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July 30, 2011, 10:54 AM
I just sat watched the chapter 505 in anime form for one piece and it’s the one where Garp goes back to see Dan Dan, and it got me thinking who will actually fight for Luffy when the time comes.

I think some of these are obvious that they would be there when the fight is going down:

• Dan Dan
• Hatchi.
• Ivankov.
• Boa Hancock.
• Jimbe.
• Labbon the whale (I think thats his name.)
• The Franky Family.
• Also the frog that tried to stop the train every day
• Red Leg Zeff and chefs
• Dorry and Brogy
• Johny and yousaku
• Perona
• Rayleigh
• Heracles

But there are lots of ones that would want to but would they join the fight or not like:

• Shanks - he is an officially and opponent to Luffy and how’s he meant to surpass him if red head comes to the rescue every time.
• Garp - he already showed that he puts his job first but he’s already lost on grandchild and was angry after.
• Coby - Luffy made him what he is today but he’s also a marine.
• What’s left of the Whitebeard Pirates –will they come and help as Luffy did for them.
• Dragon – he was a no show at the war but has saved Luffy in the past.
• Vivi – she can’t be seen helping him otherwise maybe doom for her country.
• Would any of the supernovas turn up
• Crocodile – as he did break him out of impel down
• Buggy – i really doubt this but i could happen
• Mihawk
• the people from skypiea come down – also doubt this
• Dalton the bull man from the arc chopper joined in
• Gaimon the treasure chest body man

So what do you think?

aslo Please post names if you think I have left any out

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Thought this might get 1 reply altest (not including this one) but none. WOW sad times. :(

July 30, 2011, 11:01 AM
Your list is complete for the most part :). I'd add Lola and her pirate band too though. The real question is whether there really will be an all out war and/or how it will happen considering all of those random people/groups are spread all over the One Piece world and if such a war happens its too far off in the future and unpredictable as far as how things will turn out.

August 02, 2011, 09:59 PM
Correct me if I'm wrong, but...Wasn't somewhere a thread about this? And well, your list is cool but you always need something ctachy to make users post.

I don't know, something polemical :P