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December 23, 2011, 11:56 PM
Favorite Character


This thread is for your favorite character in the series. Please write the name or names of the characters you like and a few brief words about why that person is your favorite. Even if multiple members pick the same character as their favorite, everyone will usually have a different or unique reason for liking a character. Hence, I thought this might be pretty interesting to read about everyone's pov (point of view). So share your favorite character and the reason for liking them here.

Who is your favorite character & Why?

December 25, 2011, 05:04 AM
Characters is IMO the main strength of this manwha. There are a lot of interesting characters.

I like Androssi because she seems like a powerful bitch without emotions at times but can also display some attention to others. But, at this point, it's hard to know if she does help others because she thinks it's fun or because it's the "good" thing to do. Her relationshionship with the lizard princess can be really interesting in the future.

Leesoo is interesting as well. He is as weak as smart. He always give a smart "human" perspective to the story & for that reason, I want him to tag along for a long long time.

The duo Baam-Koon remind me of Gon-Killua in many ways.
Baam is a very good character: potential, empathy, kindness, weird charisma ... all qualities required from a real hero.
Koon seems to be one of the most useful & balanced characters: he is both extremely smart & strong. His limitation is that he doesn't want to take risk.

- Both from very important families
- Both broke rules from their families
- Both are smart & talented
- Both are not putting themselves needlessly in danger.

- Both are extremely honest
- Both have an iron will. And that iron will is their main quality
- Both have an exceptional ability to make friends

December 25, 2011, 06:43 AM
Now that you mentioned I think the same Zellogan! Baam and Koon are really interesting characters, but I have another favorite.... Laure! That guy is just awesome! Everytime he appears is to make something only he can do, besides his sleeping habit is very funny!

I guess we will have more awesome characters as the series progress, since we are yet to see the top irregular and others rankers...

Host Samurai
December 25, 2011, 08:51 AM
You're absolutely right Zellogan! The character interaction is well done in the manwha. That's why, it's really hard for me to have a favorite due to them being awesome in their own ways. You have already mentioned Baam and Koon. I think the same about them.

Hatsu: Badass swordsman, who isn't from a noble family with a strong sense of justice. I like his two swords style and also his calm demeanor. His performance against Quant was really impressive.

Rak: Who doesn't like the funny crocodile? :D

Laure: I see myself in him lol. We both share the same habit of using any opportunity to sleep. :D Apart from that his performance throughout the series make me like him even more. Dude, can fly!!

Yuri: Badass woman with long legs 'nuff said. :hip

December 25, 2011, 02:25 PM
Characters is IMO the main strength of this manwha. There are a lot of interesting characters.

The duo Baam-Koon remind me of Gon-Killua in many ways.

Good point, I agree on both parts! :thumbs
maybe that's another point why everyone thinks of early HxH while reading ToG.

For me the manwha has two strong points:

1. As you already said, it's huge and interesting cast. Most of the participants are interesting, all with a unique behaviour and a good character design.
2. It's vast and huge world which kinda reminds me of One Piece. I always get the feeling that there is SO much more to discover and to see and I'm always curious to know more about the Tower.

Rak: Who doesn't like the funny crocodile? :D

Laure: I see myself in him lol. We both share the same habit of using any opportunity to sleep. :D Apart from that his performance throughout the series make me like him even more. Dude, can fly!!

Yuri: Badass woman with long legs 'nuff said. :hip

Agreed on all three! It's so hard to find a single favourite but so far the Baam-Koon-Rak trio is definitely the most interesting and entertaining for me. Their interactions always have a certain charm to it. I always looks forward to them because they seem to complement one another so well.

Baam is the kindhearted and formal friendly type while Koon is wily and rather serious. Rak always makes some hilarious comments but can be pretty beastly when things get serious. Awesome combination :thumbs

December 29, 2011, 06:58 AM
my choice goes to the main 3
Baam for the usual reason, interesting kid with unknown potential and never fails to disappoint
Koon genius and confident nd funny
Rak strong brash nd even tho one thinks that he is a fool he surprises the readers from time to time like during hte time when Koon pretended to let go of baams friendship cs he is an irregular Rak understood the scam and played with it

other that that
Yuri most bad ass char yet after Baam
Evan rumored to be mush stronger than yuri yet keeps a facade of inferiority and make things humorous
Hatsu honest nd strong personality
Lesso seems like a fool but is a genius nevertheless
i like Lauri for the humor elements revolving around his sleeps and sleeping habits

December 29, 2011, 01:10 PM
I'm going to say Parakewl for now leaving with one choice although I like a lot of the characters.
The reason behind picking Parakewel is simply because he is bad ass!! He needs more rep points. http://www.laymark.com/l/o/38.gif (http://www.laymark.com)
He is one of the most hilarious & interesting character that I've come to like from the series so far. http://www.laymark.com/l/o/11.gif (http://www.laymark.com)

January 07, 2012, 05:01 AM
I have many charakters which i like, but i will go for Ship Lesoo and Lahel here.

