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December 06, 2010, 05:43 PM
I just reread old chapters and I noticed that there is a big difference in graphic quality between old and new chapters. When i look at the old chapters i can see many details, faces are well made, ground, sky, buildings and so on.

New chapters look all the same: simple lines, no ground if its possible, no shadows apart from the key pages:


all Claymores look like copied pasted, i dont enjoy new chapters as much as the old ones b/c of the new way of drawing.
What do u think guys? or its just the raw's quality and we cannot do too much about it?

December 06, 2010, 06:07 PM
the character artwork has improved though. Clare especially looked like an alien in the first chapters of the manga, but now the Claymore's are much more fleshed or rounded out as they should be, they look way more real and sexily feminine:D

December 06, 2010, 06:11 PM
look at this one:
where does she look like an alien?
also, check its details , shadows and all u can call it art, the newset chapters ok they look alright, they know how to draw Clare and the others but the quality is low, there is no shadows and pages look poor ...

December 06, 2010, 06:15 PM
The proportions of her (and Ophelia) are still slightly alien like, but I was meaning more chapters ~1-5, whereas your link is chapter 32

December 06, 2010, 06:15 PM
I think I should agree with killy. The details are much better in the old chapters. It looks better than the new ones. The new ones are starting to look plain and simple.

What might be the cause of this?

December 06, 2010, 09:51 PM
Could you be more specific of what you mean by "old chapters"?

Since compared to chapter 1 you couldn't be more wrong... the back ground there disappeared after 2 houses. Hell even @ch 30 I'd consider you wrong without a second though. Even in Pieta the art work was worse than it is now and that's saying something since Pieta had some fine art. So just what are you saying? The art style really started to get better around chapter 31 (start of Ophelia arc) when I first hit that arc my first impression was I was looking at a different artist.

The pages you submitted where not really comparable... and on top of that you picked one of my second most hated page of the most recent 5 chapters art wise. Here are some better comparisons. My least fav being

Anyways good reasons why you could be noticing differences... the quality of the cleaners on mangastram is almost too good. They might be deleting some detail being over zealist in there cleaning. Try looking at MiBs versions of the chapters and see it you feel the same way.

Please note I have been spotting a lot of what appear to be borrowed pics/designs of late and reoccurring locations... maybe that's adding to the impression that it's not as good because we've seen it all before and aren't getting new scenery eye candy but same old same old drawn slightly better. I mean just look at Anastasia she looks like Alicia without the pointy bangs and Teresa's curly hair on steroids.

Winner Chapter 107
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December 06, 2010, 09:59 PM
I agree with both Godeye_Galatea & killy-.- in regards to the graphics. While the action scenes are intense, the details, especially in the faces of the characters has declined, none more so than Galatea. If you look at Galatea in the Witche's Maw, you can see the eye lashes, the fullness of her lips and fine details of a specific facial expression. In the current chapters, her face looks nothing like the early chapters. I wonder if Yagi choses to focus more of his time on certain characters. He doesn't seem to draw Dietrich with the same lack of detail with which he draws Galatea (currently).

Although, I will agree with HK on this aspect. Yagi has gotten better at drawing the body of a woman. Everything is far more proportionate, though I wish that he didn't give everyone the shape of a playboy model.

It's a bit off topic as well but if you notice that nearly all the chapters up to Cognates of Paradise were multi part. I think he should go back to that style, it would provide for more indepth story telling that brought out so much emotion, just like his early counter parts.


ps The memorabilia book features some unknown characters and probably just random sketches that are just fabulous.

December 06, 2010, 10:19 PM
About the eye lashes comment... Yagi has always seem to have chosen to not do them (or barely include them) on some characters [points at Miria, Yuma, Helen]. Yet others get them every panel they're in that's not just too zoomed out [points at Anastasia and Galatea before the scaring (~50/50 after scaring)]. I think eye lashes or lack there of are how he makes some characters more/less feminine and/or soft. BTW Tabitha's eye lashes have been very noticeable of late.

