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October 22, 2010, 04:20 PM
This Priscilla Thread is for an analysis or "character bio" of Priscilla, her physical/combat strengths and weaknesses and her mentality/psychology.

However it is mainly for the Priscilla supporters as they do deserve such a thread.

So, no bashing of Priscilla by Teresa fans, nor especially is this to turn into a Teresa vs Priscilla debate.

This thread is for getting a character profile of Priscilla. This includes her physical/combat strengths and weaknesses, her mentality/psychology, and such.

Anything about Priscilla, is the purpose of this thread.

Do NOT turn this thread into a Priscilla vs Teresa debate, as we already have a thread for that. Teresa can be mentioned and used, but tread with caution as it can easily lead to a Teresa vs Priscilla debate, which will be off-topic for this thread.


The Priscilla supporters deserve a thread for Priscilla, and Priscilla herself deserves a thread to compile her entire "bio" or analysis of her character, both mentally-psychologically and her physical/combat strengths and weaknesses. Obviously, Priscilla is a MAJOR/MAIN character right behind Clare herself.


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Basically here's Priscilla's (combat) Stengths:

(taken from another site)

0."Is Priscilla really that strong?" - J.J.


1. Awakened Priscilla's Power Level:

Awakened Priscilla literally has the 2nd greatest power level of all time that we've seen. Only Teresa surpasses Priscilla in terms of power level. However, Teresa's dead, as we know. The "Queen" (Teresa) has died and now only the "Princess" (Priscilla) remains, and is thus the new and current "Ruler of the island".

Awakened Priscilla's power level is unquestionable, as she has pwned some of the most powerful beings and done other amazing feats of power with TOTAL EASE:

Awakened Priscilla being serious:

01. Muscular Sophia, Whirlwind Noel, and Irene of the Quick Sword. rank 3, rank 4, and rank 2

Awakened Priscilla being non-serious:

02. Gobbled up four northern land towns' inhabitants (related to her huge power level)
03. Rigardo the Silver Eyed Lion King. rank 2
04. Abyssal One Isley the Silver King. rank 1
05. Catches Awakened Isley's (thus more powerful) arrows.
06. Nearly crushed Renee's arm. rank 6.
07. The Hellcats in Ticheri town.
08. Infected Awakened Beth. rank 2

Priscilla being serious:

09. Awakened Alicia and Infected Awakened Beth. rank 1 and rank 2
10. Abyssal One Riful and Dauf. rank 1 and rank 3

Priscilla being non-serious:

11. Partially (limbs; arms and legs) Awakened HA Ghost Clare and the Destroyer's huge projectiles. rank 47
12. HA Ghost Deneve and HA Ghost Helen. rank 15 and rank 22
13. Infected Awakened (Enraged) Dauf. rank 3

Priscilla being serious:

14. Stopped the Destroyer's huge projectiles in flight with her bare outstretched hand.
15. Immune to the Infection ability of the Destroyer's projectiles. She can literally "pop" them out of her body with her yoki.

Priscilla is finally using her full power:

16. The Destroyer's towering Twin Goddesses of Love shell/exoskeleton body.
17. In a single attack destroyed the mass of tentacles enveloping her, from Clare-Destroyer thingy.

2. Awakened Priscilla's Speed:

Priscilla actually has incredible speed, but she rarely has any need for it, as she rarely is or needs to be serious, and even more rarely never uses her full power (except now against the Destroyer and this Destroyer-Clare thingy)

01. Against Sophia and Noel
02. Against Irene
03. Against Rigardo
04. Against Isley
05. From the cottage with Raki making mandarins to where Isley, Riful, and Dauf were.
06. From Ticheri town to where Infected Awakened Beth was
07. Against Infected Awakened Beth
08. Against Awakened Alicia and Infected Awakened Beth
09. From where Awakened Alicia and Infected Awakened Beth were to where Riful and Dauf were.
10. Against Riful and Dauf
11. From where Riful and Dauf were to where Clare, Deneve, and Helen were.
12. Against Partially (limbs; arms and legs) Awakened Clare and the Destroyer's huge projectiles.
13. Against Deneve, Helen, and the Destroyer's huge and small projectiles.
14. Against the Destroyer's Twin Goddesses of Love shell/exoskeleton body and tentacles
15. Against the Destroyer's True-Real body and its True-Real tentacles
16. Against this Destroyer-Clare thingy and its True-Real tentacles

3. Awakened Priscilla's Tentacles:

Priscilla's tentacles seem much like Riful's "Ribbons", as they can come out of any part of Priscilla's body, and they even seem to be Priscilla's body, also like Riful's body. However, we haven't seen Priscilla's body as "amorphous" as Riful's body is.

