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January 21, 2012, 01:37 AM
I was kinda interested in this idea, Fae rawr!, it's about this Human sided succubus girl against the Dark and Light Fae factions. I have a bit of an issue with a succubus being a fae and also with some of the other characters and their powers as being Faes too - meh, but it is certainly interesting, with Faes and a Succubus, hehe. Unfortunately, this is done by the SyFy Channel, and so it'll probably be disappointing, but I like the idea, well the usage of Faes and Succubus, anyways, hehe.

I've only seen the 1st episode I believe (and I think that has been the only aired episode so far), so I can't really comment much more on it at this point.

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It reminds me a bit of Dark Light (an old now tv "movie" also by the SyFy Channel). If you haven't seen Dark Light, it's not too bad, and for a SyFy, it's pretty decent. I like the idea and the subject of Dark Light: Lilith, hehe.

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anyways, if anyone else is interested in this, or wants to comment, this thread is here for that, lol.