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May 30, 2011, 09:37 AM
Title: Yureka or ID Entity
Genres: shounen , fantasy, action, adventure, comedy
Author: SON Hee Joon
Artist: KIM Youn Kyung
Publication: Haksan Culture Company
Start Date: 2000
End Date: on going
Number of chapters at review: 92
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 201

General Overview: Yureka is manhwa based of the adventures of 3 boys in a virtual world. It contains many references to RPG and to online games. The action, the comedy and the mysteries will entertain you. :)

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 9
Well it's a manhwa and the art is kinda awesome and unique. It's one of the strong point of this manhwa. The clothe-style is very diversified and unique, every character is easily identifiable. The facials expression are well done and the battles are 100% understandable. For the background they are well done too, sometimes they are as good as what we can see in seinen manga.

Plot: 8
The plot is about 3 friends who play a very popular game online(MMO) called Lost Saga and are trying to discover its secrets. What will they find while playing this game? What kind of people will they meet ? Will this game change their life? The storyline is totally unpredictable and full of surprises. Read it if you want to know more ;)

Characters: 8
The characters are just awesome. The main char called Roto is totally different from all the typical good boy that you'll see in the other shounen. This one is smart, Machiavellian and very unpredictable. The other characters also play important roles in the story, and they aren't transparent characters, they all have theirs own personality.

Theme: 10
Video game, dungeons &mysteries, character development, relationships.

Originality: 10

The good side of this manhwa it's his originality. I just never read a story like that, talking about a video game. The idea of making a story based of what happens in a video game is really unique, there is much more to say for the originality of this story, but i don't want to spoil ;)

Overall: 9
I just covered the first part in this review. Because the first part is a masterpiece and it's impossible to make a review of the second part without spoiling. Every fan of a fantasy mangas, of a video game, will enjoy it. It's unique in his own genre.




September 09, 2011, 05:38 PM
I agree with your rating, but I think you under-rated the characters, Roto (Lotto) is genuinely evil and so are his friends. they get a kick out of torturing and messing with other players. The characters continue to develop and are a big part of what makes this manga get better and better as it progresses.

I'd give it:

Art - 9/10
Plot - 8/10
Character - 10/10 (extremely funny characters who constantly betray each other XD )
Theme - 8/10 ( if you like virtual reality ORPGs this manga is for you!)
Originality - 8/10
Overall - 9/10

Also, If you enjoy Yureka you might also like 1/2 prince. ^^