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March 16, 2011, 06:36 PM
When i started reading Bakuman i discovered a bit more of how shonen jump works and i was interesting in it, manly on "table of contents" (TOC ),
which is used to get to know the popularity of the different mangas published in it.

And i started thinking that it would be cool if here in mangahelpers we could do something similiar to it, but it would be a bit confusing and it would require alot of work and also an extreme attention every single weeks , so i think it would be cool if at least for now, we focused just on giving the oppinion.
Maybe in some near future we can implement a good way to get more accurate results :tem

about the rules here on this thread , here it goes:

-Try to avoid giving an oppinion about only a single manga! I know that most dont read that many mangas but if possible try to avoid it, but of course that even if you only read one , we also want to know your oppinion about the manga you read, and what you think about it, if in you think it is getting better or getting worse and stuff like that

-Try wainting for most of the mangas of shonen jump to be released , cuz unless it happens during few days it will only be about the 3 most popular (One Piece, Bleach , Naruto) and that wouldnt be fair for the other mangas and also , although as i said i am not planning of trying to get super objective results from here , i want to at least try to get to some "results" based on your oppinions and if the results are only based on 3 mangas that would make difficult to get any results from here.

So i will be waiting for your oppinion on Weekly Shonen Jump No.16 but try to wait for sunday to give your oppinion :)

and also if you want to know more about the real TOC, check out here (http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65988)

March 18, 2011, 08:44 AM
To be honest i think this is hard to implement, because unlike people who have the real magazine and are able to read ALL of the mangas there... we netizens can only read some of the mangas. :oh

Based on last week i will give my voice to: Enigma (1) and One Piece (2)
Both Bakuman and Hitman Reborn only left a very 'meh' feeling to me last week. Even though i had read both of them for years i won't give my vote for them at all. >__>

March 19, 2011, 05:27 PM
Ok since I also talk about it in bakuman thread here was my thinking about it.
First for the fesability I think we should put the series with the corresponding chapters in order to ease the vote. I think for issue #16 it would give something like
( please fill free to correct or update)

One Piece 618
Naruto 532
Bleach 441
Gintama 347
Reborn 330
Sket dance 176
Nurarihyon no Mago 147
Toriko 134
Bakuman 125
Beelzebub 101
Medaka Box 90
Oumagadoki Zoo ?
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 34
Enigma 26
Inumaru Dashi ?
Kuroko no Basuke ?
Dois Sol 5
Meruhen 4
Magico 3
Sengoku Armors 2

Kochi Kame http://upload.wikimedia.org/math/d/2/4/d245777abca64ece2d5d7ca0d19fddb6.png

In bold are the series which are scanlated regularly and available reasonably shortly after the release. In italic the scanlation which are irregular. I don't know about the other ones in particular the new series

That shows than a MHTOC would be quite feasible since most of Shonen Jump is available. The only thing is that we shouldn't do it with the current release. In particular since the real top has a delay of 8 chapters, I think a 6 releases offset could be interesting.
As for the fact that not everybody read all the serie I think that is representative, I don't think that all the readers of jump read the chapters of the series they are not interested in, plus they won't vote for it anyway

The second thing is the voting. Jump readers vote for their 3 best series but we are far less numerous so we should think about a way to let the less popular serie appear by increasing it to 5 or 6 or give 3 with a weight of 2 and 3 with a weight of 1

March 28, 2011, 06:40 PM
i created this threat cuz i think it would be interesting to see the oppinion of the different members about the chapters of the different mangas published in Weekly Shonen Jump, but i am also open for suggestions so we can improve the way of getting this results.

i wasnt going to put any strict rules on number of mangas that which member voted , cuz many dont read much and doing this it would also be possible to hear their oppinions.
but i totally agree with you , 5 or 6 would be perfect, at least for the ones that read this ammount

About the chapters that we are going to give the oppinion, i dont really mind if we give our opinions based on a previous chapter.

And i wouldnt mind if someone made the first step , since TOC is something new for me and that i have only being following for few weeks so someone more experienced than me can probably put this on a better way and if needed some rules can be made and also others can be changed.