Priscilla can not only use her tentacles to attack (and they are very powerful, despite how quite thin they are) but can also use them to reattach her body (such as when Noel sliced off her right arm).

4. Awakened Priscilla's Wings:

Obviously having wings (flight) gives her quite a lot of benefits, compared to opponents without wings (without flight). I shouldn't need to explain this. Quite self-explanatory. Not to mention her incredible speed, along with her wings (flight).

5. Awakened Priscilla's Regeneration Ability:

Due to Priscilla's immense power level or yoki amount, her ability at regeneration is astounding. Her seemingly limitless ability to regenerate as many times as she wants and as massive damage to herself as she wants, thus far makes her seemingly immortal. Isley thought he had won, yet in the next instant Awakened Priscilla was 100% whole again, and had still boundless yoki, which she used a bit of just to destroy half of Isley's Awakened centaur body in a single attack. Same against Awakened Alicia and Infected Awakened Beth, Awakened Priscilla simply regenerated the massive damage they had done to her, as if it was nothing. Only the AFs/AEs seem to near rival or rival Priscilla in her regeneration ability.

6. Awakened Priscilla's Yoki Suppression Ability:

Not even No Yoki Release Teresa, nor Irene, Sophia, Noel, Renee, Riful, Clare, Deneve, Helen, Cynthia, Yuma, or Dietrich could sense Priscilla when she has her yoki suppressed.


some interesting pics:

(Is this merely Priscilla regenerating her body? Is her body made out of tentacles? Or, are her tentacles regenerating her body?)

chapter 24 page 15
chapter 98 page 29
chapter 100 page 21
(I still can't find the one pic... grrr)



7. About Claymore Priscilla:

I'm still in analysis about her. Because how powerful Claymore Priscilla is, effects how powerful Irene, Sophia, and Noel are as well. So, actually I can't just think about Claymore Priscilla, but I have to also think about Irene, Sophia, and Noel. And, in thinking about Irene, I have to think about Ophelia, whom was able to (well nearly) kill an Awakened rank 5-9 in a single attack, and complete ease. This line of thinking is pitted up against whether I think that Claymore Priscilla, and Irene, Sophia, and Noel were more powerful then ABs, when they seemed to be reacting as if they had never seen one (or maybe it was just at seeing specifically a rank 1, Priscilla, Awakening into an AB, lol). Anyways, this should demonstrate why I'm still uncertain and still in analysis about Claymore Priscilla's power...

8. About Isley being able to kill Priscilla at any time (which includes after she de-Awakened and started to cry):

To me it is obvious that Isley could never kill Priscilla, because he directly failed to do so, even with his full power in his Awakened centaur body doing his massive JOUST damage with his LANCE-ARM at a full gallop (lol), impaling Awakened Priscilla right through her stomach. Yet, Awakened Priscilla regenerated herself and merely chose to only destroy half of Isley's Awakened centaur body, as if this was nothing to be worried about or in panic or fear of death of herself. Isley realized this, but at the same time, he "quickly street-smartedly" (just like Riful is as well), saw that he could take advantage of Priscilla's strange behavioral change or mental instability. Isley dared never to try to kill Priscilla again, as she simply choice not to kill him, as if he tried a 2nd time, she could choice to instead kill him this second time, if he was stupid enough to try, which he wasn't and thus didn't.

Think about it this way:

Isley was #1 and had never known weakness/vulnerability or being even remotely in danger of dying.

Awakened Priscilla changed all that in an instant without even trying or being serious. Isley's life for the first time in his life, "flashed before his eyes", as Awakened Priscilla's single attack could have instantly killed him, but she held back, only destroying half of his Awakened centaur body. Talk about a SHOCK to "poor" Isley!

Isley was forever traumatized. He would NEVER risk doing anything that could incur Priscilla's anger... He should have already been dead, uttterly killed by a being FAR FAR FAR beyond him, and the only reason he's not dead is because she wasn't remotely serious, (I mean she was a "god" compared to him, so she has no need to be serious towards an annoying fly, like Isley was to her, and Rigardo before him). Priscilla chose not to kill him, yet Isley felt her power, felt her destroy half of his Awakened centaur body as if it was nothing, saw her regenerate herself from his massive powerful damage as if it was nothing, and saw how "casual" she was with their entire "fight" (and it wasn't even a fight, at least not from Priscilla's actions/behavior. I'm surprised that Priscilla didn't YAWN BOREDLY as Isley JOUSTS his LANCE-ARM through her stomach).

