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October 07, 2011, 06:26 PM
Name: Cassandra
Title: the Dust Eater (given by Roxanne)
Rank: 1
Era: Cassandra's
Appearance: Elf-Pointed Ears


Cassandra the Dust Eater

~she is caring, loyal & seems honorable
~has a unique technique which is not easy to dodge and counter
~the technique also allows her to dodge attacks which makes her harder to kill
~has great endurance even if injured
~seems to have awakened so there would be a definite increase in yoki, speed & power etc etc..
~last and most important of all she has a strong determination & will to avenge her friend & kill Roxy

~her technique does not have the element of surprise anymore..
~her speed, strength and regular sword technique when in her normal state is inferior to most no.1s.. if i'm not mistaken only a match to an average no.5
~in her extreme emotional state she is careless w/c is what killed her the last time..