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November 11, 2011, 02:59 PM

Fairy Tail 258: Sabertooth
A Joint Review

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, guys, it's been a while since we last met. In the meantime a lot of things happened. The Reviewer Alliance got new members, we got our own HQ, where you can chat with us and many other things. But onto the real thing. In this Joint Review of Fairy Tail 258: Sabertooth we decided to add a fanfic and a fanart. The review is long even without them, so I prepare you to take some free time, when reading this review. You can even split it into a few days :p

Actually, I've said all I wanted. The only thing that's left is a small remark before we start. In this review participated: Jammin (Reviewer - Short Summary; Character Spotlight; Art Corner) RaveDragon (Reviewer/Writer - Predictions; Fanfic) Googlez_kun (Artist - Fanart) and your loyal servant alphabeta (Reviewer - Intro; Banner; Long Summary). So, without further ado, let's begin our...


Short Summary:
The chapter starts us off with a pair of mages sitting on an open hillside discussing the return of the mages to Fairy Tail. With one eagerly discussing it and the other acting disinterested.

The scene then transitions to the magic council building where Sage Org is discussing some council matters with two younger council members, Laharl and Doranbalt. When Org brings up the Fairy Tail members, however, Doranbalt's face shows that he is still plagued with guilt about the time he spent trying to spy on Fairy Tail from within.

Org goes on to say that these 7 years have seemed too quiet to him, with no sightings of Zeref or the Black Dragon Acnologia. Almost like it was all waiting for the people of Fairy Tail to return and then he laughs at himself for thinking so highly out of such a troublesome guild and walks away. But Doranbalt's face shows that is exactly what he believes to be true.

Focus shifts to Fairy Tail as things are returning to normal. A mere two weeks after the return of the Fairy Tail elites the cheery familial chaos of the guild getting back into full swing and Lucy is getting over her father's passing.

Sitting around a table in the guildhall Romeo, Bisca, and Alzack are getting the returning mages up speed on the new pecking order of the mage's guilds. Specifically a new guild powerhouse guild called Sabertooth. They also break the news that Fairy Tail is the weakest of the guilds now. News which distresses Wendy but thrills Natsu who thinks climbing to the top is going to be even more fun now. His enthusiasm quickly spreads to the others. Then Cana shows up looking for Gildarts who Erza tells her is with Makarov at the old guild building.

The scene changes to the pair walking down a large staircase and Gildarts is surprised that such a thing here all this time yet he never knew about it. Makarov simply tells him that he'll know why he wasn't told when he see's what he wants to show him; as they walk into a large room with a sealed door at in it. Makarov breaks the seal the door opens and he presents Gildarts with Fairy Tail's greatest secret..."Lumens Etoile" Gildarts looks shaken and stunned and asks why this is here and why Makarov has shown it to him. To which Makarov replies "Because you are going to be the next master of Fairy Tail Gildarts."

Events refocus on the two mages on the hill who are continuing the discussion about the return of Fairy Tail when someone fires an arrow at one of them. Which the mage catches in his mouth, eats, and fires back at him. The archer is stunned and recognizes them as a pair of dragon slayers from the Sabertooth guild, The White Dragon Sting Eucliffe and The Shadow Dragon Rogue Cheney. Also now visible are a large number of defeated dark guild mages behind the hillside on which they where sitting. Sting calls their Exceeds, Frosh and Lector, and they head off as Sting resumes discussing Fairy Tail's return and Rogue continues to act disinterested.

Long Summary:
Mother of god, I see a Fairy Tail Joint Review. And I also see my downfall. Writing the LS for a 23 pages long chapter is probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my reviewing career. Anyway, let’s stop with the emo-talk and move onto my analysis of Fairy Tail 258: Sabertooth. Before we start, I’ll have to remind you, that I’m by far not a FT-tard, so it’s very likely I’ll do some beginner mistakes when it comes down to the plot and characters of FT, so I’d like to ask for your understanding beforehand ;)

The chapter starts with a color page, showing two characters. One sitting sitting in a “bad motherf**cker-pose”, while the other is standing near him, showing his back to us. It’s hard not to notice their resemblence with Natsu and Zeref. But let’s leave the characters to my other coleauge, who has a better way of handling things with character development and all that jazz. I’ll focus more on the plot and the actual chapter.

