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December 22, 2011, 06:05 PM
We have 10 questions for you and would like to hear your opinions. There are no right or wrong answers here, make your choices freely. You don't have to comment on every question, you can mention those that interest you most or you can simply give the answers.

Ok, here we go: :?bunny

1) Will Aizen return?

a) No, he'll rot in hell for 20,000 years.
b) Yes but as Ichigo's nakama to help him.
c) Yes, he certainly has a back-up plan.
d) Yes, as subordinate of the new big bad.
e) Aizen didn't go to hell, everybody is under illusion.

2) What will Ichigo's next power-up be?

a) Cero
b) Kido
c) A new ability from Zangetsu
d) Fullbring technique
e) He is already plenty strong

3) Which one would be the better big bad?

a) Urahara
b) Gin
c) Ukitake
d) Soul King
e) No one can top Aizen

4) Which arrancar would you like to see most in the next arcs?

a) Nelliel
b) Grimmjow
c) Harribel
d) Ulquiorra
e) Starrk

5) Whose bankai will be revealed next?

a) Hisagi or Kira or Rukia
b) Shinji or Love or Rose
c) Shunsui or Ukitake or Unohana
d) Urahara or Isshin or Yoruichi
e) Yamamoto or Tessai or one of RGs

6) Why did Ichigo lose his future?

a) Because he will keep fighting as a shinigami until he dies
b) Because he died, getting his powers back made him a shinigami
c) Because getting his powers back has a lethal side effect
d) Because his hollow will eventually resurface and consume him
e) Because he will now be a target of C46 and Soul King

7) Which of the fullbring powers is more hax?

a) Giriko's ability of making contracts with god of time
b) Riruka's ability of turning people into dolls
c) Tsukishima's ability of inserting himself into people's past
d) Yukio's ability of being the god of his own dimension
e) Ginjou's ability of stealing other fullbring powers

8) Which one of these has the best chance to return to the story?

a) Masaki Kurosaki
b) Ulquiorra Cifer
c) Gin Ichimaru
d) Ginrei Kuchiki
e) Soken Ishida

9) Who will kill a hollow first?

a) Karin
b) Mizuiro
c) Tatsuki
d) Keigo
e) Ikumi

10) How many RGs are there?

a) 1-4
b) 5-8
c) 9-12
d) 13-16
e) more than 16