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June 05, 2011, 06:45 PM
I've been looking through some forums about the new Bleach databook, Unmasked, and people seem to be talking about how the locations of the Espada's hollow holes are indicators to how they died as humans (i.e. Harribel's hole is located in the location of her uterus, so people are thinking she died giving birth, etc).

But I just thought Hollows had holes because they lost their hearts, which became their masks and powers, and have always been confused as to how they could even have holes in places other than their chests.

Besides, the Espada are Menos, so it's not like they were only one person when they were alive, as Menos are a bunch of lesser Hollows stacked up on top of each other, except with actual independence and individuality, so I don't even understand how one could think an Espada could be just one person as a human, let alone having their hole signify the process of their death.

So basically, my question is, does the location of an Arrancar's Hollow hole have any importance at all, or is it just Kubo's crazy design sense?

June 07, 2011, 05:25 AM
Well as we know - arrancars are very similliar to people when simple hollows to animals. Arrancars got mind and their own will when simple hollows are just a bunch of instincts.
We also know that for evolution from gillian to adjuchas one hollow soul in gillian must be stronger than other ones. So the hole must be an indicator of death reason the most powerful soul which evolved in adjuchas and vaster lorde after.

June 23, 2011, 10:30 AM
Hollows are formed when a person dies with a profound attachment or deep regret of some kind, that prevents them from letting go. My guess is that the hollow's ego depends on the severity of their lingering attachment. The idea that the hollow that eventually became Harribel was once a woman that died during childbirth is a likely one, but not necessarily. The hollow hole in the vagina could also signify that Harribel was a female warrior in life, eschewing (read, sacrificing) her femininity to become a lady of battle to protect her comrades and achieve victory. A cherished little fan theory I've had was that Harribel may have been an amazon, or someone like Joan of Arc turned hollow. But that's more a fun theory than a serious one.

Sadly, there's so little information on the process of becoming vasto lordes/adjuchas or arrancar, and even less of how people become hollow and how their regrets in life affect their hollow form.

Similarly, one could make all kinds of wacky theories about how the espada died, but I would think how they lived may be just as big a part of it, if not bigger. Prime target would be Szayel Aporro, whose hollow hole is in his penis. Judging from that you could say that he might've been died of syphilis or something of the sort, but more likely than not it evidences a life of hedonism. However, one thing should probably be considered. The process of becoming a high level hollow probably takes decades, if not centuries. Regardless of who the arrancar were in life, it is not likely they were recent deaths.

P.S.: And of course Ulquiorra was Friedrich Nietzsche in life. Has to be. Except he dropped his pornstache and spectacles to become The Bat.

The Newbie.
June 23, 2011, 10:49 AM
Depends on how they died. If their pain about losing their lives is strong enough, they become hollows sooner. Those hollows may want to eat other hollows, and if they are lucky, retain their individuality. Out of those many hollows, most must be the common hollow that transforms into one after a while.

With that in mind, you just take uncommonly placed hollow holes and follow the Arrancar's aspect of death, so Harribel sacrificed her life to save her newborn baby, Nnoitra had some kind of mental breakdown in battle, Zommari died from poisoning, Szayel died from sifilis, Arroniero was executed for thieving, etc.

July 02, 2011, 07:17 PM
thats interesting, i thought the same thing like when ichigo had lost his heart by a cero and had a deep regret of not protecting orihime not being able to beat ulqui, his heart became a new mask and he was revived

also when a gillian is formed the soul who the most dominant takes control and all the other minds are lost

July 03, 2011, 01:58 AM
Personally, I always liked the theory that hollow holes in arrancar kinda were indications of the positive/negative aspects of their personalities via whichever chakra location the hole was nearest to. However, I believe now they are just style details to make an arrancar interesting or creepier, which ever Kubo is going for. Odd how the Grantz twins were so different in everyway, makes you wonder why Kubo barely touched upon their relationship past Szayel looking down on older brother.