View Full Version : Notice: Chopper's Ten Comments Delayed

December 13, 2006, 01:46 AM
Sorry everyone, schools been really harsh this week due to drama/band/science productions and labs.

In other words, expect a double/triple chapter comments coming soon to make up for it!
Again sorry. :noworry

December 13, 2006, 03:46 AM
i think what needs done must be done. It is close to christmas so these things are expected.

atteNd to your life = we will wait patiently :XD

white silver
December 13, 2006, 05:15 AM
[b][font=verdana][color=green][size=1]Garaku won't be the only one that would be delayed. I too also have some busy problems, not to mention the "late" scanslations. However I'll try to continue the commentary as weekly as possible.

Just focus on your schoolwork Garaku, we'll be waiting for your commentary.

December 14, 2006, 10:08 PM
Good luck with your life... and the final exams...
hope you be back to comments on OP soon though... :(