Isley saw, felt, and experienced the power of a true "god-being", and he was nothing compared to it, to Priscilla. Isley was not a risk taker, and the biggest risk of all would have been trying to kill a being that just "YAWNED OFF" an attempt to already kill her and "YAWNEDLY" displayed she could utterly wipe him out in an instant in a single attack at any time.


Fê - forever alone
October 22, 2010, 10:24 PM
Well, I tried to translate an analysis that I wrote while ago. I'm not confident that my words would be very understandable because my laziness to correct all this stuff is huge, lol. It contains spoilers, and I did tried my best on this, so I hope that makes some sense to you guys.


When Irene speaks for the first time about Priscilla, the impression created about her is that she should be a terrifying person. Like all top warriors, she should be overflowing arrogance, highness, with an air of intimidation and superiority. The almighty Irene talks about Priscilla with great respect and reverence, she even says she gave up on her post just by seeing Prissy for the first time. But in her first appearance, what we are shown? A scatterbrained little brat eating dust! Priscilla feels so embarrassed by the fact of being late and apologizes to Noel, which was clearly inferior to it, both in rank/position and in power. Priscilla's image always contrasted with what she really is. She appears to be shy, awkward, and submissive, even a little insecure. However, we saw the amount of youmas that lil' crazy cut down and we saw the astonishment on Noel and Sophia's faces. She killed every single one without even making a noise or releasing youki, which gives us a hint about her special abilities and of how she'd face Teresa.

So, when it seems that Irene's tactic would succeed, Priscilla shows her character. Actually, a little different from her first appearance. Now she's confident, sure of herself and her abilities. Furthermore, she shows a loyal and dignified persona, she'd never attack in a pack or from behind. Priscilla is that kind of warrior, but she was clearly and completely manipulated by the organization, who took advantage of her immense trauma and of all her hatred for youmas to create an almost perfect puppet! One who blindly follows orders and is strong, very strong. We can confirm this in the dialogue that extends between Teresa and Prissy. It's also possible to notice a slight change in her mental stability. While speaking about the org. rules, she held and increasingly pressed her sword, showing nervousness and anxiety, in contrast to her stance quiet and safe from before. When Teresa said that in the real world things are different, she just freak out. Priscilla gives a hell of trouble to our Miss. In the first fight between these two, Teresa herself admits the growing strength of the lil' brat and says that in future, she might not be able to overcome Priscilla. That's right - in future - because at that time, Teresa was still superior. By being rescued by Irene, Prissy again demonstrates that honored personality, disgusted with the idea of fighting 4x1. However, after listening to the wise words of our elf, she decides to fight. Using youma power for the first time, she demonstrates little knowledge/control over her own capabilities and almost no knowledge of her own limit. Her youki release is much more powerful than the others...

After being humiliated by Teresa, staring death and facing all that arrogance, the girl's shocked! She hangs, she's cold and freak out again. Then she asks help from her dead father and gets completely destabilized. But, Teresa left her alive, which results in a mental breakdown. All Prissy can do is associate Teresa to the words: enemy, villainous, murderous and evil. Therefore, she associates her to youma, coming to regard Teresa as just one! Freaked out, she goes after Teresa, but Priscilla is near the edge. Her emotional state is delicate, earlier, she had already demonstrated this inconsistency, and now Irene worries with the newbie's impending awakening! Priscilla is much more unstable and her personality is quite different from before. The introverted little girl, innocent and helpless that apologized for everything disappeared. Now, all she wants is Teresa' head. Why? In her twisted mind and standardized by the org. rules, Teresa is the enemy. She does not struggle for humans, she kills them! And who kills humans? Youmas, that's right. Easy to understand what a brainwashing does to those who already have mental disorders.

And now, her disturbed mind presents another problem: the childhood return, which leads to a situation even more complicated, it was then when she experienced the worst trauma of her life: the murder of her family by a youma! Her condition is so severe and her mind so chaotic that the she doesn't even realize what she's becoming...We know that the awakening is caused when the youma mind overwhelms the human mind of the warrior. This causes major mental disorder, pain and ecstasy. That is, a tangle of feelings and emotions together and working against each other. If you add the girl's mental fragility, one can imagine the result... It's difficult to control herself, although she's trying hard to contain all her primal instincts as well as the sensations caused by the imminence of awakening. Wanting desperately to get back into a human, or die as one, she asks for help of who she wanted to kill the most. It is something humiliating and extraordinary.