Now then, from their talk we found out, that: 1st - one of them is called “Rogue”; 2nd - They have a unknown relationship with Natsu; 3rd – Natsu and the rest are now considered the “core members” of FT. Nothing interesting as of now, but it’s already obvious, that these two will confront the “core members”, however their objective is unknown. It’s easy to say, that they’ll end up fighting, but I actually see them as future allies. Well, they might end up going the Gajeel-route with first fighting FT, but then becoming their allies.

BDMF pose – check; new outfit – check; talk about MC – check…
New characters :zomg

Next, we get a color doublespread, celebrating the FT movie. Once again, I’ll leave this CP to the person who’ll do the Art Corner in this review, so don’t expect to hear anything from me now. All I’ll say is that Natsu in that ape-costume looks just… -_-;

Finally we move from color pages to normal black white one’s and the first thing we see is the magic council (Oh sh**, I’m so screwed, I don’t know a thing about them >_>). Sage Aug is telling his two fellas, that Natsu and the rest have returned. Those two may be shocked at this news, but what caught my attention whas that… owl, on his head. I’ve flipped through the chapter, it’s sitting on his head 24/7. Assuming it lives on his head, it also sleeps there, eats there and shi… O.K. forget what I wanted to say.

They see me rollin’
They hatin’

With the “core members” of FT back, this means also new trouble for the council. Even though Doranbalt seems rather relighted at the fact of their return. All that’s left, is remembering who doranbalt is in the first place. @_@. Yeah, forget it. The main topic is that the council still doesn’t knows their whereabouts. I understand their problem. The thought of the FT members being in the FT guild is just so freaking hard to imagine. Yeah, Mashima, good job hyping up magic council. Anyway, we leave the rundown of what happened in the council with a last seven years. Or to bo more precise what not happened. But now that FT is back, things are bound to get hot again… literally.

It’s winter outside
but, it’s fu**ing hot in here :nosebleed

We’re back at the guild, where everyone is celebrating the live out of themselves. They have to make up for a seven year old wait afterall. What I liked in this page were the little details, like gajeel in his singer-costume, the simplicity of the panels, but all that fades away and becomes unimportant in the shadow of Lucy’s a… O.K. forget what I wanted to say.

Meanwhile our heroes are sitting at a round table discussing the topic of long since died animals… oh wait, they’re discussing a guild, sorry, my bad. So, errr, yeah, they’re called sabertooth, and were just small fry until they gained 5 new members, which are all super-mega awesome. I gotta be careful as not to start a “haters-gonna-hate compaign” here, since this typicaly shounen way of handling things is like poison for a non-mainstream lover like me. Anyway, this sabertooth is like totally awesome now, while FT is dead last (first time hearing, that there is something like an official guild ranking in the first place >_<). But what would put everyone in a deep state of deprimisim does not work on Natsu. He’s totally fired up, because this way they can build their reputation up from the very beginning.

Oh man, I love Fairy Tail
and you all know why :hurr

The scene switches once again to another character. It’s Kana’s turn this time. She’s asking for gildart’s whereabouts, only to get a sarcastic comment from Gray as an answer. Still, in the end, we found out that makarov is called makarov-san now. Oh, yeah, the whereabouts. They went to the original FT building. (When did they got a new one?) @_@ Oh man, FT tards are so gonna make me look like a little kid, with all these questions I ask >_> Well, yeah, Kana rushes off (with a barrel under her grib?!) and thus leaves the scene for makarov-san and gildarts-kun. What was the point of giving her screentime in the first place?

Back in the original Fairy Tail HQ, Makarov and Gildarts are going down a staircase (bad omen). Gildarts didn’t knew of it’s existance (very bad omen). Makarov doesn’t gives a normal explanation as to why no one told Gildarts before (very, very bad omen). Makarov makes a few ninja handsigns and a over 9000 tons heavy door opens (very, very, omfg how very bad omen, this can’t end good… what’s gonna happen, what’s gonna happen?) They both step inside and what happens next cannot be described with words…

You know, form this perspective it looks like
they’re holding hands ¬_¬

Lumen Etoile… Oh my god, is this for real? I’ve waited my whole life for this moment, this is so emotionally touching, it has such a deep importance to the overall plot. The timeline of introducing this element is so wonderfully placed I have no words to describe my feelings of pure astonishment. Is this what you expect me to say? Get real. First off, let’s start with the fact that I don’t have even a single clue as to what “Lumen Etoile” is in the first place. Next we are shown Makarov’s and Gildarts’s reaction to this thing, but not the actual “Lumen Etoile” itself. What kinda Trollbankai is that? C’mon it has to be something if it can make even Gildarts start shaking in fear. And to top all of that… Gildart is being promoted to FT Master. Wow, what an unexpected plot twist -_-;

