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June 25, 2011, 09:17 PM
The other day I was watching an interview featuring James McAvoy on youtube. I read the comments and an outrageous amount of them focused solely on his accent and how sexy it was to the commenters. As I read the comments I remembered a lot of other instances in which people remarked how someone's foreign accent was attractive. And not just the accent, simply the fact that someone is foreign makes them attractive. This is something that I've been wondering for a while now. Are we generally attracted to foreigners?

In my case, I often find myself more attracted to foreign girls rather than ones from my own country. I'm Portuguese/Scottish, and while I like Portuguese girls as well as British ones, girls from other countries just have more of an appeal to me. For instance, I'm attracted to American, Australian, Asian, Latin and Scandinavian girls. My friends, most of them being solely Portuguese, seem to love British girls, perhaps due to the fact that there's always a lot of them here during the summer. They love their features such as fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair, etc... I personally don't find them all that special. Maybe it's because I'm half British? And it's not just girls. Overall I tend to find foreigners generally more interesting.

Is it true that we seem to have more of an appeal to foreigners rather than people of our own nationality(ies)? Is there any specific nationality or accent that attracts you or appeals to you?

(Everytime I create a thread I come to realize more and more how writting is definitely not my forte :D)

June 25, 2011, 09:49 PM
I have heard that women like guys with accents. British accent was really popular back then, I'm not sure on how its now.
I don't mind accents, they can have their own appeal to them.

June 26, 2011, 02:47 AM
We just like things that are new to us, and people from other countries with different accents and looks are new and strange to us, unlike girls from out countries.

I think you get desensitized to people around you, i live in malaysia and been here for 20 years now, and i have gotten bored of the malaysia look and i am an arab, but when i see an arab girl I find her much more attractive simply because she's different from all the others around me.

My 2 cents :)

July 10, 2011, 06:13 PM
Agree with otomo.
Everything that's different does stand out and attracts our attention.
=> This may lead to sexual attraction. Dunno why but it seems to be human.

August 18, 2011, 06:47 PM
I also agree with otomo and would like to say that I never really had a thing about foreigners. I haven't even liked people like musicians or actors as much as some friends do.
The only "foreign" that I ever liked was my first boyfriend, who started living in Canada a year before we started going out.
There are accents that I like though, like Brittish, Australian, Irish. But nothing special really.