Now that she knows she'll die, Priscilla lowers her head in resignation and accept to go while she still feels human. But the girl's head is too disturbed, her thoughts are too chaotic, her emotions and sensations too unstable! Remember the mess in her mind a few moments ago? A youngster like her couldn't have any control over her actions and couldn't think clearly. Her human side wants to die, but her youma side, her primitive/animal instincts takes advantage of the fragile and volatile personality of hers, and the youma side takes actions like another entity... Then, after those painful images, we have the most intriguing factor in the development of Priscilla's character - [THEORY] it's like she spoke to her body as if belonged to another person, to another being. She says that in the midst of brutal pain and intense pleasure, while bodily fluids dropped from all her body, violently and still quietly, the thing was awakened!No, it wasn't Clare who said these things! Yes, the blue winged fairy is only a entity that lived inside Priscilla with different personality. This Priscilla is different, she is ironic, sadist and she does not care for humans sake at all. Now she yearns for guts, as well as any youma, and different from all others. She remembers some past things and act as if nothing had happened. It's like she was always there, watching everything from the outside. She thinks like a voracious devourer, all she wants is to eat and drink human flesh and blood! No, no, no! It's no longer that little girl that we've seen before...

Maybe, Priscilla has locked this persona in the confines of her troubled mind after the massacre of her family. Perhaps, was this persona who had killed her father and protected her from danger that day, and now, facing death, fear and all emotions and sensations that struggled against each, that persona arised to save the fragile little girl again. And for this reason, after defending against her partners attacks, this creature didn't even noticed Clare. Maybe her human mind is contained and protected somewhere in her head, and so, unconsciously, sees herself in Clare's skin, as a fragile and helpless little girl - the same way she must have felt when she saw her father eating her family. So she left chibi Clare unharmed and flew away. Being this correct, and knowing that there's a stage before the full awakening when the body can awaken, but the human mind stays protected/guarded, we could say that the real awakening of Priscilla was somehow interrupted!!![THEORY] After the tragedy, we'll hear Priscilla's name from Rubel's mouth. He says that even among the powerful Abs, Priscilla is the best and the strongest. Her latent abilities that would overcome Teresa someday have been released, which leads us to believe that the lil'crazy could have surpassed Teresa! But it's only could... We also saw that Priscilla was the cause of all Ophelia's psychosis and soon we see Riful telling a long story about her. The most interesting fact is that she really does not harm little girls.Which gives us more evidence of her human mind being confined and her awakening incomplete. It's a valid speculation.


Her appearance is the one that most resembles a devil in the mythical sense of the word. But I think it's for the readers have a more striking view about the character. The demons are youmas, and Priscilla - who was the one that hated e despised them the most, has herself became the most feared of all devils. If you stop to think, the irony is beautiful and disturbing. Priscilla, the human whose hatred for youma was stronger than anyone's, on an attempt to get rid of these creatures, ultimately ends up becoming one, and soon loses her memories and doesn't know who/what she is anymore... We can speculate that she took this form by thinking of youmas as demons and so her subconscious/youma part of hers shaped her body and attitudes to look like one. It'd also be something impressive to chibi Clare, seeing the Devil itself - named Priscilla- killing Teresa. It'd be the determining factor for what she saw as the only being who can not be forgiven, as the real devil, and because of that, Clare devotes her whole life to exterminate it, whatever it costs...


We know that Riful didn't tell the whole truth. By the extra scenes, we could see that Priscilla was much stronger than Easley, to the point that the Rigardo said that the blue fairy appeared to have no limits! No less important than having a power that easily surpasses an abyssal, is her mental instability. Even after the birth of a new entity hungry, powerful and debauched the mind of the former number two still have serious problems and doesn't resembles the Blue Fairy of that fateful day. The girl wandered through the ice completely naked and in her human form, with no notion of what was happening and what she was doing. All she wanted was to eat and the only thing that resembles Priscilla after awakening is her hunger, because now she has no reason at all, almost thoughtless. Yes, she was completely unrealistic. She ate humans, but had no idea what that meant. To her, feeding on people it was like eating anything else. Humans are food like beef, pork, chicken, chocolate, chips... And the little brat is so crazy that when she meets Rigardo - a grim lion - everything she says is that he doesn't look tasty, and when she sees Easley all she does is say: “so big”! She's retarded!