One Piece 618
Naruto 532
Bleach 441
Gintama 347
Reborn 330
Sket dance 176
Nurarihyon no Mago 147
Toriko 134
Bakuman 125
Beelzebub 101
Medaka Box 90
Oumagadoki Zoo ?
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 34
Enigma 26
Inumaru Dashi ?
Kuroko no Basuke ?
Dois Sol 5
Meruhen 4
Magico 3
Sengoku Armors 2

Kochi Kame http://upload.wikimedia.org/math/d/2/4/d245777abca64ece2d5d7ca0d19fddb6.png

some of this mangas aren't even scanned until these chapters , so they cant really enter on the opinions here , but can't wait for your opinions about the ones that already are.

here goes a resume of the ones that i read , cuz it is already been almost 2 weeks since this issue came out and it is normal that we dont remember it as well as two weeks ago

Naruto 532- on this chapter we get to know more about Hanzou life and also about his previous fight with Mifune. We get to know why Hanzou is named "Hanzou the Salamander", and why he is always using a mask, which is principal used to protect himself from his own poison , cuz if he was wounded in the guts and the venom sac was ruptured even him would have some problems and he would leave an opening to an enemy and that would be is end. We get to know how Mifune survived , and that was cuz Hanzou gave to him the antidote cuz he saw in him "faith" and someone that does everything to protect his friends samurais, and because of that Hanzou respected him and let him alive.
Now back to the current time we see Hanzou giving an hint to how stop him, and said to Mifune to wait , that he was going to create an opening . hanzou contradicted the orders from Kabuto talismans and comitted "seppuku", rupturing the venom sac and because of that he just froze and that left an opening to Mifune and the others to seal him
Now after these chapters of the fight between Hanzou and MIfune it is now the time for Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji to face their master , Azuma sensei!
This fight is going to be the most emotional of this all war until now, and for the first time , Kabuto plan on letting they keep their personality is going to make some damages, and Chouji is the first to be "confused" by all these , he had an opening to hit Asuma but he didn't do so.

One Piece 618 this chapter started with Luffy , Princess Shirahoshi , Sanji , Chopper on the village , and Luffy is surrounded by the villagers. Chopper is trying to force Sanji to not turn around cuz if he do that , he will see the princess and that means that he is probably going to die. Sanji doesn't care about that and chooses death, and what happened ???
He turned into stone lol!!!!
Meanwhile the villagers caught Luffy and tied him but something its coming on the air right to the place that they are and it is nothing more and less than Van der Decken , which asks Princess Shirahoshi if she wants to marry him , but she rejected him ,and because of that he decided to kill her. but Luffy is not going to let that happen and says to the princess to stay close to him , but that is the contrary thought that the villagers have in his mind , and because of it Luffy is forced to use his Haōshoku Haki and than he starts is fight with Van der Decken, which he "wins" pretty easy , which is an another "info" that can make us conclude that Luffy really became much stronger on these 2 years. Luffy decided to go to other place with the princess but than an other member of the "group" that is attacking luffy appeared , "a giant .... something" lol called Wadatsumii and luffy used is jet pistol.
And then started leaving that place and said that he wanted to go to Sea Forest , which is where Jimbei is.
Now Oda takes us to Ryuuguu Palace where Zoro is facing Hodi underwater , which makes Hodi in a better hand , but even despite these fact we see Zoro "defeating" Hodi very easily, although i think in the next chapter we are going to see more of Hodi cuz he still didn't use the pills , and with the pills and underwater even Zoro will have some problems. With this battle we also get that Zoro is much stronger than before , cuz the pretime skip Zoro would probably have won against this Hodi without any pills, but it wouldnt have had been this easily.
Also we see that Nami wants Keimi to take her to Sea Forest and so they are going to there.

Toriko 134 on this chapter we see more of Toriko and Zebra interacting , and Mitsutoshi continues to give us info about the calories that each attacks uses and also the amount of calories that Toriko has on his body and the comparative with the amount that Zebra can store. All the info give manages to gives us a more strict knowledge about how much energy this both guys have and the limits that they have.
Toriko and Zebra found an hidden staircase and they go that way.
Now it changes to where Komatsu is and we see him being attacked by some monster but thanks to Zebra power he was saved , it is thanks to zebra power that we can see Komatsu alive , that even very away from him manages to help him!
Zebra gives him an advice , which is to see everything as an ingredient. This advice really help Komatsu that starts to gain confidence and decides to use his knife - the Melk Knife, which is a very strong knife , that scared that monster without Komatsu even needed to do a think , but Komatsu was with is eyes close ( normal of someone scared) and attacked the monster with the knife but the huge power of that knife made the ground to be destroyed and than he fall .Meanwhile Toriko wonder what was that tremor and asks Zebra is Komatsu is okay , although they dont have time to be talking cuz a lot of "Dangoal" are attacking them. This mosnters are quite powerful since their capture level is around 40 and we see Toriko attacking them with is flying fork
Now back to Komatsu ,we see that he discovered a very interesting place ( the place that he fall to) that has a coffin there, which makes Komatsu scared, and we see that something is inside it . Meanwhile we see komatsu finding a very strange draw on the wall , and that picture probably gives info on how to obtain the "Cola" that they are looking for.

