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November 04, 2011, 09:16 AM
For a while now I have been wondering where exactly hodi got these. Does it make sense for him to have them? A flashback showed that he simply got a hold of them and apparently zeno was the one in charge of mass producing them. Who gave hodi the pills and for what reason? We have seen the effect of the pills and they are obviously meant for military applications. I get the impression that hodi and his gang were given the pills for 1 reasons:

1.- The first is to test the pills and its potential side effects. It is a powerful drug so who better to try it than fishmen barely anyone knows about 10km under the sea? Basically the lot of them were simply guinea pigs. The pills aren't enough a deal to make someone plain weak stand a chance against someone strong however as we have seen in less extreme cases they can easily change the course of a battle.

Now, who would have interest in a military weapon of this caliber? The first group that comes to mind is the world government. They have the resources and the reasons to pull the pills off. I don't think the world government would have had a particular interest in overthrowing the neptunes however it would not be past a few of their high ranking members to test the pills in such a fashion. Perhaps this would be the next step after the pacifista project was finished.

Now as for any other potential candidates, I would lean towards either a yonko or some unknown pirate with some power. I also get a hogback feeling from the pills. He used to make strong dead fighters and now he would be focusing on strengthening the living so it is a nice contrast.

November 04, 2011, 12:14 PM
Those pills are quite troublesome indeed. I've been re-reading the flashbacks and we can't know for sure when exactly hody got these. Right after Queen Otohime's murder, he celebrates with his comrades and show them the pills for the very first time.
Was he keeping them before and planned the murder along with his new pills ?
Or did he manage to get hold onto it during the funeral ?

The most intriguing thing is that his friends already knew about the "legendary pills" (http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/82338206/10). So could that be linked to Urashima's Casket? If i'm correct, all of this happens during Whitebeard's protection, so Big mum's candy factory is nowhere to be seen yet. Either Zeo is a hell of a scientist, or he gets the help of someone somewhere. Reminds me of one guy who vanished since Otohime's murder: Aladdin. This man could have helped them, he was a doctor after all! Even if he seemed to agree with Fisher Tiger's will, that doesn't mean he couldn't turn blind furious after his queen's death.

On the other hand
If it's from the WG: It was eleven years ago, when Jimbe became shichibukai. Someone convinced hody with this 1-year murder plan and the pills. Or was it the tenryubitto's revenge? Hell, they got devil fruits just to get entertained, they could have access to those pills too.
=>A testing experiment or a cruel conceived plan to destroy fishman kind.

If it's from a yonkou (like you said): I think it could be Kaidou, some think he was a former marine. So he could have access to certain places like Vegapunk's labs. It could explain why they're working together now (http://www.tenmangas.com/chapter/OnePiece595/209937-3.html). (look at these modified underlings, trees and mountains)

oniichan powaa
November 05, 2011, 10:15 AM
It seems that these pills were created with the sole purpose of enhancing the strength, speed and stamina of fishman only. We have yet to witness the effect of the pill with human subject, side effect of these steroid-like pills and have never heard of it on the surface, so I assume that it only appear among the fishman pirates. Hodi's comrades had only eaten a small amount of the pill and yet they've gotten strong enough to wreak havoc under the sea. After consuming so much if these pills, I doubt that Hodi's body would return to normal. He's doomed guys..

A testing experiment or a cruel conceived plan to destroy fishman kind.

That might be true Geez. Just like what happened to China during the Opium War, it might be a sinister plan played by someone from the surface to utterly destroy fishman kind. :smoke

November 05, 2011, 11:19 AM
I don't think the manga has hinted at the pills only working on fishmen. Heck, fishman have been shown to be close enough to humans on their inside that human blood and fishmen blood is by all intents and purposes the same. More so, if the whole thing was in any form a conspiracy to test the power of the pills without the entire world knowing then odds are humans are behind it and meant for it to be used on humans in the long run. It is kinda disturbing that hodi apparently had the pills when otohime died though but there is still a small chance that those are not the pills.