Throughout the match, Priscilla has shown no fear or any emotion. All she showed was a complete state of torpor. Her body was there, reacting to the environment that surrounded her, but her mind was far away... Suddenly, giving clear signs of her possible schizophrenia, she returned to childhood, not only in mind but in body as well. It's not necessary to talk about her absurd power. The lil' crazy crushed the centaur in two seconds, despite not having really fought. Once she became a child again, she asked for help to find her family dead. - I feel sorry for her, seriously, lol. - and the centaur sworn allegiance and took advantage of the the lil' monster's naivety to plot his evil plans, which caused the war in the North. During that war, she seems to be no longer hungry, and she's probably not eating human, since Easley told Raki that there were several types of food in the house. [SPECULATION]It can be people flesh or animal's[SPECULATION] Before leaving town, Prissy feels a great sadness and for some reason begins to cry. [THEORY] Maybe, Priscilla has some kind of empathic ability that allows her to feel what is happening in the environment, being able, even unconsciously, of youki readings and give lucid statements without actually being lucid.[THEORY]

In the southern lands, we have one more reason to believe that Priscilla has stopped eating human entrails. Stranger than it is to note that even without knowing who she is, without having any notion of what is happening or where she is, she can read and feel youki. Concerned about Easley, she goes help him and protect him. Even without being able to exercise some real parameter of comparison at this point, Prissy is very reminiscent of that honorable personality.

After 7 years, Priscilla reappears next to Raki, showing the old childlike form. Now the girl helps him to eliminate youmas while traveling around the island. Yeah, she's different again! Shes' much smaller, shrank, myrrh and lost weight. The lil' crazy spent all this time without eating humans, and some say she has not eaten anything, we can't discard nor confirm any of these possibilities.


In order to explain this physical change with theories based on more psychological profile, I'll use a hypothesis formulated by a friend of mine (Teresa) and myself:

[THEORY]Actually, my view of Prissy's “Benjamin Buttonism” has to do more of something that she wants to express by her subconscious as a reaction to the “Raki's scent”. Let me explain: In chapter 103, we see Priscilla recovering some of her memories as a reaction to physical stimulation caused by Dauf. The feeling/sensation of being broken into pieces was the trigger that made her retrieve a memory, that she have repressed. It's basically as if in her mind there were some “vaults” with different and specific combinations for every repressed memory. Considering this, the memory that the influence of the time she lived with Easley - and especially with the kindness and loving Raki's personality, was sparked as when she was a little girl who lived happily with her family. And this is being reflected physically, making her emulate and somehow relive that time through her body. Taking into account the history of mental instability and complexity of her character, is well reasonable to believe such an assumption. The girl's chaotic mind looks like with someone suffering from amnesia, which sensory/physical stimulation can really help her regain some of her lost memory, associating it with some event in the past and thus leading it to remember bit by bit of who she is. This assumption also helps explain the possibility of Priscilla having some kind of empathic ability, being able to feel everything around and interact with it with extreme clarity.[THEORY]


After the Destroyer appearance and the encounters with parasitised Beth, Priscilla finally reveals why she's so fond of Raki and why she followed him through all these years. His scent/smell makes her remember her homeland and is also what made her stop eating humans, because somehow reminded her of who she used to be, or something close to that.

[THEORY]The smell/scent that Prissy is feeling belongs to Clare as a girl, and just before awakening, some part of Prissy (probably the last part of her humanity) clung to her scent. Then, years later, when Priss felt again that scent/smell impregnated on Raki - and here, I'd say that the Clares's smell/scent caught on Raki when she almost awakened and he went to hug her – Priscilla began to crave to recover a bit of her humanity. Thus, what she feels is the essence of Clare, the smell/scent of her soul and how human her emotions are. And we know how well it all blends to youki, who serves as the driver for it (Miata smells youki). At the time Prissy killed Teresa, in a way, she killed the last thread of hope that Clare had to be happy as a human. I imagine that there may be a parallel between what Clare has lost by Priscilla hands, and what Pris has lost when witnessed her father eating her family, and after cutting his head. The smell/scent Prissy felt on Clare after killing Teresa is the same smell/scent that she had before losing her innocence and go through everything that happened to her. For this reason, she ignored the helpless Clare and all little girls so far.[THEORY]



The reason for the discomfort is very pertinent. If we take into consideration that Clare almost awakened three times near Riful and Dauf, and later had a recent meeting with them, I guess it's very valid to think that her smell/scent has ingrained into them somehow. So there may be some vestige of youki/smell/scent that has been mixed to Riful's youki and Priscilla can sense it. This all makes sense because Priscilla just stayed with Raki 'cause Clare's smell/scent/youki that have been impregnated on him, and they have been separated for much longer. Then, somehow, Clare's youki have mixed with Riful's youki and this mix disturbs Priscilla. It's only a theory/speculation, but it's something that fits very well if we consider the whole thing. Especially considering the theories already proposed here. Not to mention that Riful was related to the Destroyer, which soon was awakened by Clare, thus carrying some part of Clare's youki/smell/scent. Putting all the puzzle smell/youki/scent together - I don't think it's strange that Priscilla felt uncomfortable with Riful, since she was linked to Clare recently...


