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January 04, 2007, 01:42 AM
related or not with the story,it's okay. :)

I ever have the most strange dream of DGray-man because even I don't know why I could dream such dream?

Sorry if there are some mistakes in my writing,because I wrote this in damn-sleepy stage. :tem

Hope you trust it! :amuse

Let's see...

When DGray-man still not popular amog my friends,I've a dream (really A DREAM,because it happened in the middle of my sleep) about someone. Probably a girl because she has a long hair,but i can't remember her face (it's been a long time thou).

The story tells about this girl who has live and see all the fights when Earl first came to this world and fight with the Apostles.

Now,in the Allen's time,she lives in a church that placed in a forest. There are a lot of red-blood roses arounding the area. She was found bleeding from all over the body by the church's guy.

Allen's team (Allen,Rinali,Rabi,Kanda,Crowley,theodore,a big guy (that now shows up in Kanda's team,and... i forgot the rest :P) got hurt and are escaping. When they are running,Allen see a winged-shining-white-horse watching them behind the trees. Somehow,they managed to escape and enter the forest. They knocked the door and came in. The guy who opened the door,called for an aid and tells them it's alright now because this is the most safety place. He'll show them their 'leader' soon to heal them. After getting a first aid,they follow him.

Finally,they saw a girl that is talking with another guy that shows them her back.

Suddenly Rinali cries,followed by Allen,Crowley,Rabi and all of them (except Kanda that stood firm and pretended not see). They don't why they cry,it's just, when they saw the girl's back,it feels like she carried a unseen heavy burden.

After the chit-chat at dinner (she said to them (Allen's) that they should take quickly anything near them because if not,there'll be no food left :smile-big),she takes a full of red water and begin to clean the Rinali's feet. Rinali's innocence fully recovered and so on with the others exorcists. When she do that thing,she also get a vision about their past. Allen's shows the moments he was born and why he got the innocence and all he did with a fragile heart(She said to Allen that his liking with both Akuma and human will lead him to a hard and rough road. He'll be in a dillema that even himself can't solve.).
Rinali's,her hope for being helpful and wish her brother be happy.
Kanda's,about 'that person' ( :oWOHOH!!! but SHIT! I can't remember it well. :() and why he is chasing him so much (looks like it is 'a guy'). (I don't know if my dream showed me the others' past because it's really hard to remind after i just wake up)

Before they go to sleep,she asked Allen to give her the card that was given by Tiki.

When they all go to sleep,she sits at the tower and closed her eyes. In her vision,there are dozens of pop-up fire (I bet this is the remained innocence) then she counts (to know how many innocence have destroyed ).

After that,she tears the card into pieces and throw it in the air. She closed her eyes again and the pieces stop. It starts to gather and form a glowing things. She'calls' and that thing's shape becomes Innocence. It makes a little-wave to all the innocence around the world and Noahs. Because of that little-wave,the Akumas are attached and begin to come near.

She can feel and heard them coming (like Allen's akuma eye ability).

The excorsits aware of that so they wake up but the people tell them to rest because their defense will 'clear' the Akumas soon. Then it's known that the red-blood roses around the church are to attack the intruders. when the akumas gather at circle, a barrier is set up and locked them and the roses begin to life and 'dancing' with them. It looks like the roses' nutrition is from Akuma's blood (oh,there is a scene when the girl is pouring away her blood aroound the roses :o)

Kanda still wake and there is a knock at his door. She comes in and asked Kanda to open his cloth. As usual,Kanda shows his annoying face :lol: She said about Kanda's mark and offer a help to get back his 'life'. Kanda doesn't believe and he said that no one can do that.
The girl stand up and said this with smile that disguised by the moon's light,"Because that one never meet me before."
Kanda surrended and letting her to heal it. She slices her hand (:o)until the blood is falling from her hand. Kanda want to stop her but she already touch the mark.