As to Galatea's face well it's now scared and sometimes covered up. On top of that she's kinda switched roles from amazingly strong fighter and witty wise cracker to wise old hermit with a sharp tongue and a bit of a psychiatrist. Maybe Yagi is drawing her slightly differently to match her new role...

but uh... Playboy models have even bigger bottoms and busts bigger than Renee or Teresa. They look more like Victoria Secret models to me... Tall and slender yet with clearly defined bottoms and some cases large busts.

December 06, 2010, 11:12 PM
pls guys forget the first chapters, its always like this, its like a warm up and almost every manga doesnt look good for the first few chapters
Miria and Deneve Helen before :

and look at her now, and as if making them more sexy means better ...
art is the bang and i dont see any explosions nowadays

December 07, 2010, 02:36 AM
They look like Claymores (warriors/soldiers). Their bodies are fit to fight. Speed and agility. Muscle where it is needed for strength, without slowing them down in other spots of their bodies. Not to mention their realistic-sized busts, they're not impractically large like other manga/anime girls that magically are able to defy gravity/balance and fight with them as if they didn't have such extreme-sized busts, as is usually seen in other manga/anime. Little to no fat. They're not supermodels but "lean mean fighting machines", these girls mean business (blood, gore, and death)! :D

Supermodels are skinny (too skinny, not sexy at all, stupid girls!, shakes head, V.V) like Claymores, but that's where the similiarity ends really.

Though Claymore's do have a bit too narrow (waspy) waists, though in the ~ later half of the manga, he's widened them a bit making them more realistic and sexy, but still they're not quite wide enough, but much closer now than before earlier in the manga.


Actually, we haven't seen a single fat being in all of Claymore manga, lol.

No fat human, Black Coat, Claymore, normal yoma, or Awakened!

December 07, 2010, 12:35 PM
pls guys forget the first chapters, its always like this, its like a warm up and almost every manga doesnt look good for the first few chapters
Miria and Deneve Helen before :

and look at her now, and as if making them more sexy means better ...
art is the bang and i dont see any explosions nowadays

This was my point. You put a Teresa arc chapter in the better pile... yet we clearly know the art style wasn't as good back then. Sure there was detail in the pic but it was the key note panel of the chapter which you later stated was where you felt Yagi was putting his effort of late. So why do old chapters get to use these key note panels yet you're excluding the new chapters from doing the same? You also put a ch 31 pic which was the first chapter where the art noticeably got all together better.

So just when in the manga are you saying was "better" than now? Would you mind posting some panels that you feel are comparable... and not just ones so radically different that it's hard to remain objective when comparing them. To be honest from ch 31 on I'm not really spotting any of these major differences like you seem to be. Sure I'm finding one or two panels where one's eyes look prettier but the other has far better art style but judging one as less detailed doesn't seem fair to me... after all if the art style has adapted maybe Yagi feels it's better not to draw them that way anymore.

Even if I compare Galatea's intro chapter to the latest hotty to be introduced Anastasia it's quite clear to me all the detail that made Galatea stand out as super hot is on Anastasia too and then some. Even Anastasia's half a page tall intro panel was as good looking as Galatea's full page pic. I could even make out detail on her eye lids, her lips look way better than Galatea's did back then (art wise) for panels of comparable size, and do I have to mention the hair? This is kinda odd since Anastasia had only a 1/3rd of a chapter but Galatea got a full chapter work of art, you'd think one could find at least a few panels of Galate that clearly where an art equal to Anastasia in ch 44. Yet I didn't really have any such luck... there was a few good elements with the art of Galatea in ch 44 but it was overall quite far from being equal art wise to Anastasia in ch 110.

So my big complaint with you're argument is your not really narrowing it down enough for others to participate in your discussion. I mean I asked you to be more specific just a bit ago and got ignore the first few chapters yet then put art work from chapter 26 in there as an example. Are you calling ch 26 one of the first few chapters or are you tieing an unlisted bit of logic into that... such as intro art for new characters. In other words don't compare Miria of now to Miria in the beginning and that ch 26 isn't an intro chapter. (btw this is why I compared Galatea's intro ch to Anastasia's intro ch, since both where the art before it evolved and started to finalize for the characters).