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October 16, 2011, 08:20 PM
chapter 45 & 46

on the cover of the chapter 45, we have a face to face between Jinie and the witch ( i call the other girl the witch, that make things easier get used to it :p, strangely i don't like jinie in this maid suit, i prefer her old sexy-battle style :hurr)

the chapter begin with the invasion of the maid cafe by the SUC. the witch suc is trying to get her hand on Jinie.After their bold entry she ask about Jinie whereabout, but Yuri the little bitch arrogant maid who slapped Jinie in the previous chapter and who like to boss people around, get all mighty and start to yell and to threat the witch( u should know when to hold ur tongue :fail).

as expected, the witch tried to chop her head off with her weapon but the master of the maid cafe who was also a murim saved her. He asked to Yuri to run with the other and he wanted to handle the SUC by himslef, seems like he's been waiting to fight the SUC to teach them a lesson ( or just trying to act cool in front of chicks :derp). The master of the maid cafe introduced himself as Doo jin-ho, a disciple of the divine forest school ( no idea what is it ) and better knew as smooth stratus blade ( dude look at ur hand, u have a kitchen knife, not a blade :fail ).The SUC explain that they wanna become closer to GMR and the fight between kitchen knife smooth stratus blade and the witch start.

Meanwhile shioon is having a private walk with Sera( go for it boy :shakefist). She's explaining to him that GMR is like a God for all the master who hold a grudge against the MMA*. Murim didn't have any change or reform since decade, and all the young master who didn't have a connection with the alliance have been oppressed and faded but GMR appeared and broke appart the murim all by himself. So for all those master who suffered injustice of the MMA, GMR is the God.

On the other side, we have a hot and embarrassed Jinie coming back to the maid cafe ( donĀ“t be shy babe :jk ). there is a huge crown around, Jinie come closer. The master of maid cafe took a good beating ( what did u expect with ur kitchen knife :cookiehand), Seems like the gap between him and the witch was too big, she didn't have a single scratch on her and is making fun of him for having a big mouth ( oi heartless witch understand him, he wanted to play the hero in front of all those chicks :hip).the folks around are wondering if they're making a movie.

Yuri the arrogant maid come in to nurse her wounded master( i see that was his plan, take note :hee ) saying to the folks around to call an ambulance. The witch ask again about Jinie, yuri said she doesn't know. the witch is about to get rid of her but a bag come flying in her direction, she cut it in two and just behind there is Jinie coming with a flying kick (and pantiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiies :love ). what a flashy entrance :yay. Anyway the witch block the kick but the impact send her flying back.

Jinie tell to yuri to take the master and go, but that arrogant maid is too stupid to gasp the situation and to realize that her life have been saved few sec ago by Jinie and start to blame Jinie and to ask her many question. The small fry of the SUC are about to gang on Jinie but the witch stop them, saying that Jinie is her prey ( i guess she can't handle the fact that Jinie is hotter than her :toc).

the witch weapon is deadly, Jinie realize that and look around for a weapon. She pick 2 chairs leg and use them as nunchaku Wouuaah huaaaaaaah ( just remembered bruce lee battle cry, problem? :pwnge ).

when it come to weapon, the witch have the advantage, she throw her weapon to grab jinie Nunchaku and break them. But when she try to pull off Jinie's nunchaku with her weapon, Jinie jump in her direction thinking about using opponent's power and pantiiiies again... *cough* and Jinie aim at the witch's head, however she block the blow again and is about to catch Jinie's neck with the chain of her weapon.

Jinie save her neck using the Nunchanku ( thats was close :sweat ), the witch seems to lose patience and send Jinie in the air ( seems like she wanted to smash Jinie on the ground :sad) but Jinie in a flashy move break free from the withc weapon in the air (and panties again :yay).

the crown seems impressed by Jinie move and Yuri is wondering who's she.for the witch it's make things more fun ( won't be fun when u'll get slapped, just you wait :devil-mad). Jinie concern is about the crown,she doesn't want bystanders to get involved, when Jinie is looking away, the witch send a surprise attack but Jinie block the attack with the nunchakus, throw the nunchakus at the witch as a distraction and try to runaway :lmao

the SUC small fry who were watching till now, tried to block Jinie escape ( know ur place scum :yelling), one of them stepped up to catch Jinie but he got smashed, Jinie jumped and walked over their head ( be happy at least u saw panties :hurr). Jinie successfully started her escape but the SUC started to chase her. The master of the maid cafe asked to Yuri to lend him a cellphone and called Ji-gun.

