View Full Version : Discussion Purpose of Marguerite.

November 25, 2010, 01:58 AM
Marguerite is the member of the Kuja tribe who along with Aphelandra and Sweet Pea saved Luffy after he ate mushrooms that completely covered his body. But what was Oda purpose for creating this character? Nakama? Love interest? or someone who would have major plot in the future?
Obviously she's not some unimportant character but also unnecessary if she is to be create for just saving Luffy or be friend with him, I feel like there's more going on between the two. We have Hancock for potential future pirate king's wife, her and sisters' back story purpose was to bring up the conflict between Fishman, slaves, and the Celestial Dragons but what of Marguerite? I personal believe that in the future, something bad would happens to Hancock either dead of captured and Marguerite may lead the Kujas to save her or became the new captain or it's just all my imagination? :p

November 25, 2010, 02:43 AM
Well luffy was sent off to Kuja island by Kuma.So someone had to appear and bring luffy to civilization.Or else he would spend his time in the forest instead of Kuja's Village.If he wasn't found, he wouldn't be able to get news that Ace is going to be executed.So my guess is that shes just someone who helped luffy on his journey thats all.