View Full Version : Discussion Evolution of Rokushiki among the strawhats

Kyodai Senkan Mora
September 01, 2011, 07:50 AM
This thread mainly applies to luffy and sanji(the unarmed combatants of the group)...it is interesting to note that as they power up they seem to be incorporating "rokushiki" moves into their arsenal.....so far we have the definitive use of "soru" by luffy and "geppou" by sanji. Following chapter 637 it also seems luffy can harden his body to be stronger than iron which is akin to "tekkai" with the added improvement of being able to move while doing so and apply it selectively to different body parts...when he dodged hodi's "yabu same" it felt uncanningly similar to "kamie" another "rokushiki" technique....while no demonstration of it has been shown, theoretically all "shigan" is, is a hardened finger piercing a target so it is not improbable luffy could use it should he want to....In short we have seen: "soru"/"geppou"/"tekkai"/"kamie" and the possibility of "shigan"....leaving "rankyaku" as the only one of the six techniques not to be displayed in one form or another by luffy or sanji..Am curious as to whether Oda has a reason for this,whether he will explain it,whether they will refine these techniques further and maybe have a run-in with actual users to test their level....I also want luffy to learn the seventh technique "rokuougan" and rape a VA with it:D