Ship is almost completely like me, from the beginning on.
And he brings fun in every scene in which he is involved

also, he has some funny dynamic with hatsu and anak, sadly, serena is out.
I am itnerested in his backstory and he is so far the only char without significant fighting strength (cept baam possibly, but he has huge talent) to progress that far (oh, and sunwoo nare and lahel, but they are not near his epicness)

He also remidn me of quant a little bit, he is like a smart quant. And i love quant already.

As for Lahel:

I know most ppl hate Lahel, but i just love this charakter and what SIU does with her.

Lahel as a maincharacer takes balls and skills, because she REALLY is weak.
Not one of those: oh i like him and he is weak but will be badass later on.
Lahel is something else, she is willing to sacrifice everythin for her dream in a EVERYTHING way, not in 'i try so hard and get strong xaxa' way.

She is a good wave controller and definitely a good actor with her pokerface.

And for me, she's the greatest mystery in the ToG story yet.

btw, about the HxH ToG conection:

I agree partially.
You can clearly see a similar progression for both couples, koon knows stuff about the world, baam doesnt, but baam awes koon because baam is everything koon would like to be, ying and yang style.

but that was it.

Gon is DEFINITELY not like Baam, gon has absolutely no problem with killing people in a fight, even if he tries to avoid it, he also had no problem to use komugi and sacrifice her life so he could get his revenge.
Baam would never do that, he is cutie pie, and the only time he thought about killing someone was with that monster in the second test, which is clearly a whole other matter than killing humans (baam didnt even know that monster has any emotions).

While gon is way darker than baam, koon is darker than killua.
Koon likes baam and wants to keep him as his friend, but koon uses his friends, and koon never stopped to see baam as a tool.
A tool he likes and wnts to keep in good shape, but still.
It's his inner conflict and charakter developeent to accept true friendship, probably.

Killua however is very self sacrificing towards gon.
He follows gon everywhere, does the cleanup for gon's escapades and as it is yet killua never had an own plan or goal to follow.

Koon would never do that, he has his own goal and if anyone stands in between him and his goal he is going to eliminate him.

January 19, 2012, 05:57 AM
My favorite character has to be Koon. That guy is freaking awesome and he always manages to surprise me with his ability to develop the best strategies. Let's face it without him Baam would be nothing. :)
And i love that now 'cause of Baam's influence he somewhat changed and started to be more open towards the ones beside him :^_^.
The next would be Rak 'cause i love his way of calling the others turtles lol and also though he tries to be a bad guy but in reality he got himself really attached to Koon and Baam ....he's kinda cute :smile-big , the tsundere type :teehee
The 3rd place is reserved for Baam. He got this place 'cause he's just too pure and this kinda pisses me off especially when he is trying to protect even the ones who tried to kill him. I mean there has to be a limit and only the thought of him forgiving Lahel makes me wanna choke him to death :)
4th place is Yuri 'cause she's damn cool and strong. :D

February 01, 2012, 12:20 PM
Baam- The Story's Main protagonist and has a simple and straight forward goal of getting back together with Rachel at the Top of the Tower. Will do anything to protect her and was going to carry her up to the top until recent events had happened. Is generally a Kind and Caring character in the story.

Rak- Easily the best Gator in this entire universe, Usually the one to smack some sense into Koon when something really doesn't go his way and when Baam revealed himself to be an Irregular he started the whole group going to help him out with his test.

Laurie- The Lazy Shinso sort of master... Almost every scene involving him and his blanket and pillow are done so brilliantly done which delivers the occasional chuckle from me.

Androssi- She's pretty much a stuck up bitch... But for some reason that attracts me to liking her as a character more and has shown that she has a more compassionate side to Baam more than anyone else.

February 08, 2012, 05:56 PM
For me it's..


I like almost everybody though, the cast is very rich. The only character I haven't been a huge fan of, that I think I'm supposed to be, is Koon because he's probably the one that feels the least..unique to me. His back-story really wasn't able to strike much of an emotional cord with me either.

