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Whoa!!!! I missed writing one piece reviews. I used to write such reviews several months ago but I stopped for some personal reasons. But after hibernating and lurking in this site, I decided to write one piece reviews again. You have no idea how much I missed doing this. Anyway, I am done with my introduction. I am going to start reviewing….



This is one of my favorite color spreads. It shows how the Strawhats look after two years. I will discuss the others who are featured in this chapter as I go deeper into my review. But to make the most of this space, I will talk about those whose introductions remain uncovered.

Our favorite cyborg looks like the result of whack pairings consisting of Tekken’s Gunjack, Hellboy and King Kong. The numbers on both of his shoulders must be an indication of upgraded weapons. The same goes for his hands and other parts he thinks should be developed. Another noticeable factor about his change is his hair. Franky’s gone bald! But I think it is due to the lack of colas in Vegapunk’s island. All he has to do is to drink colas and he’ll go back to sporting his trademark hairstyle. This color thread might also indicate that his hair is simply pulled back. I can’t be sure about this but I hope to see his old hairstyle. While it is refreshing to see Franky sporting a different hairdo, his appearance creates such distinction thanks to his spiky-ish hair. Besides, a super pirate like him needs a super haircut like the one he used to have. Since he went to Thousand Sunny after meeting Rayleigh at the rip-off bar, I think he made modifications on the ship courtesy of what he learned from Vegapunks lab.

My first impression when I saw Zoro was that he lost his arm and his eye during his training with Mihawk. It’s because his right sleeve was drawn to create such an illusion. His left eye was closed and it was even “accessorized” with a brand new scar. This will make a fan believed that he lost his eye. But after looking at this picture more carefully, I realized that his right hand is still intact and he still has his left eye. Zoro’s illustration in this color spread must have been Oda’s way to tease the fans – something that may ignite a debate between fantards. His shirt looks very loose. For all we know, his right hand is in his right pocket. It looked as if it’s missing because it is blocked by Luffy’s leg. Besides, Zoro’s loss of right arm would mean that he could no longer use his Santoryuu – a technique that makes him very unique compared to other swordsmen (both from this series and from other sword-related mangas). His scar looks legit and I think it is created to make a resemblance with Rayleigh. Because Luffy has similarities with Roger (according to those who know the pirate king), Zoro who is considered as the crew’s Vice-Captain, should also bear a resemblance with Rayleigh. Hence, Oda put a scar on his left eye. I think Zoro’s eye is simply closed in this picture (like a wink). On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind if he lost his left eye. It would make him more badass like Takasugi Shinsuke in Gintama.


It would be silly to do a make-over to a character whose appearance shows nothing but skeletons. On the other hand, Brooke has become a music icon during the crew’s two-year break on adventure and piracy. And being such an icon means that he has to upgrade his looks. This means that he has to dump his hand-me-down Willy Wonka look and opt for a groovier outfit that would match his shark-shaped guitar. His ability to entertain people enables him to do something that Michael Jackson was famous for: making the fans cry and faint during concert. The title “Soul King” can be his moniker (for being a popular musician), his excellence in soul music (the genre) or his ability to touch one’s soul (meaning he can inspire people similar to how he inspired the starving citizens of Harahettania.

Because he was imprisoned by his money-hungry managers, Brooke must have focused on making music for two years. I think this allowed him to sharpen his skill not only as a musician but also as a fighter since some of his attacks are inspired by music. Since his fame has reached many different parts in the Paradise (which is revealed to be the appropriate term for the first part of Grand Line), don’t you think Laboon and Crocus are already aware of Brooke’s resurrection? Even if he’s merely bones, his afro is very distinctive. This will allow the whale and the doctor to distinguish him more easily.

About what he tells his manager…. I think it is more of a revelation about his identity as a pirate rather than a simple thank you message than one gives when he or she decides to leave his or her job. Or he requests his manager’s permission to play a different song – Bink’s Sake as his way to show his commitment to being a pirate, to dedicate it for the Strawhats and for the Rumbar Pirates, and to signify the adventures he and the others would embark after his concert.


Sanji has a very interesting make-over. The mystery behind his right eye is finally revealed, but at the price of his left eye being covered by his hair. I love the uniqueness of his eyebrow; it’s way more appealing than Hawkin’s. Instead of acting and looking more feminine because he stayed with okamas (who were eager to make him a newkama), Sanji becomes more masculine because of his thin mustache and beard. I love his new look.