November 06, 2011, 08:41 AM
Yeaah... i dramatize a bit sometimes xD
Let's say it was a plan to set anarchy in fishman island, in order to enslave them much easier. Is that too much too ? But i like the tenryubitto's revenge idea, corrupting a royal guard (hody) with pills and promises in order to assassinate the queen :D

kkck, yep i agree. Besides, someone in another thread pointed out that guards in impel down could have been under the same treatment... not a bad idea !

November 06, 2011, 02:21 PM
I would personally find it very strange that the awakening of zoan users and the awakening from hodi would be related. Aren't there too many differences and weird circumstances for that to be the case? If the pills were the cause of the awakening of the zoans in ID then how did crocodile knew about that? The pills would appear to be a large unknown in the world, if the pills were related to that then it would not make sense for crocodile to have had such general knowledge on awakened zoans. There is also the issue that in terms of appearance awakened zoans were quite different from hodi or hyozu. Both of them turned white when transformed while in turn it does not seem like the ID guards were like that at all. More so, their hybrid form was plain strange and they did not seem to have the capacity to speak or transform at large. I really don't think the two are connected, the awakened zoan thing seems to be directly connected to zoan devil fruits, not the pills (otherwise the awakened "zoan" would really not make sense as they would be plainly awakened).

On another note, I don't think the metal island drake was at was like the technological paradise where vegapunk came from. It did not seem to have much technology in the first place, it was simply a metal island which admittedly is quit estrange.

November 06, 2011, 05:13 PM
Maybe the pills have different effects on the users (even though I think you're right): On Zoans, it could simply "awake" them whereas on men/fishmen, it could multiply their strength and reduce their lifespan.
In fact, such a dangerous drug could be accessible by tenryubittos, and i remember that it was Aladdin who tended to the tenryubitto's wounds. The same man, who also realized Shirahoshi's powers and disappeared from the story, right after the funeral. Maybe it was his motives, even though i don't understand why the pills could give him access to it.

On vegapunk's note, it's a bit too strange for such a coincidence! The weaponized underling, who bears a number on his shoulders reflects vegapunk's methods. Same with the metal trees, rocks and mountains. But it's another issue^^

November 07, 2011, 03:55 PM
I wonder where he gained them too,it might be from big mom(without she knows that),but I doubt.anyway we surely will see where he got them,this may be a way to go on with some plots and developments

Jorge D. Dragon
November 08, 2011, 03:26 AM
The topic is really interesting. This drug can really change the course of the battle. We know that Luffy is super strong now, especially with his Haki and such attacks as Elephant Gun and Elephant Gatling Gun. And Hodi after his last transformation actually tanked to some extent Elephant Gun (the attack that one-shotted Kraken, the fucking thing that is several times bigger than Sunny) and was only finally taken down by Elephant Gatling Gun (and don't forget about Red Hawk making a hole in his body). He got really insane toughness and we really know only several fighters with such toughness so far (Whitebeard, Akainu, Luffy, Garp, maybe some more who I don't remember now, but still there are not that many fighters who can tank attack to such a degree). If someone of Vice Admiral's or Admiral's level used this drug he could have taken out someone like WB by himself (arguebly, but still it's quite possible).
It's a good idea that it can be the experiment of some pirate who want to become the strongest with feeding his crewmates these pills or maybe even WG's experiment.:)

November 13, 2011, 08:25 PM
I believe it's the urashima casket. Or at least I would like to believe because I do not want to see the pills ever again
as I hate them and if its part of world government ploy..I would have to see them again :(
But knowing oda I'm sure it'll lead to something.
I read a good theory on arlongpark(or was it here?) that the casket is actually something that makes you grow older and strong rather what the legend says it does.
It's confusing but I'm not sure. It will be crazy if its wg ploy and if it can be mass manufactured..