In order to regain her memory, she stopped consuming flesh and blood, and started walking with Raki. Maybe, little by little, and by hunting youmas with him, she has regained some sense of when she was a warrior, and through her empathy could examine so well the twins and appeared to be lucid. However, we still can't say that she knows who she really is, or knows that she was a warrior one day, and now is an AB. The strange thing is that despite the smell being so familiar, she has no idea of who it's owner is, even after seeing Clare. And again, we see that the sensory stimulus it's the closest way for her to recall some memory. Just see her, observe her isn't enough, but perhaps to kill her, Priscilla can recover any other memory... Well, we know that Priscilla is still very uneven and curious in relation to Clare. After losing patience, she decided to kill her, but Helen and Deneve hindered her. With the escape, we see once again the crazy power of hers. No need to keep repeating, it's something never seen, however, it's expected, since in all her appearances was spoken of her immense youki and possible lack of a limit. We talk about this because in this trail is clear that the girl has youki and strength enough to give, sell, lend, trafficking, smuggling... Notable is the fact that she causes s all the damage with so much ease, seemingly not even close to being tired after all that she did and how she had suffered! Also, please realize that her obliviousness to events around her is immutable, or she knows that nothing can stop her and anything they make will be useless, or she's still hallucinating with her head far away.

When poisoned Dauf appears, she remembers the pain and the fear, but can't remember who caused her all this. By associating the Clare's smell/scent with that feeling, she considers herself lucky to be able to kill that person again. But maybe that person isn't exactly related to Teresa or Clare.[THEORY]She might be thinking about killing who created her problems, killing the cause of her memory lost, killing the youma that devoured her family, destroying the monster who killed her father - and unconsciously - to kill the youma that caused all this, one way or another, is related to Clare and herself through that smell/scent/youki. And that's why Priscilla wants so bad to find her and kill her at once, to get rid of this infernal anguish of not knowing anything about her past or know what/who she is.[THEORY] By eliminating it, she thinks she can solve her problems. If we relate this to other theories given above, we see that makes sense. We also see that all this apparent balance and lucidity is nothing than just apparent. For the first time, Prissy can't feel what is happening by reading youki or even by her empathy ability - she doesn't know what happened to Clare. Note the displeasure when she realizes that her "prey" was caught by another one.

She gets frustrated once again and run out of options, so Prissy decided to go all out now. Well then, that is how I see her. And if you really read all this about the most crazy and hated character of the story, you should make an appointment with a psychologist, and so do I, lol.

October 22, 2010, 10:46 PM
Great post, Fe - forever alone !!!


1. You reminded me of this:

(this was before I read further of your post, where you already mention this, doh!, lol)

Priscilla HATES Yomas with a passion to make even Ophelia be in awe.*

*This is according to Irene, from Irene's seeming knowledge of Priscilla, and from Irene having seen Priscilla SLAUGHTER/MASSACRE Yomas priorly (which is only mentioned by Irene, but never actually shown in the manga sadly).

Priscilla has only been a ranked Claymore for ~ 1-3 months** before being given this mission to execute Teresa!

**It was during this time that Irene saw Priscilla kill Yomas and yielded her rank 2 status over to Priscilla without a duel

2. So, while Irene might have been in awe of Priscilla, Irene actually FEARED Priscilla, even more, at least her power level and her HATRED/RAGE/PSYCHO-NESS that Irene saw of/in Priscilla as Priscilla killed those Yomas***, which prompted Irene to yield her rank 2 status to Priscilla without a duel.

***again, as I've said, which the manga never shows sadly

3. my own personal assessment of Priscilla:


A. Priscilla is truly ****** up and is crazy/mad/insane/split personalities-associative identity disorder


B. Priscilla is acting intentionally (rivaling Rubel in deception and trickery)! Pretending to be one way (such as an innocent girl, her noble Claymore persona, or pretending to only be following Raki because she likes him. And as you pointed out, switching from being submissive and apologetic), only to completely reveal a completely opposite Priscilla, a NOT so innocent little girl, a little girl whom decapitated her "father" (the normal yoma) with an axe, a disnoble Claymore-Awakened in her killing of Teresa, ruthless glutonous killing-eating horror, cruelly killing Riful, Dauf, Alicia, and Beth, actually following Raki only to be lead to Clare-"Teresa" in order to kill "Teresa" (Clare) again, to bold confident and arrogant, and etc...

