View Full Version : Archived Match Attacks: guess the swords!

Caster Pheonix
November 07, 2011, 12:50 PM
I bought the Sun newspaper(lying English rag) last week before I went to work as I usually buy 'The Daily Mirror'. I read it, but i kinda of glossed over this article and others.I read the paper again a few days later again and I nearly choked at this article. I've posted two scans of the article and you should be able to read it and see the pictures. In essence, jailbird in Wales prison made swords out of match sticks and sharpened them to a point that they were considered dangerous. They said the prisoner has blended fantasy with functionability? Guess they never played a popular RPG series and read/watched one of the most famous manga/animes around. So I put to you, Name the swords in the picture supplied in the link below.

I uploaded and scanned that pic. Have mega upload link so pm me for that if it isn't allowed to be on site.