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August 03, 2011, 03:57 PM
A LoneLobo Review

Hi guys! Some of you may know me, for those of you who don't: I usually do reviews in the One Piece section, but for a while I have craved to do a review for HxH. Well, if it weren't for that stupid hiatus... anyway, finally a new chapter. So, here it is. Welcome to a LoneLobo Review!

Chapter 311: Time Limit

The End is Near


The chapter begins with a very nice color spread which does not use that much color. The title is time limit and the text says "The End is Beyond the Mountain of Corpses and the River of Blood". Well, that is kind of poetic. But it also indicates the ending of this whole arc (or even the whole series?) is not that far away. The picture itself shows us two Royal Guards, Netero (may he rest in piece) in the middle and a rose at the top. So, the chapter will probably be about the effect of the rose bomb. Oh, and there are skulls. Beautiful.

Palm Talks


The chapter itself starts where we left off last week last year. Palm explains to Ikalgo what Killua told her "off-screen": his thoughts about Komugi. We, of course, know this already, but it is fun to see the characters discuss this whole thing. And Palm looks nicely drawn IMO. She explains to Ikalgo that for the same reason two totally different actions are possible: Kill Komugi or protect her, but both because of loyalty towards the king. Ikalgo has a hard time accepting this, but he aggrees. Palm then says that they were not attacked by the king after he used his En. And that Komugi was covered by her hair at that time. Let's jump to chapter 309: "and a person carrying something". Palm is right.


Conclusion: Hide Komugi, cover her up and wait a certain time. But, how long? "Until the King has died". Nice picture of Palm btw. Anyway, I was surprised at this as well and so is Ikalgo. Palm explains it further and states that the king will die in a few hours. This double spread shows us again the rose, the king and a skull. And that all very nicely drawn. The next double spread shows a huge warehouse which looks nicely drawn as well. They put Komugi into a coffin and then the chapter changes its focus.

Be All my Sins Remember'd


With the words that we are even worse than humans the chapter turns into a critique of today's society and a lot more. First phase: Airships dropping bombs (The War in Libya?), starving and skinny people in front of destroyed homes, people getting shot on the street. Second Phase: industrial meat production, mutated fish, people on the cross and a mutated hand. Third Phase: Huge skyscrapers, but begging children and violence of the police/state. Fourth: Fashion shows, jewelry, cars, but on the contrast people sitting on the streets in front of this. I really liked this part, showing us the evil in our world which we create ourselves. This is something most shounen would not dare to show.


After this we finally get an explanation to why the king will die. "The Rose held Poison". This can be nicely described as being nuclear radiation. The shape of the rose itself is similar to the explosion of a nuclear bomb, and the poison is probably the emitted radiation. And then we see the results of this deadly radiation: Pufu spitting blood.

Conclusion and Predictions


This week's chapter was a bit disappointing. But only a bit. It felt stretched and contained, for my taste, too less information. But it was also a nice way to introduce us back into the whole story. The poison of the rose is a nice way though. The king will probably die because of this, which is very convenient. First, there will be no final battle between the King and some random person (Ging or whoever) where the king will lose. Togashi avoided a deus ex machina that way. Second, it is a rather intelligent way to kill the king. Third, it gives us a time frame, so that Komugi can play with the king again and lose to him in the moment before he dies. I think that is kinda likely. Fourth, Netero was in the end able to kill the king, making his sacrifice not meaningless.

Hopefully next week we will see what Pufu's reaction is and maybe we will jump to Gon and Killua. And maybe it will be a bit better review than this week. And had some problems because not much happened... anyway, I hope that you were able to enjoy it. =)


Credits: All chapter 311 pictures taken from mangazone.net.

August 03, 2011, 04:02 PM
awesome review i pretty much like it
i hope you do it at the next chapter again :)

August 03, 2011, 04:11 PM
Nice to see that you did a review to Hunter x Hunter and awesome job btw :thumbs
This chapters doesn't have really much stuff that we can discuss, but either way i found this chapter good and the my problem that i struggle right now isn't if the story is going well or not, but yes the time this manga is going to continue before it goes to Hiatus again. About the part where you say that the manga is close to an end, that would be a bit disappointing imo, since i think that in the minimum this story needs at least more 200 chapters to end well at least, that's what i think. But i agree with the fact that this arc is going to end soon.

I think that you actually are right when you say that the King will prolly die after he beats Komugi. I think it would be a nice way of The King to die, but before all that i expect some development on him.
Hope next time, we get something about Gon and Killua, their absence was definitely noticed this week :crying

And i hope to see you make more reviews of Hunter x Hunter on the future :XD

August 03, 2011, 04:44 PM
Very nice review. I don't think the manga will be coming to an end anytime soon but the arc it self will be ending pretty soon.

Host Samurai
August 03, 2011, 04:57 PM
You did a great job Lobo, excellent review and keep up with the good work in the Hunter X Hunter section. :thumbs

I wasn't dissapointed with the chapter on the contrary. I really liked the direction Togashi took with this chapter. The way he illustrated the cruelty of mankind was beautifully done. Now I want to see how the King and Pufu will act when they're faced with despair will they still act the same or not? I can't wait how Togashi will further develop these two characters.

August 16, 2011, 08:59 AM
First of all, thank you all for your comments =)

@jorped & Netero: I hope so as well, but with all the hiatus stuff all the time it could be the end. Especially if one considers the new anime. However, there are a lot of things which should be resolved before HxH ends.

@Host Samurai: I wasn't disappointed either. Most mangaka do not take the time to develop the story or to show that social criticism. Something like that will never appear in "typical Shounen", for example Naruto.

@Everyone: I plan to continue reviewing HxH, but I also plan to review One Piece. So, I will probable do a double review for OP, then HxH, then OP etc. But it also depends on the individual chapter. An awesome chapter will get a review for sure =)