Now, I could spent a few thousand symbols describing my thoughts of what I think about Gildarts becoming the next master, and everything that’s connected to it, but guess what? I won’t. Not even close. I long since gave up on the idea of making such big statements, when you don’t consider yourself on the level of a tard, or at least post in the respective section. Sorry, guys, maybe a next time. But then why am I reviewing this chapter? Try answering that ;)

But I still can and must say a few words about Gildarts’s reaction to this lula etuahala blah-blah thing. His face shows us the whole diapason from light astonishing to pure horror. And thus the various possibilities of what’s inside that chamber are endless as well. Right now, the possibility of Voldemort playing a game of shogi with Shikamaru in that chamber is nor bigger nor lesser than any other.

Gildarts, I know that the one who stole my cookies…

Like always, whenever something interesting happens and we want to know what will happen next… we don’t. Something always gets in between. Take a random manga. Assume we are at the edge of finding out a super-mega interesting plot twist. Right at this moment, when the mangaka is finally about to show it… BOOOOOM… the scene switches to another place. “hahahaha” is what the mangaka thinks, “here, take another 300 chapter long filler arc, thousands of random pulled-out-of-a**-characters, useless and uninteresting wannabe fights”, and when all that is over he finally decides to turn back to his main event. Yeah, yeah, this is what happens usually. Sad, but true.

Speaking of pulled-out-of-a**-characters. We get another glimpse at the duo introduced at this chapter. The white guy is in a nostalgic mood, where he remembers how small he was, and how Gajeel was his… Gajeel was his senpai?! OH, HOLY CR**. I am so screwed, I thought they were new characters. What a fail. I am literally facepalming myself at this moment. No, a facepalm can’t describe what I feel, yeah, there, 1… 2… 3… FACEWALL (http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/16300000/Facewall-summer448-16388318-508-487.jpg) – when a facepalm just isn’t enough. :fail

Suddenly someone interrupts his nostalgic mood by sending an arrow towards him. C’mon, we’re living in the age, where people shoot fire form their mouth, where they create ice from with their bare hands, where they can eradicate anyone they want to with a single spell, and this random filler characters uses an arrow? How old-fashioned. But the arrow doesn’t arrive at the desitnation. It’s being caught in mid-air and eaten. And now it all becomes obvious. Those two guys are dragon slayers…

yaoi look in their eyes – check; yaoi way of wearing clothes - check
yaoi new characters… check -_-;

It’s official now. That, what was once supposed to be a once in a million ability of a dragon slayer is now a treat that gets every second rate character… … I’VE HAD IT. MASHIMA, GET OUT, I’M SUMMONING YOU TO A DUEL. DON’T THINK YOU CAN TROLL ME JUST LIKE THAT AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!! AAARRGGH, HOLD ME BACK, BRO, HOLD ME BACK!!! This rage inside myself, I’ve been building it up since the very beginning of the time skip, it got once near to the boiling point, when Natsu and the rest returned from a seven year time-skip just like that, but now it’s finally out. I officially declare this time skip as the worst one between the main shounen titles. There, now you have it. What else did you expect me to say after a scene where the whole main cast disappears just like that, and just like that it returns after a time skip of seven years. Without a single change?!

But back to the review, I still have a few things to comment. First off, their numbers. Not so long ago, we were told there were five new members to this guild. But now we see only two. The question whether the other three are dragon slayers as well is instantly rising to the surface. My prediction is – yes. That’s in case sabertooth will become the antagonist for this arc. Because no matter how you look at it, Natsu himself should be able to whipe the floor with those two, not to mention what will happen if Gajeel or Wendy will join him. FT has more dragonslayer, they’ll win. But if there are five dragonslayers, things change. Well, I can’t really say much more, let’s just wait for future chapters. But before I end this thing completely, there are still two more characters ready to be introduced.