About the developments he made during their two-year break…. I can only speculate about the scale of his excellence in cooking. Two years seem to be enough time to master the Attack Cuisine and to fortify his skills in battle as he fought with Okamas who are considered as masters of Okama Kenpo. Sanji’s character in the series can be described as a very talented chef who happens to be good in fighting. This means that he is more of a chef rather than a fighter – a contrast to Luffy and Zoro who are true-blue fighters. This leads me to think that his two-year training in Kamabakka Kingdom is more focused on cooking rather than fighting (another contrast to Luffy’s and Zoro’s trainings). The opportunity to develop his fighting skills is considered as his incentive in discovering the secrets of Attack Cuisine. His training is similar to Brooke’s. They sought ways to improve their knowledge and skills that are related to their roles on the ship (Sanji being the chef and Brooke being the musician). But in the process of their “discoveries,” they were also able to develop their fighting ability (Sanji has to defeat Okama Kenpo and Brooke’s attacks are inspired by music).


This chapter also reveals the new location of Marine HQ. Prior to the time skip, the main office is located at the Marineford in Paradise. This was where the Marine soldiers fought against the Whitebeard pirates. But after two years, the main office is transferred to New World. This location was once called GI. The new Fleet Admiral comes up with a better strategy. If they want to stop pirates from dominating, they better start observing and fighting pirate crews who are in the New World because they are more skilled compared to pirates in the Paradise. Because they are able to stay in the New World, which is by the way crazier than the Paradise, it only means that the latter is a piece of cake for them. The new main headquarters in the New World can provide better assistance to the soldiers in eliminating such pirates who are considered as the real threats. The new Fleet Admiral isn’t named yet but it’s more likely to be Ao Kiji. This is because of Sengoku’s recommendation. I agree with him. Ao Kiji promotes “lazy justice” due to his refusal to fight and capture pirates. But we know that this is because Ao Kiji looks more into the person’s real character rather than his or her reputation. Akainu values “absolute justice.” He thinks that all pirates are nasty creatures who should be eliminated when there are pirates who are decent and Marine soldiers who are dirty. This kind of principle stops him from looking into the real picture. Kizaru is alright. He prioritizes the honor of the Marines. Such idealogy appears to be admirable but I think he is a vain geezer who loves to protect the name they carry. Because of this, I think out of the three, Ao Kiji is the most decent admiral who shares the right kind of justice that Sengoku values.

This new location will enable the soldiers to make a more vivid surveillance regarding the Yonkou. Their importance in maintaining the balance was shown during the war. Because Whitebeard was eliminated, there were more pirate rookies who emerged. The others become wilder because they think they have a bigger shot to become the pirate king. The Yonkou (which should be consisted of four emperors) eliminates such pirates. In this way, they are able to help the Marines to minimize the threat of pirates who are conceited enough to think that they will become the king once they fight against a Yonkou. Since they are located in the New World, they can observe their movements and avoid the chaos they had after the war.


Come on. Who would think that these are the real Strawhats? Well, apparently there are many bozos who fall for such stupidity including pirates who are worth more than a hundred million belli. Perhaps they think that the real Strawhats changed drastically during their two-year disappearance. These ugly-ass pirates are bunch of morons who don’t realize that they already meet their real/legitimate counterparts. I think it’s funny. But this ugly-ass crew gives the Strawhat a bad taste. They hurt weaklings and tell others about their so-called achievement without having credibility to back it up. In addition to that, they use the Strawhats’ name to avoid notorious fights because the real ones are known for fighting and defeating badass villains. They send fliers around the island to recruit more skilled pirates. While this stunt appears to be a decent strategy on their part, it will not be adequate to save their asses when the Marine’s notorious soldiers start to make a move to capture them.


This is something that is common among female characters. The change in hair length. It’s either they cut their hair short for girls who used to have long hair and vice versa. Since Nami had a short hair, it was easy to think that she would grow her hair. And she did. She looked like a grown woman. And so were her boobs. I once thought that they looked bigger because her top was skimpier. But according to Usopp’s assessment, she has grown while being in Sky Island for two years.

Her weapon wasn’t shown in this chapter but we got a glimpse of what she could do with it. The bubbles that appears during her attack is interesting since it may signify the things she learns in Sky Island. She may introduce new attacks since she studied new crazy types of weather. Or she can use similar attacks but delivered in new crazy ways, similar to how she used with those bubbles.


Aside from Chopper, I think Usopp would show the most significant change after the time skip. I know the monster trio would be cooler with their new techniques but Usopp belongs to the weakling trio. Any improvements he shows, no matter how small, are easily recognizable. Usopp changes from a thin, average-looking guy who used silly, childish attacks into a well-built dude who can use exceptional and exotic weapons called pop greens.

