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November 15, 2010, 02:46 PM
Same as title suggests. In this thread create your own Innocence and tell us what it does. Or you can take an existing power from pretty much any universe and tell us how you would use it in D. Gray-Man.

The only rules are that it must be a parasitic type (Allen's) or something of an equip type (Lavi). You can't make up a "category/type" of Innocence that does not exist. You can however create or take whatever you want so long as it meets the criteria.

Also, how would you use your Innocence. Would you work for the Order, have your own group, work for a different group, or go at it alone. If enough people jump at the idea we could have an RP.

Go nuts!

On my end, I'd like to have a either parasitic type or equip type Innocence that would allow me to undergo Kamen Rider-esque transformations. Granted, the typical Kamen Rider transforms via a deck of sorts, but Kamen Rider Kiva's transformation definitely had more to do with vampiric DNA rather than a piece of equipment. Either way, I'd like to have an Innocence that would allow me to transform into a Kamen Rider to suit my opponents.

Given my personality I'd probably be a loner. But it would be cool to team up with other Innocence users that exist apart from the Order.

November 16, 2010, 01:13 PM
I'm thinking something like a Parasitic (or Equipment type?) Innocence that's in a rag doll of some sort (because teddy bears didn't exist until the 20th century). The thing is, the rag doll would be sentient; which makes this a similar deal to General Klaud and her monkey; though it can't talk and doesn't need food and things; so it's also kinda like Timcanpy.

Besides being far more durable and stronger than the average toy, it can also animate other objects (most likely other toys since the Accomadater is a kid) and share it's anti-akuma properties. As the Accomadater levels up, the rag doll will be able to combine with things (Gurren Lagann-esque) to be more adaptive to combat and allow control of bigger objects (e.g. statues)

I'm not going into more details like weaknesses atm, but how does that sound? Too much? Or is it a lot like a Pokemon? ^_^;

Erm, this kid is probably snapped up by the Order. He's a bit stubborn since he doen't know better, but his loyalty can be swayed depending on the circumstances.

November 21, 2010, 12:16 PM
What about an equipment-type innocence: two mirrors connected by a red thread. The exorsist swings them around with the aid of the thread. Any akuma that is caught between them and stares at its reflexion explodes as if it was a glass statue. Its broken pieces become mirror pieces, and any akuma that gets between a pair of these and stares at its reflexion shares the same fate. :D
The innocence is controlled by an ex-actress, now exorsist. In her spare time she likes to stare at herself in her mirrors, and try new hairstyles! She also has a crush on General Cross. (she's young and vain after all :P)

November 22, 2010, 05:53 AM
To me, a parasite-type in a transparent rose seems cool, when you activate the rose the whole area will be covered with diffent colours of roses, each colour representing the element of the attack you can use, for example: blue roses can be used for water attacks and black for dark/shadow attacks. The roses weakness is an attack from the opposite element (but not from the other roses), like red roses (fire) can be destroyed by water attack.
The user would be a really cool guy (think of Tyki's personality only smarter and a bit more relaxed) his background is unknown and he has a bit of an evil aura and he's only nice to others when Allen is nearby (yaoi fangirl xD).

And that's pretty much it... what do you think about it?

November 30, 2010, 07:10 PM
A crystal-type innocence that takes on a liquid form within the bloodstream. It has the power to distort time & space of anything it comes into contact with. When inside of the user it allows them to slow down time around itself which gives off the appearance that the user is moving at super sonic speeds. When injured the blood of the user can be placed on an object which causes it to move at a rapid pace causing it to shatter/explode. With bigger injures that innocence can be called out & takes on the form of a short sword. When this sword is swung it distorts the surrounding space which create rips in the fabric of reality. Basically allowing the user the ability to cut through anything.

The User would be an enemy of both the Black Order & the Earl. A human who's goal is to destroy both organizations so he himself can take over the world.

December 18, 2010, 10:21 AM
I would like to improve on the timekeeper's innocence. She has the ability to revert time, right? I'm thinking of being able to move time fast forward. That would be cool to revert and/or speed up time.

December 26, 2010, 08:03 PM
Idea #1: (equipment type) I think i am currently more interested in the Magic that Crow + Cross use, but if i was to synchronize with innocence, i would go with a scythe, with a some type of executioner theme, but it can fly (uh.......think Maka and Soul from Soul Eater >.>'').

When the scythe is swung around in circles, it exerts energy that cuts, meaning you don't have to directly hit an Akuma with the scythe to kill it. I think that would be basic attack. I haven't thought of a critical point add-on nor for an evolution.

Second idea: (parasitic type) Innocence in both palms, a design reaching from the finger tips to wrist. The wielder can become invisible (only him/herself), levitate, make force shields and teleport short distances. After critical point/evolution, can do the same things, but to others as well.

Third idea: User can turn into animals, but only if same/close size to human body (so like only wolf, dog, panda (lol)), and can also communicate with animals. After critical point/evolution, can become any animal regardless of size, but also takes on traits of animal (such as, becomes poisonous if turns into a poisonous snake or something) and can mix animal parts (dinosaurs included lol)

I think i like the scythe idea the most, but the 'palm innocence' is more developed in my mind.
Btw, these are for exorcist OC's that will probably never see the light of day xD
(you still can't steal them though....)

December 26, 2010, 11:09 PM
How about an equipment type (or parasitic, depending on how you look at it) that turns into full body armor, that looks like a Gundam?

Preferably this one:

Simply put, the weapon kills purifies Akuma and damages Noah. Seems kind of appropriate, especially because of the angel like wings.