A wannabe professor and an animal cosplayer

I don’t think I’ll be alone in my opinion if I say, that at first I thought those two shadows belonged to Happy and Charle, but the instant I saw that above panel I received a strong desire to put the palm of my hand against my face. A walking cat, that can talk in a frog costume. Really? Really, really? But his other companion isn’t much better. Well, to be honest, I can’t actually say anything bad about the other one. Aside from a few fails in his costume he hasn’t done anything bad as of now. The dragonslayer duo meets up with their counterparts and get ready to meet Natsu with unknown intentions. Well, Mashima can do better cliffhangers, that’s for sure. And on this lame note I would like to close up my part in this review. I’m sure my other colleagues will compensate for this “don’t-know-how-to-call-it”. Have fun reading the rest of this review :super

Character Spotlight:
Gildarts Clive is an easy going, kind-hearted, womanizer of a man; in addition to being one incredible monster of a mage. Which makes it easy to understand why he would be well suited to be Makarov's successor.

He has always approached the younger generation like a fond uncle caring for his nieces and nephews. Which has resulted in him being held in very special regard by people like Natsu, Erza, and Gray. And that familial role is something he embraces wholeheartedly, as was shown by how thrilled he was to find out Cana was his real daughter. He really does want to be a good mentor and guardian for the guildmembers and to become somebody his daughter could call family.

In terms of combat power he's top tier too. Combining his crash magic, which allows him to smash anything, and superhuman physical abilities he is a force to be reckoned with. Even missing an arm and leg, which where lost in a fight with the Black Dragon Acnologia, he's one of the strongest fighters we've seen thus far.

Being a guild master will be the first time we have seen him take on a role of authority and responsibility. In that way I think it will make an excellent parallel with his new-found fatherhood. Watching him handle both challenges should be a joy and a pleasure for us all.

Art Corner:
It's always a good thing for a chapter to start out with some color pages. The first page is in color mostly likely as a means of giving readers a better idea of what the new major characters, Sting and Rogue, look like. Showing things like skin color, hair color, and clothing color, while leaving most of the pair's features obscured so that they can be fully revealed later on.

The cover page is awesome. Promoting the movie by dividing up the cast into movie references was a neat move. Though I can't identify all of them. The ones I recognize are Gajeel as Zatoichi, Lucy as Cinderella, and Natsu as King Kong. The other references didn't seems a clear cut but I love the page regardless. It shows me that the artist knows the characters he's drawing well enough to put them in any clothing or situation without missing beat.

The rest of the chapter is, as you would expect, done in the standard Fairy Tail style. Clean, expressive, and well defined character work allows a lot of characters to be in a scene and have it seem comfortable instead of crowded, like in the scene in the guildhall. That crisp artistic style also helped to increase the impact Makarov and Gildarts discussion while standing before the brilliant light emanating from Lumens Etoile. A great scene made greater by the artwork.

Another area where the art in Fairy Tail shines this week was in background...literally. The Magic Council with it's unique aesthetic somewhere between that of a cathedral and a royal palace. How cool was that open air second floor hallway overlooking an english garden filled with statues, fountains, and hedgerow? Yet even more impressive was the underground passageway beneath the old Fairy Tail guild. The detail there was incredible. Each stone step looked just a little rough like it was hand quarried and as they walked the background went from half plaster and half stone to rough stone block resembling an ancient temple.

Fairy Tail is generally above average when it comes to background work but this was just amazing. The attention to detail and sheer number of different locations makes this chapter a joy to read.

Fairy Tail chapter 259- The Sky Dragon, Grandina.

Hiro Mashima once again gives us an amazing and unforeseen twist in his manga, Fairy Tail as of chapter 258. This leads me to the predictions for his next chapter 259; The Sky Dragon, Grandina. Rogue and Fro as well as Sting and Lector seem to be the ‘replacements’ for Natsu and Happy and Gajeel and Lily respectively it was even mentioned that a ‘long time ago’ Rogue was Gajeel’s apprentice. This makes me hopeful for some revelations on the past of Fairy Tail’s Dragon Slayers explaining the puzzling event of Natsu and Gajeel not being able to leave Freed’s runes in the Fantasia arc (which I remind you went No stone statues or individuals older than 80 may pass) although maybe this will not be fully revealed in the next chapter but definetely in future chapters of this arc. It is probable that there is another dragon slayer and his/her exceed and which should be replacing Wendy and Charle. This gives us three of the powerful members of Sabertooth, the number one guild in Fiore.

Following the speculations from the Fairy Tail discussion of the current chapter many think that these Dragons Slayers may be artificial although since they have Exceeds by their side I think they are quite real and might reveal important information about the dragons especially since it seems they know of Grandina unlike the fake dragon slayers encountered before whom have not mentioned knowing any dragon, another factor which makes me believe they truly are dragon slayers. It is also speculated that Meredy, Ultear or even Jellal might be part of Sabertooth. This I don’t think is the case as the three are ‘wanted’ by the magic council unless they have adopted disguises.