Bakuman 125 On this chapter we see that Nanamine manga is not going very well , and he looks like a crazy man and he decided that he wants to do the same history as Ashirogi Muto before they do , so he says to himself that he gotta steal it from them. Meanwhile the editors are talking about the fact that there is rumors about the fact that Nanamine took ideas from people online for his manga. than the editor that is the chief of Kosugi asks him if that his true , and Kosugi says that it is.
Kosugi ask him to give him a chance to try to make Nanamine change his ways of doing manga and to not use his methods to get him canceled in the meeting that was going to happen soon. If at the next meeting the thinks haven't changed Kosugi is going to submit a request for transfer.
So at the serialization meeting we see that Nanamine manga is not canceled and that Hiramaru manga is going to be serialized , and we see again more comic moments that Hiramaru and his editor have been accustomed to.
Kosugi goes see Nanamine and he seems crazier than ever and he is trying to make Kosugi go to Ashirogi house to steal their names, so that he will use that story first and by that way Ashirogi Muto will be considered plagiarizers.
Nanamine think that he convinced Kosugi to do that .
Kosugi goes to shueisha and that went to Ashirogi Muto and than he convinces them to compete with them with using basically the same story.
Kosugi goes tell to Nanamine that he hasn't the names but that he knows the basic of the story and we see that Nanamine is still trying to do manga by the way that has lead him to failure on the all chapters before , so this means that the final battle between Ashirogi Muto and Nanamine is probably starting!!!

Beelzebub 101
On this chapter of beelzebub we see the end of the game arc, which was longer than expected , but it had still alot of comic moments, and we see them winning , although the fact that the chances aren't much on there side , but nothing that buying the game can't fix :P

Enigma 26
On this chapter of enigma , we get to know the ability of Takemaru and also why was him bleeding, thanks to his ability they managed to find the door that they were looking for . but on that room theres a lot of computer! what will they have to do to obtain the password?

So now it goes my rank:

1º - One Piece;
most of the times i put on my "head" Naruto chapter was better than the OP one , but this chapter of OP was really great , with comic moments and at same time we got to see Zoro against Hodi and Luffy against Van der Decken, which is very interesting to see and manly because we are all curious to see how much strong is each Straw Hat now

2º - Naruto;
the chapter was good , but i am expecting much greater chapters than this one! at that time no one can take Naruto from the first place :)

3º -Magico;
this 3 first chapters have been good and i really hope that it doesn't get canceled , based on what i have seen until now , it is a bit different from the normal shonen jump material but it has a lot of potential, and i cant wait for the next chapter :)

4º - Toriko;
it was an interesting chapter , and the end was good , probably in the next chapter more revelations are going to be made :tem
i am still not quite sure about the necessity of starting using calories now but it isn't also something that

5º- Bakuman;
it was a good chapter and i just hope that Takagi and Mashiro give an another lesson to Nanamine

6º - Enigma;
it was a good chapter , but as Toriko i already saw better ones, but it is clearly going in a good away, cant wait to see what is going to be their challenge to get the password

7º - Beelzebub;
i dont know why but i am still not interested in beelzebub as i was before , but it was still a good chapter , although i kinda hoped that this whole game arc had ended soon

March 31, 2011, 10:04 PM
Wow! My English not good so I no can write so long, but I think always NARUTO is the best! Naruto always good! This week I also think Naruto is number one! I no understand why people like the One Piece so much!

I also like the Toriko! And also the Beruzebab! But I lik Briech because of the Orihime, so pretty! Also Medaka Boks!

May 14, 2011, 04:58 AM
the toc is already over or not? im not quite sure, but wouldn't it be ebtter to vote for the next one, so more can compete?

June 14, 2011, 06:21 AM
Would be cool to revive this project, just in a easier way. Instead of following WSJ's TOC system, we could just rank the series each week?

Those are the 22 series that currently run in WSJ:
Dois Sol
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami
Hunter × Hunter
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Kuroko no Basket
Medaka Box
Nurarihyon no Mago
One Piece
Sengoku Armors
Sket Dance

- Hunter x Hunter is on hiatus.
- Dois Sol, Inumarudashi, Kochikame, Grimm and Sengoku Armors is not scanlated regularly, so I think we should drop those series in the ranking system.
- I don't know about Gintama, Shinigami, Kuroko no Basket, Medaka Box, Mago, Sket Dance or Ikkyuu, so someone else should decide if they should be part of the ranking system or not. But after what I've seen on mangareader, those series are not scanlated regularly.