Meanwhile Ji-gun is with a hacker trying to get some info about the SUC. he brought 14chips ( i guess he took them from the SUC small fry :headscratch) but none of those chips can get him high level info. The hacker say that the SUC's server security are at pentagon's level. So Ji-gun will need a higher level encoded chip. at that moment, Ji-gun receive the call of the maid cafe's master, he explain him the situation and the fact that Jinie is in danger,Ji-gun facial expression change as soon as he heard that Jinie is in danger (:toc) and is about to make his move.

Now let's get back to our sweeties Shioon and Sera.Shioon ask to Sera about seeing his mother and that it's been too long since he didn't receive a word from her ( there is a high probability that Shioon mother is probably in hospital, injured or dead and Sera is hidding it from Shioon), Sera say that Shioon is in the middle of his training and can't be distracted by outside matters but Shioon insist and Sera have no choice than to tell him that she will bring her shortly( hehe she's good at lying at least :eyeroll)

the guy with Sera ask her why she doesn't just tell the truth. Sera seems worried that if Shioon loose his concentration now, he may never get the chance to get stronger again ( just say u wanna stay longer with him :poke ). The chapter end with Ji-gun calling Sera and asking how to contact Shioon (dat boy is quite sharp ).

chapter 47

the cover of this chapter is really great, we have Sera on the first plan with a book and on the background we have a pic of Shioon. i guess u can say those 2 look great together (:hurr)

the Chapter start with Sera telling to Shioon the situation about Jinie and the SUC. Ji-gun told the situation to Sera to tell it to Shioon cuz Shioon phone is off for over a month.Shioon decide to go after Jinie ( wannabee hero again? :poke). Sera tell to Shioon that he shouldn't go for 5 reasons:
1-he's still in the middle of training
2-the Sunwoo clan will notice if he make his move now
3-her oppenent is one of the SUC leader
4- i loooooove you i don't wanna let you go
5- i'm jealous, i want you to be all mine, forget Jinie
Ehm.. i got carried away a little

Shioon stop Sera before she could say the 4and 5th reasons, and say that he gonna save Jinie no matter what (:shakefist)

We have a little flashback when Ji-gun was talking to Sera on the phone. Ji-gun is kinda sharp, he tell to Sera that she have no intention of telling him his message cuz she know Shioon will go straight to save her. Ji-gun say he kinda understand Sera, and she won't relay the message to Shioon cuz he's weak and can't do martial art ( we can see here that Ji-gun have no idea of Shioon training, latest improvement and of the medical pill). Sera ask to Ji-gun why bother to call then, he did it just cuz he felt like he needed to tell him that his friend was in trouble. It's kinda funny here cuz Sera replied that Jinie ain't a friend of Shioon( we can see jealousy in her tone :hurr). But Ji-Gun tell to Sera that they have no right to decide what their relationship is (poor sera :comfort).

Now back at the present. Sera say "she knew Shioon will want to go" with a sad face. She also say that when Shioon will leave the protection they've been giving to him stop ( is that true or did she said that just to hold him? :toc). However Shioon already made his mind, so Sera told him to prepar to leave.

Now back at Jinie who's still being chased by the Stuck SUC, the witch keep aiming at Jinie with her long range deadly weapon, Jinie avoid but is having a hard time :sweat.the people around are wondering if this is an event cuz the SUC keep ignoring the fact that there are many people watching them.
Jinie seems panicked, and is wondering what to do, like a kitty cornered. The witch is happy and think she finally caught Jinie however Jinie didn't give up, she jump on a truck ( pantiiiiies again :hurr) on movement and get away.
Jinie make fun of the SUC while getting away, calling them losers. the SUC small fry are quite charmed by Jinie cute face while the witch is pissed off and red ( are you jealous of her beauty ya fugly witch :poke).