This brings me to the title of the chapter The sky dragon, Grandina whom we have not seen since the end of the Tower of heaven arc chatting with Igneel. In this occasion Grandina mentions the Dragon king feast and I believe Mashima has finally decided to tackle this subject and the dragons Metallicana and Igneel are much likely to make an appearance in this next chapter.

Last but not least is Gildarts becoming the new Fairy Tail Master which is not a surprise as Macao, I believe does not have the ability to push Fairy Tail back to its former glory although he has done a good job at trying to keep it running. More importantly is the secret of Fairy Tail only known by the masters and written by none other than Mavis of the first generation, Lumen Etoile or rather starlight. This could indicate a link to Lucy, our celestial mage whose whole magic has to do with stars and constellations or even her mother the mysterious celestial mage who died on the same year the dragons vanished. It may even be connected to the source of magic mentioned in the previous arc a story told by Layla to her daughter and which leaves us quite curious about it. To leave Gildarts at a lack of words it is most likely an important element in the plot for this arc.

I'll allow myself a small comment that the person who draw this pic had a cold while he drew it. I think he deserves some extra kudos for that :beer /alpha

Magnolia Year X784, it was another typical day at the local guild Fairy Tail and a young blond mage was having some difficulty with her teammates as her overexcited partner was trying to convince her to go on a dangerous life threatening mission once again.
“It’s called Dragon island!” the pink haired youth grinned grabbing her wrist and dragging her to the master so as to accept their mission, “Come on, Luce, Igneel must be there!”
“Aye,” said his blue cat Happy.
“No, rabid man-eating monsters will be there, maniacal ‘i-want-to-rule-the-world’ criminal with our luck will be there!” Lucy grumbled, “The name might be just that, a name!”
“Let me see that request Natsu,” Titania demanded having overheard the two squabbling. Natsu of course obliged even saluting in the process.
“The venue is Ryuu Island,” Gray snickered, “Course you ash brained dweeb would think it would house dragons but everybody knows is just a name,”
“Shut up perverted ice freak,” Natsu growled head butting Gray and while the two bickered erza read on.
“Retrieve the dragon King’s sword from Ryuu Island the Sacred Island of dragons, pay is of 200,000 jewels,” It seems a good warm up for more dangerous missions right guys?”
“Yes Erza,” the fire and ice mage agreed turning al chummy at Titania’s gaze.
“WARM UP!?” Lucy gaped, “It says people disappear on that island, and..ugh oh never mind, let’s just do it!”
And so Team Natsu set of on a dimensional journey!
Meanwhile on a noisy pirate ship a new Island had been sighted in the distance.
“Ryuu island, we’re way off course but the storm would have damaged the Sunny if we kept to it,” the navigator Nami proclaimed.
“Let’s explore it!” the captain Luffy, “I wonder if they are dragons, it would sure bring back memories,”
Luffy laughed patting his x-shaped scar on his chest; Fishmen Island was fun but nothing better than a couple of monsters to keep in shape!”
“We do need food,” the cook Sanji muttered but his serious expression didn’t last as he swooned over the black haired archeologist, “What would you say my darling Robin-swan?”
“I would like to explore it after all Ryuu island is known for its great historical ruins although not many who set foot have returned and those who have were changed people,” Robin
“I’ll heal all those in need,” Chopper grinned, “the sacred Island of Dragons must be an awesome place!”
“It can’t be worse than what we faced till now right,” Usopp said putting on a brave front even though his legs were trembling.
“I need to practice my sword on something, hunting will be a good warm up,” Zoro agreed while cleaning his beloved swords.
Franky laughed and got to work, he knew when his companions where set on something and he might as well adjust the course, “All right then full speed ahead to Ryuu!”
“They’ll surely be loads of treasure to take up!” Nami giggled.
“Yohohohoho then an adventurous song will surely fit the mood,” the soul king Brook bowed ready to perform as the Thousand Sunny sailed straight to the Sacred island of Dragons.
And as our two groups of hero’s finally arrived on the Island they would have never imagined the perilous journey they would face and the new friends from another world they would encounter but as Natsu and Luffy were present it might have not been so surprising.