This leaves us with minimum 9 and maximum 16 series. 9 is not enough series, in my opinion, therefore I think we should add some other series to our ranking as well.

In my opinion we should add these series as well:
Fairy Tail
Hajime No Ippo
Silver Spoon / Gin no Saji

The list for week 24 (this week) will look like this:
Bakuman 136
Beelzebub 112
Bleach 451
Enigma 36
Fairy Tail 239
Hajime No Ippo 940
Magico 15
Naruto 543
One Piece 628
Reborn 341
Silver Spoon 9
Toriko 145

The list could be expanded of course, if people want to add other series to the ranking system (have to be weekly and regularly scanlated though).

June 14, 2011, 09:30 AM
I believe Gintama, Ikkyuu and Medaka are bring scanlated fairly regularly. Not sure about Kuroko and Shinigami. Sket Dance is behind by a good amount (last I checked) and Mago is slightly behind.

I disagree with including series from other magazines, as this is supposed to be a members' opinion-based WSJ TOC :p It would be something totally different to include other popular series. Besides, in adding what you perceive to be popular series outside of WSJ, you'll only have more people who think other manga should be added to that "outside WSJ" list, or that certain manga should not be included. Keeping it to just WSJ series is the easiest in my opinion :)

June 14, 2011, 11:20 AM
The list will be like this then:
Bakuman 136
Beelzebub 112
Bleach 451
Enigma 36
Gintama 333
Ikkyuu ?
Magico 15
Medaka Box 98
Naruto 543
One Piece 628
Reborn 341
Toriko 145

Starting this week! :)

EDIT: Gintama have 354 chapters. But we can say that chapter 333 is for week 24. That means next week's Gintama chapter will be 334, even though it isn't the chapters that's serialized that week.

June 14, 2011, 04:40 PM
Gintama and Sket Dance releases are pretty random. If I were you, I would rather choose an old issue of Jump which has a scanlation of Mago available. If you take into account the 8 chapters theory, the best issue in order to compare with the next TOC would be issue #20-21 or #22

June 15, 2011, 03:57 PM
Why don't we just add Gintama to our adding system the week of the latest scanlation? This way it doesn't matter if the releases are random.

June 16, 2011, 01:38 PM
I created this thread , but my ideas weren't much clear, but nice to see that this Thread may finally start moving :thumbs
And by the way, when give our opinion, we should rank only a few or all the ones that we read ?

Galactic Tomahawk
June 16, 2011, 02:12 PM
I've been thinking since I first saw the topic, but what if people who can't/don't want to keep up with every weekly chapter like... Make a general ToC based on their favorites instead, and just update it according to new developments/chapters as they see fit?

That'd keep the topic running fairly smoothly, and still give people who don't regularly keep up with raws a way to participate.

June 18, 2011, 04:52 AM
1. Bakuman 136
Interesting as hell!
2. Toriko 145
It's been really good lately. Interesting chapter.
3. One Piece 628
It's good that the flashbacks are finished, but I hope this arc doesn't last too long.
4. Beelzebub 112
It's gotten much better lately. Really funny.
5. Naruto 543
Should prove something in this war arc soon.
6. Magico 15
Love it.
7. Bleach 451
Same Bleach we've gotten for a long time now.
8. Reborn 341
Sick of all the cliche's.

June 18, 2011, 09:25 AM
1. One Piece 628- This chapter was quite interesting, it really compensated for the week without chapter ;)

2. Bakuman 136- Loved the chapter. Was a chapter full of very interesting moments and i can't wait for the next chapters :woo

3. Naruto 543- Normally i would rank Naruto has the best , but this week i was expecting something different, but i still enjoyed a lot of the chapter and i am really excited for the next chapters :zomg

4. Toriko 145- It was a nice chapter and the beginning of probably a new awesome arc ;)

5. Magico 15- Nice chapter ;) Each time i see a chapter of Magico ,i really am happy that i decided to start reading it ;)

6. Beelzebub- The latest chapters have been clearly better than the previous arc , but nowadays my interest for Beelzebub is almost null :oh

June 18, 2011, 05:51 PM
This is just a ranking of my favorites on which I'll include a reason if I see fit. (btw I'm including Hunter x Hunter)

