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October 19, 2011, 12:06 AM
Title:XO Sisters a.k.a 엑소시스터즈
Genres: Manwha, Action, Comedy, Shounen, Supernatural
Author: Park Seong-Su
Artist: Hwang Seong-Won
Publication: Haksan
Start Date: 2011
End Date: N/A
Number of chapters at review: 4
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 4

General Overview:
Only a gay guy like Jo Cheul-Hee could be admitted into an all girls school. Even though he might not really be gay, he's also one of the strongest delinquents until he met his match. Beaten up by a girl, he begs to know the martial arts school she's from. Laughing off Jo Cheul-Hee's requets, she went her way. Upset, Jo-Cheul-Hee set out to learn more about his mysterious encounter only to be dragged into the a world he never dreamt existed.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 10
Superb artwork and detail. I like Hwang Seong-Won's art style. It's very refined in my opinion. His attention to detail with the human body deserves much praise. Most artists don't even consider drawing the fingernails and toe nails and most don't even consider the pose of a real life high kick.

I also noticed that Hwang Seong-Won's use of differing contrast between black and white seems to make his art more visually appealing. For some reason, his artwork seems to have this Sunday comics touch at times. It's stylish and has it's own distinct polish.

Plot: 6

At first glace, it might seem something akin to any high school fighting mangas/manwha like Veritas and countless others, but it doesn't stay pure to that genre. I suppose that it's much more similar to Yu Yu Hakusho. Perhaps it's much more similar to Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou than Yu Yu Hakusho. The first few chapters builds up an introductory of the lead characters and then dump the truth about XO Sisters.

The plot twist might make it too extreme for others to keep their interest in this manga. Of course this has seemingly threw off many readers. For that, I'm a bit thankful that it wasn't drawn out. Perhaps, the twist happened too early where the author didn't quite ease the reader into. Personally, it was quite a disappointment. Then again, the author did hint towards something that was beyond mere martial arts. Should've seen it coming.

Characters: 9

Jo Chuel Hee is an ignorant marital artist who is self centered. He's not able to see pass himself nor the pain and misery he brings others. Then again, the guys he beats up deserved it. His past is not altogether interesting as of yet but I'm sure the author might pull something. He also doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but he might be a martial art expert seeing how he has delved into it.

Hwang Ji-Woo. An archer. She wears glasses and ties her hear up. That's probably so that her hair doesn't interfere with her fighting capabilities. Ji-Woo interest in archery has also lead her to participate in competing in archery tournaments. Seeing how endowed she is, I wonder if her breast would get in the way? That's because I once heard that the Amazonians would chop off one of their breast so as to make it easier to use to bow. I forgot when it had to do with the draw or when the bow would spring back.

Min-hee. A swordsman. Min-hee seems to be the leader out of the four girls. Her leadership role must have to do with the fact that the other girls refer to her as an "unni" or older sister in Korean. I think her sword is nothing more than a transformed pocket knife or something. Min-hee is well composed, cool-head and reserve.

Jung Yurim, is probably the more fashion sensitive out of all four girls. Her skills in deploying talismans and enchantments seems to indicate that her mystical skills are more superior than the other three. This indicate strategist and a support role for the rest of the team. In my opinion, she might also be the more outgoing person in the entire group.

Jo Yung Hee, the brawler. The seemingly hand-to-hand expert. Yung-hee also has a head strong attitude to boot which makes her even more lethal in close range engagements. If that wasn't enough, she is quite a the brute when it comes to strength. Out of the four girls, she seems to be the most unrefined.

Theme: 8

Sometimes your life career is the same one as that of your parents. Gosh, what's the use of personality quizzes that help determine career choices when one could just look at their parents? Then again, there are a whole slew of sayings such as an apple doesn't fall far from the tree or chip off the old block or something along those lines. You all know what I mean.

Sadly for Jo Cheul-Hee, he gotten himself into a mess I'm sure he never wanted any part in. One could say that his desire to become independent by defeating his priest caused all this. The predicament he got himself into most other guys wouldn't mind. He is surrounded by the most gorgeous and popular girls of his all-girls high school.

Originality: 6

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou but in Korean. It's too early to tell where this one might go.

Overall: 5

I'll confess here. I really starting reading the manwha because of the colored front cover. Great marketing.

Quite an interesting turn of events that might either be a turn off or turn on for others. I know that for some mangas and manwhas, things turn out weird later so I'm glad that it's doing that fresh from the start and not when things have already progressed quite far. That definitely reminded me of Ito Ogure a.k.a. Oh! Great and his work. Usually the manga starts out solid, weird twist in the middle and by the end, the plot is all a mess with an ugly knot trying to tie everything in. I just hope that XO Sisters won't follow that trend.

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