View Full Version : PhD: Phantasy Degree by Son Hee Joon

White Silver King
August 27, 2011, 10:21 AM

Author: Son Hee-joon
Genre: Comic, fantasy
Summary: The journey of a spunky, young girl named Sang on her way to the Demon School Hades (the actual summary gives away too much information).

Tied with Noblesse, this manhwa comes in as my favorite of all time. The comedy is great, the concept is original, the art is fantastic and the story is rich and complex (though too much so at times). I really recommend it but, besides Amazon's "Buy New/Used" option, it's kind of hard to find since it's been on hiatus for several years (the story is wrapped up somewhat in book 10 though) and isn't scanlated anywhere online. So I guess this is more of a discussion for people who have already read PhD.