4. It is revealed in the later chapters that:

Priscilla was ACTUALLY following Raki (and didn't originally kill-eat him in the first place, lol), is because he had Clare's scent still lingering on him, and as we know Clare has "Teresa" inside of her, so Clare's scent must also be mingled with Teresa's scent. And, this, Teresa's scent, is what Priscilla is following, as she has some kind of memory of "this scent", of Teresa, but as we know it's faint and she can't recall this memory (Teresa) hardly at all at this point.

Even as Priscilla seemed "innocently human" again while she was with Raki, she was actually following Raki with the INTENT to KILL "Teresa AGAIN" (Clare), as Teresa was/is the single/only threat to Priscilla's reign of "Princess" over the entire island.

5. I made up an alliteration title for Priscilla:

Pissy Prissy Priscilla the Psychotic Princess of Power

6. About killing Riful:

(merely my own view)

I think that she was gradually regaining her memories of the past, as seen with Alicia+Beth, remembering them (though how Priscilla ever knew about them in the first place, is quite a mystery, though it could be a very simple answer as well), that she remembered Riful (as Priscilla did encounter Riful before, protecting Isley from Riful), and thus proceeded to eliminate Riful, than she meets up with Clare and says that Clare is indeed the source of her "memory-seeking" quest/journey that she has secretly been on all these years, using Raki, but that she isn't remembering or recognizing anything (duh, as she's looking at Clare now, and not Teresa anymore). So, in her Awakened persona, she figures that if she tears this Clare apart, she might remember something. Well, fortunately Infected Enraged Dauf intervenes, and this finally fully restores her memory (of Teresa) that she has been seeking, and her ENTIRE past history. Priscilla has her ENTIRE life history back known to her, and intends to kill "Teresa" (Clare) AGAIN, once and for all, as Teresa (Clare) is the only threat to her!



i'm actually currently taking Psy 101, and I so want to ask the teacher to read Claymore manga, and to take on Priscilla as a patient, giving an assessment and/or diagnosis of what she thinks of Priscilla's character and/or psychology!


(we'll probably never know, unless some psychologist likes Claymore manga, lol)

Fê - forever alone
October 30, 2010, 07:33 AM
4. It is revealed in the later chapters that:

Priscilla was ACTUALLY following Raki (and didn't originally kill-eat him in the first place, lol), is because he had Clare's scent still lingering on him, and as we know Clare has "Teresa" inside of her, so Clare's scent must also be mingled with Teresa's scent. And, this, Teresa's scent, is what Priscilla is following, as she has some kind of memory of "this scent", of Teresa, but as we know it's faint and she can't recall this memory (Teresa) hardly at all at this point.

Even as Priscilla seemed "innocently human" again while she was with Raki, she was actually following Raki with the INTENT to KILL "Teresa AGAIN" (Clare), as Teresa was/is the single/only threat to Priscilla's reign of "Princess" over the entire island.
Can't disagree with you. I just think that possibility I gave on my analysis make sense too. Priscilla wants to kill the person/youma who destroyed her life - herself - but she had no idea of it, and perhaps, when she finally find out, she could turn back to human, or she could do the same thing Ophelia did when realized she was an AB.

I don't know, I just think this: "She might be thinking about killing who created her problems, killing the cause of her memory lost, killing the youma that devoured her family, destroying the monster who killed her father - and unconsciously - to kill the youma that caused all this, one way or another, is related to Clare and herself through that scent/youki. And that's why Priscilla wants so bad to find her and kill her at once, to get rid of this infernal anguish of not knowing anything about her past or know what/who she is." would be more poetical, lol.

October 31, 2010, 12:33 AM
It's an interesting analysis of Priscilla. Of all the characters in the Claymore saga, I believe she could benefit from a "hug and a shoulder on which to cry" the most. Yagi has given us quite an interesting character's whose goal is clear but whose reasoning remains clouded in contradictions and ambiguity.

We know that that as a child she experienced extreme emotional scarring that has left her mentaly unstable. After she awakened, she has retained few memories of her prior life. She recalls the death of her family and her encounter with Teresa. For a reason, I do not understand (perhaps failed to fully comprehend in the manga) she associates Teresa with the death of her family.

