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May 31, 2011, 11:15 PM
Title: Noblesse
Genres: webtoon, shounen, comedy, supernatural, school life
Author: Son Jae-Ho
Artist: Lee Gwang-Su
Publication: naver
Start Date: 2007
End Date: Ongoing
Number of chapters at review: 186
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 186

General Overview: This manhwa tells the story of a vampire who has been sleeping 820 years. The world changed, and the humans are not what they used to be. What kind of surprise and adventures are awaiting Rai? If you've never read a webtoon before, then Noblesse is the best choice to discover this genre.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 7
Noblesse is a webtoon. The webtoons are colored, the good points are: everything is clear, u can distinct every element and cleary understand the fights. The bad point is the color palette can be annoying if you're not used to it. As for the rest, (facials expression, movement and decors ) they are stand by, but the colors bring the whole thing to another level.

Plot: 10
Rai is a mysterious vampire who wake up in the modern world after a long sleep of 820 years. The story is focused on Rai and his surrounding. How will he adapt and live in this modern world that is not safe like the old one? Suspense, mysteries, fights, comedy you will find everything in Noblesse.

Characters: 7
This manhwa has a great and diversified cast, Rai is the main character, but the manhwa doesn't focus on him only. Each character is unique ( have his own personality and ability ). The only bad thing is the fact that this manhwa doesn't contain many flashbacks, so we don't know the past of some characters.

Theme: 10
Vampire, human experiments,mutants, and I guess i can add social life :p

Originality: 10
Noblesse is really original. I've always found vampire manga/manhwa boring, because they were all following the same path and it was deja vu ( sucking blood, afraid of light, bats, etc...), but Noblesse brings the whole topic to another level, forget everything you've heard about vampires, because Noblesse will introduce you a new definition and concept about vampires. One more thing, forget the word vampire, in Noblesse they're called nobles :thumbs

Overall: 10
I praise and recommend Noblesse for his originality, concept and story-telling. Some people may find the beginning a bit slow, but if you ask me I'll say it's not too fast nor too slow, things just come gradually. An awesome plot can't be build without a certain amount of chapters. They managed to make an interesting story, without many dialogs, that mix comedy, supernatural and action. It's the best webtoon and one of the best manga/manhwa I've ever read.

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June 29, 2011, 11:10 AM
Title: Noblesse
Genres: webtoon, shounen, comedy, supernatural, school life
Author: Son Jae-Ho
Artist: Lee Gwang-Su
Publication: naver
Start Date: 2007
End Date: Ongoing
Number of chapters at review: 191
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 191

General Overview: A vampire that has been sleeping for 820 years awakes. And what he sees is a much different world from the one he remembers. So the land that he once new is now an unfamiliar place.
So what adventures are awaiting for Raizel ?

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 8

Noblesse is a web comic, so it is something different from what most people are used to.
At the beginning it is definitely a bit weird because most people are only used to manga, but that changes in a matter of seconds. The art has been improving every chapter and everything is coloured, which even makes Noblesse more interesting.

Plot: 9

I normally love stories with a fast pace and obviously i hate the ones that move slow, but Noblesse is an exception.
Noblesse is very well done and though the story doesn't evolve that much i am super addicted on it.
The plot has everything i could wish for. An awesome story with suspense, comedy and pretty interesting fights.
Noblesse is a must read and it's quality already reached MH, which can be seen by the fact that it got is own Section.

Characters: 10

I love Noblesse cast. This is one of Noblesse strongest points IMO.
Some characters might be forgetful but their are an other bunch that is nothing less than epic material !
In Noblesse you are going to understand that epic characters don't need to talk much. The perfect example is the main character Cadis Etrama di Raizel.

Theme: 9

This story has everything. Social life problems, friendship, though one of the most important might be Humans Experimentation. What are the goals of those people that are using life as if it was nothing more than objects and the consequences of these acts. The story is so well written that this themes are being very well used.

Originality: 9

I find Noblesse very original. The characters are very interesting and i think Noblesse brought to the term "Vampires" a new fresh meaning.
The story is original and i haven't really read anything like it. It is one of the stuff that i most look forward, nowadays. And the way Rai acts in this "unknown" world is just epic, it's something so simple but at the same time so marvellously done that make of comedy one of Noblesse's strongest points :thumbs

Overall: 9

I give Noblesse this very high rating because until now Noblesse has managed to be very interesting and what really makes me excited is the fact that it seems it is going to maintain this level or even become better.
I recommend Noblesse to everyone, and though the beginning might be not that awesome, continue reading it.

July 09, 2011, 09:36 AM
I agree with both reviews above but there are 3 things i'd like to mention.

As scav mentioned there are very few flashbacks compared to other comics.
Now this can be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference. It does mean that you don't automatically get to know who everybody is, you tend to have to learn that by watching them act and interact with each other(which i find preferable, but some might not feel the same). How you feel about this will affect both your appreciation of the plot and characters so i'd say you can expect +2 or -2 points in each category depending on how you feel about that.

Noblesse's art evolves a great deal(even more than is typical of a series)
A the beginning the art isn't great, it's ok( i'd give it like a 5). But the Artist quickly got the hang of things and by chapter 20 had improved vastly(i'd give it like 7). And even now it continues to evolve (i'd give recent chapters a 9-10).

Noblesse's theme.
While Noblesse does hit on several themes, I think it has one central theme that overrides all others and that is "Nobility". The role of nobility, the behavior of nobility, and the duty of nobility. Noblesse uses conflicting views on those concepts to great effect.(i'd rate it in the 8-10 range)

August 18, 2011, 10:59 AM
I just starting reading Noblesse and have found it to be much more than a typical vampire story. (To say vampire is also an understatement!)

I've noticed that the artist, Lee-Gwang Su, uses a variety of tools to aid him in illustrating Son Jae-Ho's plot. The art is a combination 3D backgrounds with 2D art. I could be wrong, but there has been a few instances where the characters were also 3D. The art style is very original. In addition, the art of this webtoon has surpass the art of any other series that I've seen. It has set a new standard compared to "Tower of God," "Banquet Box," and other webtoon I have read. The colors have made it a far more pleasant read than the plain black and white mangas or manwhas. The world has taken up a new dimension with the colors.

There is a noticeable change in art style in the characters from a more realistic to more abstract. I have to give Son Jae-Ho and Lee-Gwang Su props. They are a fine team.

Son Jae-Ho's ability as a writer is well deserved. The story of "Noblesse" is sure an entertaining one. It is a combination of intrigue, humor, action and adventure that are well placed. It's quite funny to see the reaction of the protagonist, Rai, in his new modern surroundings. He's still an ancient so there's a lot to catch up on. This story is very original.

This is an excellent manwha for those interested in vampires, adventure, and well-blended humor.