One Piece (favorite manga)
Hunter x Hunter (second favorite...)
Bakuman (Awesomesauce series)
Enigma (fantastic series that I have high hopes for)
Nurarihyon no Mago (though it's not been as interesting as of late, the previous awesomeness makes me leave it up)
Hanasaka Ikkyu (only three chapters in and it's already one of the best things in the magazine, if it keeps being this entertaining it will pass Mago easily)
Naruto (I've read it for so long I have to put it high even though it's been boring recently)
Toriko (solid adventure shonen that will probably become even better with time)
Beelzebub (cracks me up with nearly every chapter)
Sket Dance (never did read much of this but loved what I read)
Gintama (another one I haven't read much of but enjoyed what I did)
Bleach (bout the same as Naruto except been boring for much longer)
Kochi Kame (for duh lulz)
Kuroko no Basket (Mediocre series but not bad)
Sengoku Armors (same as Kuroko just not as old so I put it below)
Inumaru Dashi (seems funny enough)
Dois Sol (actually enjoyed the little bit I read)
Reborn (not a fan since the future arc started)
Medaka Box (got tired of this pretty quick)
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami (never read it)
Magico (weaksauce and boring)
Meruhen Ouji Grim (never read)

Galactic Tomahawk
June 18, 2011, 09:31 PM
And my favorites:

One Piece - About tied with HxH, gets the top spot since it's out more consistently.
Hunter x Hunter - Just barely missed #1, but still an amazing series.
Toriko - Recent favorite of mine, not quite the hit Jump wants it to be yet but with the way it paces it's story I think it has the potential to become huge over time.
Sket Dance - I've always been impressed at how hard it worked to build it's own fanbase, it's improved a lot since it started and it's still getting better.
Enigma - I was losing interest for a bit, but it's been picking up like crazy in the latest chapters. It has some pacing issues but that's about all I can fault it for.
Magico - Wasn't totally sure about listing it this high since it's so new, but it's still really fun to read. Has the most potential of the current new stuff IMO.
Medaka Box - It's... weird, and probably the most inconsistent thing in Jump right now. But when it does things right I love it.
Gintama - Honestly I'm way behind on it, but it's a pretty solid series. Will probably be among my favorites if I ever catch up.
Hanasaka Ikkyu - Not really one of my favorites yet, but it has a lot of potential if they handle it right. Extremely good art for a new series.
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami - Has it's off chapters, but I generally like it. It's been interesting to see it survive for so long around the bottom.
Nurarihyon no Mago - Hasn't been interesting in ages, but I figure it'll pick up again eventually. Still has some of the best art in Jump.
Bakuman - I kind of have a love/hate thing with Bakuman, so it's right around the middle. In a pretty good arc right now though.
Beelzebub - Still has some great chapters, but it's been getting boring lately and I don't expect it to get much better.
Kochi Kame - Not something I follow, but it's a respectable series and it has it's place in Jump.
Inumaru Dashi - Just kind of there. I always liked the art, but I'm indifferent beyond that.
Bleach - It's pretty boring most of the time, but I don't hate it quite as much as I could. Still capable of enjoying it on a character by character basis.
Dois Sol - Best out of the recent soccer manga, but still not that great. Was kind of hoping it'd do well just so they'd stop pushing for sports manga constantly.
Kuroko no Basket - Pretty mediocre, not much else to say about it.
Sengoku Armors - Oneshot was promising, series was a total snorefest. Just waiting for it to end.
Meruhen Ouji Grim - Didn't like the first chapter, been ignoring it since then. I thought it might succeed at first but it went and proved my wrong.
Naruto - Been awful for a while now and it's beyond saving. Cloud village is about the only part I like anymore.
Reborn - Worst thing in Jump right now, probably won't be topped until it ends.

June 19, 2011, 05:54 PM
OK let's try it, my issue 28 TOC
1. One Piece 628- Also this is not one of my favorite chapter, it was full of funny moments and I couldn't decide what else I could put first
2. Beelzebub 112- even if the body change is a classic, this was really a fun chapter. And the girl battle over Beelz is really hilarious
3. Sket Dance 150- OK it's not a serie up to date but it's sad to make a TOC without it especially when a love story starts
4. Mago 158- I really like lasts chapter of Mago, especially this one. It was so long since we saw a Matoi
5. Bakuman 136- look a bit like a transitional chapter, it's a redo of last one with the editor this time, also Yoshida was great once again.
6. Enigma 38- The end of the arc is approaching, Enigma won't ever be a favorite of mine but it was ok
5. Toriko 145- Transitional too, I'm not sure I like this food luck concept
6. Bleach 451 for the end twist
7. Magico 15- It's nice and pretty but a bit to sugary for me
8. Reborn 341 nothing to add to Zaycon comment

I've stopped reading Naruto and Medaka so I can't rank them, maybe I will start again if I continue this.
I edit it when other series like enigma ans mago are out