View Full Version : You think Oda is really going for the RPG elements in terms of characters??

January 08, 2012, 08:42 AM
In recent chapters did anyone else notice that each character used attacks from a certain "type" of element?

Earth/Stone: No one yet - hmmm could it be Hancock??
Fire: Sanji
Air/Lightning: Nami
Water: Jimbei - does it mean that he'll actually join?
Darkness/Demons: Zoro
Light/Lazer: Franky
Ice/Spirits: Brook
Holy(i.e. Healing): Chopper
Plants (maybe poison later?): Usopp
Physical: Robin

Rubber lol: Luffy

If Oda is really going for the elemental theme, could it foreshadow future crew members? I know Luffy has already asked Jimbei and Jimbei didn't outright refuse, except that he said, ask him later ... so that's a pretty good indicator that he might join.

That leaves only the earth/stone/rock element that we're missing, and Usopp's "plants" don't quite fit the description. Could Boa possibly be another member? A pirate king's crew with 2 former shichibukais would be pretty badass.

If you think about it, there's no reason for Boa to join right now, but in the future, if Luffy asked, there's no way that she would refuse even if her island may be endangered. However, considering the recent developements where Luffy is more and more taking up the characteristics of the late Roger and Whitebeard, it is definitely possible that the Amazon island would be protected by Luffy's name alone. Furthermore there is a deep backstory about Boa which ties in with Luffy's past story of Dragon/Sabo against the WG and tenryuubito - it may all go together some how. It may be Boa's dream to see the world rid of the tyranny of the tenryuubito - which fits in with all the other strawhats trend of having a "dream".

January 08, 2012, 03:29 PM
I rather want to think of them as pokemons :D

Usopp - Fire/Grass
Zoro - Fight/Steel
Luffy - Fight
Sanji - Fight/Fire
Jinbei - Water
Nami - Thunder
Robin - Normal/Psychic
Brook - Ghost/Ice
Franky - Steel/Fire

Or something like that :D

February 28, 2012, 10:39 AM
thats what i have been thinkin too....strawhats most likely are distinguished in patterns.

dreams, color scheme, nationalities, personalities, tragic pasts...and i think its most likely they are grouped on elements (or being like pokemons)

another category that strawhats share are:

1. they are seen in bad light within their former places/towns/origins
2. they are outcasts with bad reputation.
3. they follow their own whims.
4. they lost a loved one in the past/present.
5. they are chased out when they leave their places/towns. (dont apply to everyone)
6. they refuse at first.
7. luffy needs to like him/her and conclude the she/he is a good guy.

i see it as:

luffy: fighting
zoro: slash / steel
ussop: plants
nami: lightning
sanji: fire / kick
jinbei: water / punch (complete opposite of sanji)
brook: ghost
robin: stealth
franky: mecha
chopper: transformation

and because i like boa hancock....i agree with her being stone element LOL.

if not hancock i also like/predict any of these guys to join:

aokiji: ice
garp: power
smoker: smoke
tashigi: steel / slash
bonney: long range / gun