A sparkling-shine comes from it and the mark is getting into its origin form. Kanda hold her hand and try to pull it off but it sticks so hard. She said that if Kanda pull it off in the middle of process,the effect will kill them both. Kanda feels that her hand are getting thin and his face changes. "What do you use to heal this symbol?! I won't thank you, so STOP!!"

The girl is getting weaker and pale but she answered Kanda with smile "And I don't want a thank-you from you either. Keep it safe with you." then she falls.

( :blink Suprisely,in my dream...)Kanda,of course shocked ( :ohcan he?), carries her and run to the Allen's room and asked him to wake up the church's people.

And (Wow! I bet we'll never see this Kanda's expression in the real manga but luckily, I saw it clearly so anyone who likes Kanda,I'M FIRST!!!!! :p),the scene changes with the view of she is laying on the bed and there is a red-blood rose in the vase on the table beside her. It's right when Allen and the rest leave the room,Kanda comes in. He doesn't say anything,just stand and stare there. (I can't see his face because it is covered by his hair. He bite his lips and sounds like "Tch!") then he walk away. He sees a glance that on the rose there is a picture looks like the winged-shining-white-horse.

2 days after,she is alright and ready to say good bye to Allen's team because for some reason,they've to leave immediately.

She bow to them and drop a tear. "Thank you for still believing your way. It's really hard to just watch and can't do anything even if you have the power. "
There is a flash-back,that actually she can encourage a person by whispering in his mind, I don't know why,and the truth,her blood is a life-elixir) She faces toward them, "All I can is helping you,so don't hesitate to come back here. This'll be always your home,God's Exorcists."

Her smile fills their eyes with light of hope.

After they all go and dissappear,Earl shows up. (:o)

"Good Morning,Lady. May I asked you where were my children go? It seems like they played too late and didn't come back last night. Do you know?"

The girl recognize Earl but as another name."...... ******" (Sorry,once again,I forgot the most shocking part. Earl's real name, you know!!! :blink Even I was shocked in my dream when she said that!!)

Earl's face begin to change to another face ( :blink WHAT????!!!! but don't worry :noworry,he's totally cool and handsome,more like a Count (or a Dorian) than Tiki (120% higher)), "How do you know that name? I already throw the name and the one I meant with it far away."

She smiles sadly and beautifully when she stares Earl. "What a coincidence for us to meet again,*****. I know how hard you've tried to 'clear' me and looks like it works,isn't it? Are The Noahs alright?"

Earl expression is filled with emotion (any emotion like all humans do(that really shock me again. :blink) He said slowly and not sure ".... #####?"

[Cold and strong wind blows hardly and the leaves are flying in mess around them both]

(After that, a blurred view and I woke up and cried)

I saw that dream like i was really there and watched all but they don't sense me. Why did I dream like that? :darn I have to sit for a few minutes and stares in blank-mind. :tem

:eyeroll Okay this is mine,how about yours? :)

January 04, 2007, 02:10 AM
thats quite the dream...you should do a manga on it or something :D

i've nvr got a dream about anything d.grey man related, but recently, i've been dreaming of a world where the sky is liquid and the ground is made of shattered dry soil, but white like the barran tundra desert...
at the horizon. there is a pillar like thing that seems to be connecting the sky & the ground...i'd keep walking to it but never reach it :darn

January 04, 2007, 05:02 AM
I also haven't had really a dream about D. Gray-man itself till now but oh, how wonderful it would be *_*. Just some characters appear in my crazy dreams: Tiki, Allen. That's all I remember ^o^.

January 04, 2007, 06:29 AM
Wow,I think I would try to make your view into painting,Tune.

Sounds it'll be become amazing.

I hope I'm skilled enough to make that happen. :)

January 04, 2007, 07:36 AM
I also haven't had really a dream about D. Gray-man itself till now but oh, how wonderful it would be *_*. Just some characters appear in my crazy dreams: Tiki, Allen. That's all I remember ^o^.

