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December 30, 2011, 08:53 PM
I know this may seem literally years late, but just randomly browsing the net, and coming across the openmanga idea, an idea of my own hit me square in the eyes.

I was reading the comments and people were saying how it would be hard to get the manga writers and ther publishers on board without a money incentive, but heres my idea.

Right, it all depends on the website tracking how many manga you have read, but bare with me.

Every 10 manga chapters you read, you pay £1, thats one great british pound (or 1.50 dollars or whatever). Thats 10 pence (too lazy to work out what it would be in other currencies) per chapter, which i personally think is a good idea, although its just a starting figure for arguments sake.

Now, that may not seem like much of an incentive, but think about it. all those ten pences will add up, especially if its a popular manga.

For example, Manga X (not an actual manga) is a popular manga. It gets...what?...400k views? (could that be considered conservative for a popular manga? (like Naruto, ONe piece etc)).

Now, 400,000 x 10 pence is 4 million pence, thats £40,000, or about $60-70,000 or 4,788,379 Japanese Yen. THAT is an incentive and remember, that is per chapter released, for ten different writers (or writing teams), maybe more if you read more than one manga by the same writer(s). And only for 10 pence every 10 chapters. The only time it would get expensive is if you are a manga-binger who reads dozens, if not hundreds of chapters a day.

But then again, that modest fee might get you otakus out into the light now and then :)

But to make it better, why not set it up to that 50-60% of that money goes directly to the manga writer(s)?

I've started reading many mangas which stopped early because the writer or writers couldnt afford to continue.


December 31, 2011, 06:20 AM
why should you get 10 chapters so cheap, if they can have a lot more money? they would want their money for every chapter you read and the mangaka won't get more out of it than before. it's not like the publishers are well-fare instituts... besides the problem of breaking apart your own share would be to be the ine starting it and how to protect it? look at crunchyroll.