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December 18, 2011, 06:52 AM

The above link lets you see the 100 cards you must collect to complete Greed Island. If you were the one to clear it, what 3 cards would you decide to take back with you?

For the real world I would want Instant Foreign Language School (49), Fledgling Gambler (46), and Sleeping Girl (47). Sleeping Girl and Instant Foreign Language School could be used very well together. She sleeps while I build up a huge reserve of foreign language skills that will let me profit. Fledgling Gambler is simply to guarantee another form of income, and I wouldn't have to worry about wasting time warming the egg as Sleeping Girl saves me so much time.

For the HxH world, I would probably choose Sage's Aquamarine (74) (lots of smart, loyal, and interesting friends/contacts), Paladin's Necklace (84) (avoid any nen curses), and Golden Dictionary (12) (good way of adjusting luck in my favor without any real risk).

What's everyone else's opinion?

December 18, 2011, 10:05 AM
I've just finished rereading Greed Island and was wondering which cards I'd pick too! Coincimental!

For the real world I think I'd go with hmm... probably (017) Angel's Breath for its usefulness, (065) Witch's Rejuvenation Potion so that I can live for an extra 100 years (though I might not ever actually use it, and (080) Levitation Stone for fun. In HxH world, I think I might pick the same ones too.

December 18, 2011, 03:56 PM
006 Liquor Spring A-15 Draw some of this spring's water and one hour later it will become a random alcoholic drink of exquisite taste and extraordinary quality.

self explaining xD

092 Swap Ticket S-7 Rip the ticket and give it to someone you want to switch with, and you can live his life for 24 hours. Book of 1000.

veryyy powerful, you can be president of america fr one day, a pornstar, play in a movie, destroy the life of your enemies etc.

035 Chameleon Cat S-6 An endangered species. Once tamed, it can transform into any animal. However, its mass remains constant, so it will be a tiny elephant or a large hamster, for example.

just awesome, combined with the alcoholic spring from above... pure entertaiment ^^

December 20, 2011, 01:52 PM
Hmmm...IRL I would take:
Doyen's Growth Pills

Each pill makes you grow one cm taller. One vial contains 100 pills. Not recommended for people under 20 years of age.
Golden Scales

When faced with a two-option choice, these scales will tell you which is better for your future.
Golden Dictionary

Each day you will find a word glowing gold. You should learn those words because they will come in handy the next day.

But HxH World it would be kinda different. Like, totally different.
Hypothetical T.V.

Input a hypothetical situation with the included remote, and this TV will show you a 30-hour documentary of the possibilities. You are also able to record.

Night Jade

A jewel "blessed" by the Devil. When danger is about to befall its owner, it will deflect it to someone else.

Sword of Truth

Splits in two anything and anyone deceitful. In trials, it's a criminal's worst nightmare. The sword will shatter when used to cut something true, but will regenerate if stored in its scabbard for one day.

December 20, 2011, 02:52 PM
Hm, my choices seem a little boring, but...

Double postcard to the dead:
This would be so interesting! with 1000, you could ask dead historical figures about the past as well as communicating with relatives and friends.

Long Lost Delivery:
I hate losing things. A lot. I've wanted something like this my whole life, really. There are stupid things I lost years ago I'm still wondering about.

and finally,

The Miniature Dragon:
I love pets, and it would be fun to have one that could talk to you. After I read phillip pullman I always wanted a daemon...

December 20, 2011, 03:26 PM
Tree of Plenty - A tree that bears all sorts of fruit. No matter how much you harvest, it will be full again the next day. The type and number of fruit are random. (Because I love fruits and I dont tire of eating them :D)

Recycling Room - Put something broken in this room and it will be repaired as good as new 24 hours later. The door must not be opened until time is up. (So that I dont have to go buy replacement parts whenever my stuff breaks, I can start a repairshop that can repair anything with this LOL)

Gold Dust Girl - A girl who sheds gold dust from her body--500g of gold can be harvested from her daily bath. Very shy, she rarely leaves the house. (money, money, money. Just gotta keep her away from burglers.)

3-D Camera - Pictures taken with this will be developed as 3-D objects, with all textures reproduced. Make enlargements as needed. (very cool camera. Lots of fun to be had with this toy.)

side note:
Hypothetical T.V. = Futurama's "What if machine"