What confuses me is the deference she shows Isley and the affection she shows to Rakki. In several chapters, we see Priscilla seeking comfort in Rakki's presence. Even Isley remaks on her attraction to Rakki. Surely, she would act otherwise if she sensed "Clare/Teresa" on Rakki. When Rene threatened Rakki, Priscilla intervened. Her actions, imho, demonstrated her concerns for Rakki that were more intimate in nature than that of a simple arrangement of convenience. On one hand you have an entity that has shown the will to commit murder on a mass scale without a mere remorse. Yet, she has also demonstrated the capacity for affection and tenderness.

I'm certain that at this point in the storyline that I have no clearer understanding of Priscilla than I did at the beginning.

October 31, 2010, 07:48 AM
in regards to the above:

some possibilities:

1. she truly does have feelings for Raki (either as a "boyfriend", OR as a replacement brother, and Isley as her replacement father, in an attempt to "recreate her dead family experience/life"). she never killed-ate him (lol). she liked to "snuggle" with him. she protected (adult) him from Renee. She pulled (adult) him out of the way of a huge projectile from the Destroyer while they were in Ticheri town.

2. her "feelings" for Raki are entirely fake with her deviously pretending to like Raki (and pretending to be an innocent little girl fooling even Isley as he thought he was using her when in actuality she was using him along with Raki), she merely kept him alive to use him to lead her to Clare-Teresa to kill Clare-Teresa "again, and once and for all". there's many explanations that we can think of for why she didn't eat Raki after the attack on Ticheri town from the volley of huge projectiles and hellcats from the Destroyer.

3. she either truly regressed into her child state/life/memories, OR she's got a serious dissociative disorder ("split personalities") which would probably go back to even when she was a human girl.


the problem with saying she had trauma:

ALL the Claymores had extreme trauma. Clare certainly with watching her family eaten, getting pounced on by her "brother"-normal yoma, being another normal yoma's "toy/pet", and watching Teresa's decapitation and walking around with Teresa's head looking for a Black Coat, being the first and only human to desire becoming a Claymore. Poor Ophelia ran away as Priscilla killed and probably ate her brother, as he sacrificed himself so that Opelia could get away. Lastly, we got Deneve, with her shoved under the bed by her older sister and stuck to watch ehr older sister getting killed and eaten by a normal yoma as Deneve hid under the bed.

Yet, Priscilla, came out so different than all the Claymores, and Awakeneds as well.

Frankly, Priscilla was %%$$% up as a human child. None of the Claymores reacted nor did what human child Priscilla did (axe-decapitating the normal yoma while it was still in her father's image/form).

So, I say that Priscilla already was "unstable/psycho" even BEFORE her family was killed by the normal yoma.


I'll let you hug Priscilla and offer your chest/shoulder for her to cry against....

human male Raki: survived Priscilla
human female Clare: survived Priscilla
human female Ophelia: survived Priscilla
ALL OTHER HUMANS: are being digested in Priscilla's stomach.


the ones whom needed a hug and someone to cry against:

Clare and Teresa, and they did so* in the beautiful lines and scene ~"A little girl half my size taught me that tears can flow from even Silver Eyes".

*after Rig tried to rape Teresa and Teresa gave her "FREE WILL SPEECH" correcting Rig about the Ironclad Rule

Fê - forever alone
October 31, 2010, 08:13 AM
So, I say that Priscilla already was "unstable/psycho" even BEFORE her family was killed by the normal yoma.
I wouldn't say before, but I think she collapsed/had a mental breakdown when she saw the image of her father devouring her sister and looked like a monster.

This kind of thing could disturb a little girl like her forever, and IMO it did, we seeing the result of this trauma right now.

I just can't think she's pretending to be nice, I really can't help thinking she suffers from MPD caused by the scenes she saw. Just my opinion though, lol.

February 10, 2011, 10:17 PM
We know that that as a child she experienced extreme emotional scarring that has left her mentally unstable. After she awakened, she has retained few memories of her prior life. She recalls the death of her family and her encounter with Teresa. For a reason, I do not understand (perhaps failed to fully comprehend in the manga) she associates Teresa with the death of her family.

My thoughts on the distortion of the memories are because both of the events were similar experiences. When her "father" was gorging himself on her family she was scared and helpless, but used her "father's" carelessness to carry out a sneak attack against "him". She hated herself for killing her "father" and for doing it in what she viewed as cowardly fashion. When she first meets Teresa her zealous sense of justice (acquired by sneak attacking her father) wouldn't let her do the same to Teresa, even though it was part of the plan. Unfortunately, for all involved, when her mind had regressed back to that incident with her father she was then put into a similar situation with Teresa (outmatched and helpless) she carried out a similar sneak attack on another careless enemy. Well that's my best guess on how both memories are linked.