I would love to see him use his pachinko that he developed after visiting Sky Island, but it would be more badass if he mixes it with his pop greens. I don’t know how he managed to lose all those weight but he did a great job in doing so. I think the setting of the jungle, though freaky, provided excellent means to improve his physique. On the other hand, pop greens appear to cause serious injuries in his enemies since they can create nasty, freaky plants. His developed body and his pop greens would boost his confidence, something that he needs to be the brave warrior that he aims to be.


The members of the Strawhats present in Shabondy makes an interesting order of appearance. I didn’t think Zoro would reach the island first. I even thought that he would be the last to meet them (aside from Luffy) because of his strange sense of direction. I know that they have Rayleigh’s vivre card but come on, it’s Zoro, the guy who got pissed at the giant South Bird in Sky island whose head showed him the right direction of their goal. I don’t think he’s had received any assistance from Mihawk because his so-called pride wouldn’t allow him to accept such kind of aid that would stain his machismo. Does that mean that he was the nearest in Shabondy? It can be a factor? But then again you had Luffy who was the last guy to reach Shabondy yet Chopper and Robin arrived first. This makes me think that the order of their arrival must indicate the day they decided to set sail. Zoro must have gotten excited or must have been worried about his sense of direction which urged him to travel the earliest. I think it’s also interesting to know how each of them reaches Shabondy. Some may get assistance from their friends (Sanji who was accompanied by Okamas) while others might have decided to travel alone (Zoro wouldn’t accept such kind of aid from Mihawk).


The changes that Robin had were not as remarkable as the other Strawhats. But she looks younger without her bangs. And she also looks like Hancock. I notice that the empress’s clothes during her initial appearance is similar to Robin’s clothes after the time skip: midriff top, long skirt and a nice glimpse of her cleavage. But what is interesting is the manner of her arrival. It seems that she came back from her old habit where she ditches her group to be with the others. But this is the lighter version of it because she has made changes as far as her character goes after being saved by her nakama in Ennies Lobby. Her pursuers seem to be members of Dragon’s army because the guys wore hats. I know that this is a very feeble idea but the guys look similar with those who fetched and brought her to Dragon. Another interesting stuff about this is the reason behind such pursuit. Does the revolutionary army need her that bad? The guys seem to be willing to drag her if that’s what it takes to take her back.

Robin’s changes may be similar to Sanji’s and Brooke’s. The developments she needs are related to her role in the crew and in the series: uncovering the truth about the blank century. Being with Dragon must provide her some answers to her questions. She also needs to improve her fighting technique. I think she works best as a back-up/support in fighting or when she battles with someone. Yeah she can fight solo but her ability is only effective with average fighters. It won’t work against a skilled enemy. However, it would still be nice to see her improve her skills. Otherwise she would appear weaker compared to other Strawhats who learned new fighting styles and whose weapons have been modified.


Funny thing about Chopper is that he looks happier as he talks a walk with his “adventure stick” (reference to their treasure-hunting adventure in the jungle in Skypiea) than him meeting his nakama (who by the way are the ugly-ass versions of Sanji and Zoro). Kidding aside, I am glad that Chopper looked the same, aside from the addition of his clothes and accessory. This is because his character embodies the “cute mascot” that we see in shonen series. Making him look more mature or more muscular would defy such purpose. But it would be different when he shifts to his other forms.

Chopper is a doctor. He needs to hone his skills as a doctor. He might not have encountered medicinal problems because his nakamas are healthy but his ability to cure injuries would be needed during their fights. Since they are about to enter the New World, they would get into fights that are more serious. And we know what it means: more serious fight = more serious injuries. If his nakamas wounds are similar to the kind they received to their previous fights, I think he doesn’t need to worry that much except to remind them to take a break and take their medicine. But what if Luffy overdoes things again? He used Gear Two more often especially during the war and we know what this technique does to his body. Aside from the wounds he got from fighting Magellan, he also asked Ivankov to put those hormones in his body that give him the energy he needed to save Ace. And the bastard did it twice (the first was in Impel Down and the second was in Marineford). It means that his life span significantly decreased. I wouldn’t be confused when we learn that Luffy would get an incurable medical condition in the following chapters. And this is where Chopper should step in. Part of his dream is to cure any kind of illness and find solutions to those that are deemed incurable. He should make a medicine and find treatments that would make up for those decreased life span and wounds that are life-threatening. I think the books and the plants that he discovered in Torino Island give him remarkable knowledge as far as medicine is concerned. This will also enable him to use Monster Point without losing his sanity. I think it would be badass to see Chopper in that form while being aware to his actions.