Back at Shioon, Sera is giving him a strengthened copy of the medecine he brought with him ( can't wait to see the effect :blai). Sera is also giving him a phone to contact her with a device to track his location ( as i thought even if Sera said the protection end here, she's still gonna backup Shioon). Shioon is now ready to leave, the car Sera prepared for him is an ambulance with someone that she introduce as the fastest driver.

here come the time to say good bye, when Shioon is about to go, Sera ask him if he would come to rescue her if she was in trouble ( as i thought our ladykiller made another victim :cheez). Shioon grab her by the shoulder and tell her with a wannabee sweet face that he would come as fast as he can and got in the ambulance ( dude finish the job and kiss her, goddamnit where are ur balls? :yelling).

while Shioon is getting away, the guy with Sera ask her if it's was okay to let him go. Sera admit that it's prolly cuz she wanted to heard those words from him( no doubt about her being jealous of Jinie). However Sera say "that Shioon heard is strong and continue to shine" with a wonderful smile on her face. i gotta say that's my favorite panel on the chapter, she was the one shining. And i gotta say it removed all the doubts that i had on Sera, she's definitely by Shioon side.

Meanwhile Ji-gun A.k.A smiling blade is giving a good beating to the SUC small fry asking them their phone. Seems like he's trying hard to find someone, he just say "i can't find her with this", at first i thought he was trying to find Jinie but given a second thought it could also be that he's trying to find the witch. One SUC was playing the dead, trying to attack Ji-gun by behind when he wasn't paying attention :lmao, however Ji-gun seems to be used to people who fight dirty ( what did u thought? :toilet).

the Witch asked to track Jinie but seems like they couldn't locate Jinie.She's been informed that Ji-gun made his move and took down one of the smallfry group. She said that Jinie was just the bait for Ji-gun, one of the smallfry interrupted her to tell her that their time is almost up. Seems like they have a limited time when they go out to cause a ruckus and also seems like the smallfry is more reasonable than the witch. But the witch is quite arrogant and don't want to listen to anyone, she tell him to shut up even thought he's saying that the others leader might get angry. She ask him to call the others leader, she want to use the full power of the SUC to crush Ji-gun and Jinie ( things are getting interesting again :blai )


The SUC: what we know , what we can guess and what we can predict

-At first i thought that the SUC was some random group of idiot causing ruckus everywhere. However the SUC seems to be a well organized group,first because they're organized without having a HQ so the martial art alliance can't get their hands on them (it was said in the previous chapters), also cuz theirs server have a pentagon level security. They may have another purpose other than destroying everything in the city.
-Another point is their power, they call themselves masters, but when you look at it, the witch wasn't able to let a single scratch on Jinie or on Ji-gun. So i do think the witch ain't very powerful She wouldn't call for the 4 others masters to come if she was confident to defeat Ji-gun. Now we can wonder if the 5 masters are all at the same levels or if they are at different level.Also i do think that the witch is one of the weakest or prolly the weakest of the SUC masters. She seems to be like the little girl of the group, she doesn't act for the SUC interest but for her personal interest and she seems to not following the rules established among them (the small fry say: our time is almost over and that the others masters can get angry).
-Now we can predict if they 4 other masters will come or not? i would like to heard ur opinion about it. personally i don't think they will come. Maybe one or two will come. The witch have no right to boss them around for her personal interest, also i don't think the others boss are like little kids, i think they're more serious than the witch. And if i'm right about the witch being the weakest of the group maybe they will get rid of her if she cause too much trouble. I also think it's too early for the real fight against the SUC, maybe we will get a short introduction of the other SUC masters.

Sera X Shioon
i've been wondering about the relation between Sera and Shioon. Why Sera is helping Shioon? is she using him, for what purpose? did she have a devil scheme? To me, Sera noticed that Shioon have a great potential and decided to bet on him for that reason. But to me the principal reason why she helped Shioon is cuz she's attracted by his charisma ( like almost all the people who met Shioon). We can see some sign of jealousy in this chapter, without a doubt we can say now that Sera is by shioon side and have some feeling for him. Also Shioon got his training and things got interesting again in this manhwa thank to Sera. So sera FTW :shakefist

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First :yay

THanks scav i think ur revieew was awesome. Nothing really to add think u covered everything

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Wooo, that was a long and enjoyable read. Like lawlett said, you covered it well. I am looking forward to see the SUC masters.