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Rebel L
November 22, 2011, 08:02 PM
Just as a quick bit of background on me, Claymore is the first manga (and comic of any kind for that matter) that I have gotten into. I generally tend to read fantasy novels for my reading entertainment.

I have found that in a lot of the longer fantasy series out there the authors seem drag on a series just for the sake of getting more books out. This tends change the tone of the series after a while, often leading to plot inconsistencies and stale characters because the end is forever being dragged out.

So the question I have about manga in general, but Claymore and Yagi specifically is, can I expect the Claymore story to come to an end? It seems that both of the main story arcs of Claymore are approaching their climax's. Can I expect the manga to end at that point or if it continues to start up new story lines with new characters or should I expect the the final resolutions of current stories to be dragged out as long as Claymore is popular? I suppose for that matter another question would be is Claymore actually popular or just barely popular enough to make it into volume form?

Part of the reason for asking is that as I see it Yagi has already changed the way several of the concepts work in the story from the early volumes to the later ones. This could certainly be because of the nature of the weekly/monthly publishing the story was not fully worked out in his mind at the start so things have become more refined at this stage. I just worry a little that it could just be a sign of a story that is going to drag on forever so long as there is money to be made. After all it is usually easier to drag out and existing story than to come up with an idea for an altogether new one.

Thanks in advance for any insight people here might have.

November 22, 2011, 10:32 PM
Just as a quick bit of background on me, Claymore is the first manga (and comic of any kind for that matter) that I have gotten into. I generally tend to read fantasy novels for my reading entertainment.

This describes me, exactly too, hehe. Claymore is my only and still my only manga/comic that I've read (aside from quickly scanning through some other mangas just for the fan-service).


About Claymore, we just don't know. A long time ago (Claymore is 10 years old or running), there is a rumor floating around of an interview with Yagi, where it was possibly mentioned that Claymore would only be ~150 chapters (Which I think is approx 25 volumes, at ~6 chapters per volume, or if its 4 or 5 chapters per volume, than it could be going to 40 or 30 volumes). But, we just don't know if this is true or not. Also, story-wise, Claymore could be ending soon (Destruction of Org and possible final confrontation or whatever between Clare and Priscilla or whoever or whatever) or it could be kept going (i.e. the story goes to the continent, after the island issues are settled).


I can't speak about other mangas though, as I hadn't read any.


Also, I'm not sure what you are meaning or asking about by volume.

Claymore is already at like vol 20-25, I think (and buyable in the U.S. and some other countries - though of course the other=non-Japan country's volumes are a bit behind the Japanese raws volumes).


Claymore is a very popular manga !!!! It has a huge fan-reader base !!!

Rebel L
November 22, 2011, 11:31 PM
The comment about the volumes was just to say that the story has evolved a bit since the beginning, Volume being my term for the individual books that I can buy in a store here. Like for instance at the beginning a Claymore's strength is measured in how well they kill Yoma, whereas later its more about how well they kill awakened beings. (I think this why there is a scene later about Teresa killing an awakened former #1, to put her character more in context with the newer events). In a book something like that is usually a warning sign of things dragging on further than originally intended. With a manga/comic which releases in much shorter pieces and more often I am not sure it means anything. But you have answered that question as well, the answer being that there is a good chance the story will be wrapped up without unnecessary dragging out.

As for volumes available, I would think that in Canada we have access to releases at the same time you do in the US, and I can currently get up to volume 19 (I cant tell you offhand what chapter that corresponds too as they books are on order and not here yet). The online translations have been great though :). While I am not sure of the legalities of those I wont complain about being able to read ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, I will now look forward to the next release of more Claymore with even more anticipation :)

November 23, 2011, 12:59 AM
I see Claymore's literary progression in this way:

First is just about Clare and her journey/oddessy (can't spell) of revenge against Priscilla in the foreground, with the island's ambigious (and unknowingly at the time to us the readers and to Clare as well, the brewing) trouble in the background. The story revolves around Clare. The Hero's Journey/Oddessy. It is simple, easy, and linier to follow.

But now, that ambigious island trouble has burst into the foreground, marginalizing Clare's own personal vendeta, compared to the FATE of the entire island, the Humans, the Organization, and the Claymores! Thus now the story revolves around the entire island's events and fate, it goes beyond Clare. The Fate of the "World" (well, the Island, anyways). It is very complex, chaotic, and "Jumps Around" (between places/characters, as well as between present and past), making it hard to follow.

November 23, 2011, 11:17 AM
Claymore is by far my favorate manga to read. While I'm not a fanatic as some manga fans, I have read or still reading the following manga.

Battle Angel Alita (New)
Battle Angel Alita (Old)
Shingeki no Kyodai
Highschool of the Dead
Bleach (Stopped after Hueco Mundo arc)

I think running manga series falls in to the following two type. An ongoing highly popular one that can keep going indefinitely as long as they are making money and still remain popular like Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. The other is a pre-determined manga where the author has the entire story already planned from start to finish like Battle Angel Alita and Akira. The difference IMO is like a continual comic like Superman or a graphic novel like Watchmen but a lot longer. I like to think Claymore falls in to the later category but one can never be certain.

It is also entirely posible for a manga like Claymore to finished with the story then be resurrected many years later with a whole new generation of Claymores with different characters involved in an entirely different story.... Perhaps something like a totally non related group of Claymores fighting in the main continent against the Dragonkins. One of the manga I'm currently following "Battle Angel Alita" concluded in 1995 but has been resurrected in 2001 with the same characters but in an "Alternate reality" setting so not to screw up the original story, as example.

November 23, 2011, 09:22 PM
Yagi made up AD as he went along and described the characters evolving as he drew the manga, and I can see Claymore being drawn in the same way. This isn't only because he described how he made up AD as he went along, but because he mentions things like the war on the mainland that don't need to be explored for CM to make sense when its finished, that he could go back to if he wants to extend Claymore longer.

November 26, 2011, 06:25 PM
this could wrap up before 200 chapters...but there is the opportunity for backstories.we could get our fill on the infinite number of past warriors/the abyssal ones and of course the players in the organization.to be honest...it's a nice example of a manga with almost all female characters but doesn't have to be grongie...(crotch shots)lol.is a fighter manga that doesn't have to have planet destoying battles...(goku)lol.deep enough at points but doesn't make you weary with alot of dialoge like most seinen/shonen do.

guys KHORR mentioned one you should give a read...GANTZ!!!also try Bokara No,Shigurui,Bezerk,Vagabond,Lone Wolf and Cub,Homunculus.
see if any of them grab you,a couple are relatively short...