The hero arrives. Aside from the scar, Luffy doesn’t change much. He still looks like a regular guy who doesn’t seem to have skills to become even a decent subordinate in a pirate ship. The changes in clothes would have been good but with ruffles at the end of his sleeves? It’s a bit groovier compared to the clothes of the badass pirate who seem to be the inspiration of Luffy’s fashion sense: Shanks. I love the scarf wrapped in his hips. This guy bears more resemblance with Roger in terms of character and Shanks as far as appearance is concerned.

According to him, he learned everything from Rayleigh in one and a half years. This means that he learns to use haki in various ways. While he must be more exceptional in color of conqueror than colors of observation and armaments, I think he knows how to use these three and mix it with his basic Gomu Gomu skills. It’s also nice to see him being friendly with nasty-looking animals and give them directions without them fainting. I think this is an indication of his knowledge and control of haki. I remember a similar scenario when he fought Duval’s bull which fainted after he ordered it to stop attacking him. We know that the mystery behind that command was haki but Luffy couldn’t control it. He wasn’t even aware of it. But after the time skip I think his small conversation with the lion and his friendship of the animals show his haki skill.

THE SPECTACLE:http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/9806/thespectacle.jpg

This chapter shows the Strawhats’ changes after the time skip. It just means that we won’t see their actual training. We may be able to see a couple of panels of their training but in the form of flashback – where the Strawhats are fighting new enemies and introducing their new techniques while recalling their training with their respective teachers. This flashback would be similar with Zoro’s fight against Mr. 1: he recalled his teacher’s lessons about sword being able to cut steel while protecting something, then using his new technique Shishi Sonson. I also noticed that the time skip allowed them to change their physical appearance and improve their skills, but their personalities remain the same: Luffy being honest/rude to people but protective to his friends; Brooke putting his best efforts to make others happy; Sanji looking cool at first but appearing funny after finding ladies; Nami being gutsy towards others but runs away afterwards; Usopp talks big about his character then freaks out about something; Robin being keen and mysterious; Chopper looking cute but being gullible about things.

THE DOWNSIDE:http://img203.imageshack.us/img203/7125/thedownside.jpg

Luffy seems to arrive at Shabondy without Hancock beside him. Does that mean she chooses to remain as the empress of the gorgeous warriors? What about her dream to become Luffy’s wife? Yeah, it seems that the clueless dude dumps her but she acts as if she’s willing to give up her status to be with Luffy. Grandma Nyon gave hints at the previous chapters about it. I guess I am wrong. But then again this chapter is about the Strawhats. Introdcing another member would lose the purpose of putting them into the spotlight.

FINAL NOTES:http://img201.imageshack.us/img201/1912/finalnotes.jpg

The real Strawhats encounter their ugly-ass counterparts. This can only mean a fight between the legitimate members and the delusional bozos. The fake Luffy chases after the real Usopp and Nami for vengeance and he also meets his original counterpart. Chopper thinks that the fake Robin is the real one. Since the impostor is captured by mysterious hat-wearing guys, I think Chopper would go after them in the hopes of saving her. Their fight though may not be a major one. I think it would be similar with the battle they had against Handsome’s group. Since we haven’t seen Franky and Zoro yet, I think we will see them after this chapter. I’m excited.

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I think that Perona escorted Zoro back while he would have problems with Mihawk I doubt getting help from perona would bug him (and if it did she could use nagative hallows and make him not care about it)

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Very Nice review..
Cant wait for next week chapter

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Your picture under WELL-BUILT, WELL-TRAINED was removed. :(

Other than that, good review.:amuse

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first, it is really nice to have you back in the review business. It makes me sad that only very few people do reviews for this great series.

Second, I disagree on a few parts ;)

Ao Kiji is the most decent admiral who shares the right kind of justice that Sengoku values.

I agree with you that he is the most decent admiral, but that is exactly the problem. After the war and such I doubt that the higher-ups would want another soft-hearted person like Sengoku on the top. The change with G1 is in my eyes a very aggressive act which is something I think Akainu would do. However, Oda could also make Kizaru the next Fleet Admiral because no one would suspect that...

And Zoro being there before Sanji is probably just for comedy. =P

All in all, a good review ^_^

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Great review ! Thanks you. And regarding Zoro, he indeed did not lose his left arm but it's not in his pocket since you can see under the One Piece logo and the words " 2 years later " one of his sword.