Héhé, I have never had dreams about manga/anime but soon or a later it will come: and I know where to post it ;)

January 04, 2007, 09:57 AM
nice :D i'd be sure to see the painting
(though it wasnt a really good dream...the whole place was so white & the reflections are everywhere...*thinking*)
maybe i'll see it again tonight

January 04, 2007, 11:17 AM
Interesting dream.

I had only one anime-related dream. It had Juri and Ruka from Revolutionary Girl Utena, dressed like characters from Matrix. I remember watching Animatrix before going to sleep so maybe that's the reason…

January 05, 2007, 06:40 AM
If you're going to see it tonight,make sure you reach the top of the stairs so you can tell me what is in there.

Hehehehe..... :)

May 07, 2007, 07:08 PM
I vaugely remember a dream about Allen and a giant robot. >_+

May 07, 2007, 09:28 PM
I think there's been one or two "what-if" daydreams relating to those infamous theories of D.Gray-Man (like Allen being a Noah, or who's the Heart), but nothing really of note.

...wait, no, there WAS one about Allen, Rabi and Kanda being part of a VK band, but that was definitely during a night of Malice Mizer love. Hmm...

May 08, 2007, 06:34 AM
Daydreams, a whole bunch of them, but actual dreams...I vaguely recall having a dream about Allen's eye and Rhode...and this bunch of akuma. I forgot nearly every aspect of it an hour after waking up, so kudos to you for remembering so much.XD

May 08, 2007, 07:06 AM
I know I once had a dream with Tyki in it but I can't really remember it, damned >_<!
But day-dreaming? Every day, believe me :P.

July 03, 2007, 11:15 PM
I kind of remember having a dream that the next chaper raw's came out, and in it tyki becme a good guy.

and in the dream I wasn't actualy reading the manga, I was reading a spoiler on a forum.

haha this was just last night

July 06, 2007, 09:22 PM
I recently had a dream that I know was about DGM, but I only remember, once again a small piece.

......Allen was wearing a dress. >_+

July 07, 2007, 03:59 AM
Okay, It wasn't a dream about d.gray-man, but this dream was maybe a cool idea for posting here. A manga of it was cool...

I can't tell it in detail, but somehow we (I and two friends) woke up in an alternative world. Let me say the world was the same, but there were some strange events. I didn't live anymore in my student home, nor my friends. So we decide to go on a quest for searching the friends....

Time to wake up - damned it finished, maybe a hot girl would have been introduced :D

July 25, 2007, 09:51 AM
Hm, it happened...

I was dreaming that the new chapter came out early (two weeks early? xD), except in was in some other arc... and re-reading it, it was in a different volume, so somewhere else entirely. Anyway, it involved Komui plotting something evil by telephone to someone unknown... but the main part was Allen, Rinari, Rabi and Chaoji going to some place to ask something/train (can't remember which) - anyway, the owner of that place threw a giant star (think Jasdevi-style) at Allen, except it hit Rinari instead... accidental human shield. (Everyone thought it hit Allen. He then assured them that he was fine, and asked Rinari if she was, too... again and again... except that she was dead.) So Allen went crazy (laughing, for instance - I could even see the hiragana. o_O Like Tyki...). So everyone was predicting how she was going to come back to life, since the main character can't lose his sanity halfway through the story. Oh, and Rou Fa and her grandmother apparently had something to do with spirits and were trying to stop someone from doing something bad.

...Yeahhhhhh. But Komui being evil was kind of cool.

August 03, 2007, 06:59 PM
once, i had a drem where Allen was a girl XDDDDD

September 07, 2007, 08:21 AM
LOL i had this really short dream... lol it's pretty weird O_O i was some small child lol and i got lost in the HQ. it was pretty freaky. maybe the many doors in the HQ got to me >_> anyway, i freaked out and woke up from the dream. DAMN i didn't see any d gray man chracs. argh... maybe better luck tonight. i wanna detailed dream about d gray man like Croxx!!! wahh