Team Natsu had decided their best bet was the ruin dedicated to dragon s
“WHY WOULD YOU TOUCH THAT” Lucy screamed at the idiot of a dragon’s slayer who was sheepishly laughing beside her as they run for their lives from the snarling green beast.
“It was a dragon head I thought it was cool,” Natsu grinned with Happy flying beside him repeating the words “Natsu you idiot,”
“Well that dragon head was a trap and released a crazy DRAGON after us!” Gray shrieked.
“I can’t beat it here the ruins might not take it,” Erza said explained.
‘Just let me at it I’m a…” Natsu started for the umpteenth time as they kept on towards a blinding light.
“NO!” they told him once more without noticing that they had run towards the wrong exit.
Luffy’s group minus Brook and Franky who had remained to guard the ship encountered the same problem when their captain fell for the same exact trap Salamander had.
“LUFFY YOU IDIOT!” Nami roared hitting him repeatedly on his head as the winged beast continued its pursuit for the crew.
“Let’s just take it out!” Zoro and Sanji chimed in.
“No, the ruins would collapse on us!” Robin warned.
“Just run!” Chopper and Usopp cried scared to the core.
In the instant both groups came out something truly magical occurred as they bumped into each other at the exit and they all fell one on top of the other. The dragon-like beasts having successfully chased the intruders went back to guard the treasure of the Island.
“Oh BEAUTIES, my heart has lead me to these wonderful red and blond goddesses!” Sanji sang spotting Erza and Lucy who were getting up and checking for any bruises.
Lucy proceeded to help Chopper up, “Sorry, erm, reindeer-kun?’
“He’s Chopper,” Luffy jumped up as if nothing had happened, “Our crew’s doctor!”
“DOCTOR!?” Lucy and Gray cried in surprise.
“Yep,” Chopper confirmed grinning gaining gaping looks from Fairy Tail’s strongest team although Natsu seemed more excited rather than surprise.
“Another talking Happy!” he laughed genuinely entertained.
“He’s not a cat though,” Happy and Lucy reprimanded having recovered from the shock. Happy and Chopper then seemed to study each other before deciding they would be great friend with a handshake.
“Well,I’m Luffy, I’m going to be the King of the pirates!” Luffy suddenly proclaimed.
“They’re pirates!?” our favorite mages would have never thought they’re new friends to be scavengers of the sea.
“Cool! Well we’re mages!” Natsu said not wanted his guild to be outshone by the crew whom he believed to be like a guild in a way.
“Mages?!” it was Nami, Chopper and Usopp turn to exclaim now.
“Awesome!” Luffy grinned, “show me some tricks then!”
“Yeah,” Chopper and Usopp enthusiastically agreed.
Further introductions ensued especially as Luffy and Chopper demonstrated their own abilities.
“I would’ve figured they’re mages as well, never heard of this devil fruit thing,” Lucy puzzled, “And you say they’re is even a skeleton?”
“You really don’t know? Where’d you come from, everyone knows of the legend of the devil fruits!” Nami questioned the blond.
“Well, you don’t know about guilds and mages I could ask you the same thing!” Lucy countered.
“Strange, it’s like we are from two totally different worlds,” Robin mused, “It’s like two different authors decided to make their own respective characters meet up,”
“Hey Luce this guy must be your cousin he’s all weird and your names are kind of the same,” Natsu called out to her smirking the whole time.
“Aye,” Happy giggled agreeing.
“Don’t come up with these weird things our names starting and ending with the same letters don’t mean we’re related!” Lucy angrily berated her teammates.
“Nami! Nami, this guy breaths fire like Ace used to!” Luffy said overjoyed, “he slays dragons isn’t that cool?!”
“Do that ice thing again Gray,” Usopp and Chopper asked in glee.
“No problem,” Gray boasted, “I can make even better stuff,”
Erza and Zolo in the meantime found they had their love for swords in common while Sanji promised Titania to make her the best strawberry shortcake ever known to man. This of course resulted in the blond and the swordsman to bicker.
The party soon ended though as a giant purple ape crushed the ground in front of the group.
“You dare enter my kingdom thus you shall receive punishment!” it roared before the pirates and mages could do anything but let their jaw drop to the ground albeit Luffy and Natsu who found it quite fun.
The ape snapped its fingers and suddenly a puff of smoke enveloped the group. When the smoke lifted our heroes couldn’t believe their eyes.

That's all for this time. Thanks for staying with us tilll the end, we hope you enjoyed it and see ya around, guys :D

RaveDragon, Jammin, Googlez_kun and alphabeta