. Content wise there is not such much to say about this small part. Luffy picks up his hat which looks perfectly fine and is still at the same spot (yeah...). Then we get the I wanted to eat them joke and then he replies back to Boa when she talks about marriage. What? All the time he either never noticed her talking or he simply ignored her. And know he talks back that he does not wanna marry her? That's kinda funny xD And so is her reaction. They then tell us that Rayleigh went home half a year ago which does not match with what Rayleigh says a few pages later. It should be that Luffy learned everything after one year.

Chapter 598: 28 Years Later


A double spread which introduces us immediately to the new appearances of the crew. Let's take a closer look at them, starting from the left. Zoro has not changed much, expect for that scar across his right eye. Chopper is also the same, he only wears a new blue thingy over his hat. Luffy looks pretty much the same as well, except that he got a X-shaped scar on his chest. Basically he looks the same... Next is Robin, who just looks a bit older to me. And I think her nose is a bit smaller... She wears a nice top with apparently no bra beneath it... Fanservice count: 1. Nami is next: Her hair is longer, her waist shrank again and her boobs grew again... and talk about low-rise jeans... Fanservice count: 2. Franky has now very short hair and he appears to have bigger arms or a bigger body in general. This could mean he has now more weapons and stuff inside him. Sanji changed his hair a bit and we finally get to see his left eye. w00t! I think this is really a cool change after the first 10 years. Brook is the same, beside the silly glasses and the hat. And so is Usopp. Man, that took a while...

Brook, Sanji and Nami


Shabondy! The Straw Hat Pirates are recruiting...? I think everyone notices that something is wrong here. And Brook is a flower power rock star... okay, that's funny, but no more... But he sure found a comfortable way back to the archipelago. Then we see Sanji who is super-happy to see women again xD I love the women lock on. And let me tell you one thing: His middle finger picture will be an avatar for a lot of people in no time!
We then switch to a bar where we learn to Marine HQ and G1 switched their places. This is probably to represent strength and also to be near the Yonkou which should be weakened after Whitebeard's death. And Oda is evil and does not tell us the name of the new Fleet Admiral. But I doubt that Aokiji would switch theses places, so I think it is Akainu... The bartender tells all this to a nice lady everyone immediately identifies as Nami. One thing to notice is her low-rise jeans again and that she does not have a butt-crack... seriously, look at that. =P

The Fake Straw Hat Pirates


Going on: There are a fake Luffy, Nami, Sogeking and Franky in the exact same bar... who behave like real ******. Okay, we get it: They will be defeated in the next chapters. =P These pirates talk about a lot of followers they have gathered and that two brothers with high bounties joined them as well. Okay, they will be defeated soon as well... Nami refuses to drink with them and she looks HAWT >.< Fanservice Count: 3. But then again, that jeans... just weird... but I like her hair. And do you notice how she does not care when Fake Nami holds that gun right into her face? Badass. Nontheless, she is "saved" by Usopp who shows us his new techniques "pop greens". Nice update, Usoppn! When she realizes that it's Usopp she just hugs him in a way in which Sanji would die because of happyness. And I think no one could blame him ;) I know this is the third time I talk about it, but that low-rise jeans is starting to annoy me. Really. I have nothing against short and revealing clothes and such, but that is just weird... okay, we learned three things because of this. 1. Nami does not have a butt-crack. 2. She does not wear any panties. 3. She seems to lack pubic hair as well.... Oh man, I should stop with that...They leave the bar before it explodes because of clouds... which is of course Nami's doing, but we did not see how she did that. Interesting.

The Star Arrives


Jump to Shaggy. Heh, Zoro was the first to arrive. Awesome. xD Duval did a great job defending the Sunny... however HE did that... Jump to Robin. She is apparently being stalked by some guys (CP?) and is startled because of Brook's concert and the recruiting paper which spells Monkey wrong (Monky...). And... no, I will not talk about that skirt. NO. >.-
Chopper is following the rest of the Fake Crew and does not notice that they look totally different... oO That just shocks me. xD I mean, they look totally different and behave different... oh well. The CP-Guys then kidnapp the fake Robin. Serious? That is funny and all, but are they that dumb as well? xD And it seems the real Robin is watching this scene.
We switch places again for a brief visit at Marineford where Momonga orders people to gather a force because they think Luffy has returned. And yeah, that is kinda true... On the archipelago the fake Luffy is being an ass again, but this also shows us that the name Straw Hat Luffy is feared because of what happened at the summit. People fear it, pirates fear and the Marine is alarmed as well.
And then the scene everyone waited for is there: Luffy bumps into Fake Luffy. w00t, this will be awesome. More in the predictions part.



So, after 4 weeks finally a new chapter. It introduces us to the new looks of our crew and the changed world in a really nice way. Slowly the crew gets together and we are introduced to the new powers etc.
What will happen next week? That's a very good question. First, Luffy will kick Fake Luffy's ass. He, Chopper and Robin will reunite and go to Rayleigh and co. Then Fake Luffy and Co. want revenge and they will confront Luffy and Co. together with these two famous pirate brothers. And then we will get to see a glimpse of what everyone is now capable of. Sounds reasonable, right?
This concludes this review, take care and wait in anticipation for the next one. =)


Credits: All chapter 598 pictures taken from mangastream.

September 30, 2010, 10:25 PM
Nice review I like your prediction but you also forgot the marine are coming as well.

September 30, 2010, 11:45 PM
"Duval did a great job defeating the Sunny..." I think you mean defending? Solid prediction but I think it will just end up with the fake crew getting scared shitless that the real Luffy is back. The high bounty members will probably get involved, but I don't think the fake crew will make another appearance after their leader gets thrashed in the next chapter.

October 01, 2010, 05:00 AM
lol LOVELY review.. short but to the point? (Jeans)
but yeah u so didnt mention fake Robin Cucumber dildo
haha I guess she thought chopper was a d**k sucker

October 01, 2010, 10:27 AM
I loved the chapter. Funny thing is that it reminds me a bit of the first chapters of fairy tail where the fake salamander bumps into natsu the real one

October 01, 2010, 05:29 PM
awesome review o.o!
I never noticed the no-butt-crack D:

anothe note: I think those people are stalking Robin are the Revolutionary Army, but when she said "Did I shake them off...?" I think she left them without telling them, so they go scared or something.

October 02, 2010, 07:32 PM
She does have a butt crack, its just that its not drawn because it would be too much fan service for a Shounen...

But I kinda like the pants, and I think there is room to panties down there...
But I wouldn't mind no pantys and no pubic air is a good +, at least for me!