View Full Version : Zeal and appeal... with a touch of tinfoil

Tinfoil Hat
April 23, 2011, 11:56 PM
Hey there, everyone!

My username is "Tinfoil Hat". Why is a spoiler-filled, long story (he), so I'll prefer to avoid it for now. I'm an aspiring mangaka with nothing more than an idea, some (limited) resources and a handful of "go-getter attitude".

I speak English and Spanish acceptably, understand and somewhat speak German, and currently am self-studying Japanese (yeah, self-studying... I'm kinda cheap... not really, I just enjoy tough challenges). I'm not doing that great, though...

I have no favorite music genre, actually. My "almost" favorite manga/anime is "The World God Only Knows" (no favorites, as well), although I've read/seen various others (not that much actually, I'm kinda picky), mainly as reference.

I came here searching for a place where I could expose my ideas and get some feedback (an only-my-opinion approach is... no good, actually) for my manga project. I hope to present my idea soon enough, be sure to check it (I believe it still needs some heavy, impartial criticism... by the way... I'm kinda perfectionist, but you've surely noticed by now)...

Well... that's it. Questions from the audience?

Read ya later!