View Full Version : Theory Saketsu(Binding Chain), and Hakusui(Soul Sleep) locations

December 25, 2011, 08:42 PM
Ok so, Byakuya uses Senka (閃花, Flash Blossom) on Ichigo to cut his Bidning Chain, also known as a Soul Chain(not to be confused with the chain of fate), and he Stabbed his soul Sleep. These are considered pressure points and when attacked or destroyed, can destroy a shinigami's spiritual powers

Now in the manga panels, in the first image where it shows Ichigo initially getting attacked, you can see it looks like he simply got cut straight from above his sternum area down to about the top of the abdomens in a clear cut

But here: http://www.mangareader.net/94-510-5/bleach/chapter-56.html

We also learn that Senka is performed by stabing from the back, piercing through to Ichigo's front. Renji mentions the 'last two movements' he didn't get to see. He knows there were two moves because he recognized that Byakuya used Senka. In the bottom right panel it shows what Renji was talking about. We see the flashback showing Senbonsakura making a second stab in the abdomen area. The first stab already having been pierced though upper chest area(sternum). The two stabs obviously targeting the soul sleep and binding chain.

This brings me to my actual question.

Which stab was for the soul sleep and which is the Binding Chain? Since the soul sleep is like the "source of spiritual power", I'm guessing that stab for it was near the 'heart' and Binding chain(which we only know is for boosting spiritual power which is pretty vague of an explanation) was the abdomen stab?

Next question. We know what happens if both of these points get destroyed. The shinigami loses their spiritual power, and they can never be a shinigami again. They are effectively a normal plus soul.

So basically, what the heck happens if you only hit one of these points and leave the other intact? Hit the soul sleep but not the binding chain. Hit the binding chain, but not the Soul sleep.
Assuming hollows have the same structure(which Uryuu already hypothesized when he beat Circci), what the heck happens if you use Senka for example on a normal hollow, let alone Uryuu's hypothesis on arrancar(that's pretty self explanatory since arrancar resemble shinigami, it's the normal hollow I really wonder about), or any of the other combinations I listed with hitting one and not the other.

Discuss, theorize, speculate.