Obviously, I don't like Lahel either but that seems like that is the way it's intended to be. Baam and the princesses shine like stars and she looks like dirty old rock by comparison. Which I think feeds into her role in the plot nicely.

February 13, 2012, 04:32 AM
I've got a theory about Baam, so I'm bettin' all my (virtual) cash that he'll be the strongest char of all: he's the physical incarnation of Shinshoo, a pure entity born from it.

I would like to see what will be the story from 2nd season on, but IMHO this is actually the rank based on what we saw (excluding chars behind the scene like irregular, Zahard etc...)
1- Androssi
2- Baam
3- Yuri
4- Hatsu (I think of him as a guy that is currently hiding some power...)
5- Anak

p.s. wow, almost paired up with Jammin's Rank O_o

THM Nindo
July 05, 2012, 03:08 PM
Yeah, the princesses are the best.
Pretty much everyone prefer Androssi over Anak, but for me it would be a though call to choose one over the other.

I really enjoy when they are fighting together!

And another of my favorite character is Yuri, another princess!

If I had to do a Top 5, it would probably look something like this:

1- Anak
2- Androssi
3 - Yuri
4- Yeon
5 - Baam/Viole

There are a lot of other character that I like though...
Koon, Rak, that FUG girl, even Rachel somehow...

SIU is doing an awesome job with his characters!
Especially the part 1 characters.

I also noticed that no one even put a Part 2 characters in their Top 5 lists.
What do you guys think of the Part 2 characters?

Do you find them interesting?

I like the Part 1 characters better, but there are a few Part 2 characters that I find interesting, especially Yeon, Wangnan and Arkraptor.

July 05, 2012, 04:08 PM
Another Anak & Androssi fan!

I actually did my list before we got to know much of anything about part 2's cast which is why I didn't give them any love but there are a few in there I definitely like a lot. I would say taking into consideration the way the Manhwa has gone.

1) Androssi
2) Anak
3) Yuri
4) Rak
5) Arkraptor
6) Yeon
7) Hatsu
8) Yeo Miseng
9) Baam/Violet
10) Ship Leesoo

Androssi as always is my favorite by leaps and bounds. She always reminded me of Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender except with a softer side. She is just as strong and utterly ruthless but also something of a free spirit. And her relationship with Anak is probably my favorite of the series.

Of the part 2 people Arkraptor, Miseng, and Yeon are the ones I like. Arkraptor because of that paternal air of his that he seems to try and hide. Yeon because I love the results of her power blending with her temper and klutziness. Miseng because of how strange she is; she just seems like she doesn't belong and I kinda like that.

Obviously my opinion of part 2 Baam character has declined since his reintroduction as Violet. His presentation is beginning to remind me of Sasuke, tons of strength and style but just not enough emotional substance backing it up for my liking.

July 18, 2012, 02:42 PM
1.Yuri - A kickass, awesome princess of Zahard. I want to see more of her in action.
2.Viole/Baam - His innocence is relaxing. Watching him develop is fun.
3.Androssi - That strange horn is endearing. Yet another powerful character.
4.Laure - I find a kindred spirit in wanting to sleep all day.

August 28, 2012, 11:13 PM
I love Rak he is so funny but such a badass at the same time, I have a lot that I like Baam, Koon, and others. I really do miss rak in part 2 so far, I died when he appeared for the first time after being shrunk.

August 29, 2012, 07:10 PM
I love Rak he is so funny but such a badass at the same time, I have a lot that I like Baam, Koon, and others. I really do miss rak in part 2 so far, I died when he appeared for the first time after being shrunk.
Don't worry man, he will for sure return to the story to give more shudders on some turtles xD
As for me my favorite char by far is Koon, as SIU hates him the most because of all the effort he has to put on the chapters he shows up,
to me(the damn leecher reader) the chapters go to another level of epicness each time he appears xD

November 25, 2012, 12:19 AM
Anak. She has a horrible attitude and is one of the strongest regulars that have been given spotlight. She also has the strongest motivation, interesting backstory and is being targeted by RED.

December 27, 2012, 09:49 PM
so here we go again:

I already stated my fav chars of part one are lee soo and rachel and i still go with it, even if they did not get much screentime in part 2 yet i still dig those two.

But there are others now, too.

I love all of the part two cast, but my fav there is wangnang.

The chardesign is awesome, he is a trickster and kindhearted but also has his flaws.
A balanced character who is clearly more than just the ordinary comic relief character (like when he interrupted baams fight with love).

I hope he gets more spotlight in the next few chapters, but they will prolly revolve arround teddy