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January 29, 2012, 03:41 AM
As the title suggests, choose your preferred match-ups for the current arc and give a small explanation if you wish to.

Battles I want to see in this tournament.

Lucy vs Juvia: Rather have them fight than Gray vs Juvia. More fair and would be interesting.

Erza vs Mirajane: This would be great, revival of their rivalry.

Natsu vs Gajeel or Laxus: Would make for a great match.

Gajeel vs Sting: Really hope this happens.

I'll fill in more as time goes on and the arc moves forwards.

January 29, 2012, 06:04 AM
I really wanna see Laxus + Mira/Jellal Vs Jura + Any of Lamia Scale in the Tag battle.

Also YES for Erza Vs Mirajane for once I would like to see who is stronger

But also Erza Vs Laxus will put an end to all the arguments happened before in terms of power.

In the tournament I'm looking forward for Laxus n Jura fights, so basically those two fighting head to head will just make my day regardless who will win. :super

January 29, 2012, 04:43 PM
The ones that float to quickly to mind are:

Erza vs Jura
Erza vs Laxus
Elfman vs Mirajane
Elfman vs Gajeel
Gray vs Gajeel

Not too interested in seeing dragon slayer vs dragon slayer battles. We've already seen a few, and they're largely mirror matches of exchanging physical blows.

January 29, 2012, 04:53 PM
tag team fights:
natsu + gazeel vs. sting + rogue (screw the rules... natsu and gazeel are in one guild :p)
laxus + gerard vs ??? (I don't care :p)
mirane + elfman vs ??? (again: screw the rules :p)

January 30, 2012, 12:50 PM
Jura vs Gerald would be one awesome fight.

January 30, 2012, 04:22 PM
I don't think Fairy Tail A will fight against Fairy Tail B

It was said that Fairy Tail got advantage of sending 2 members for any battle.

So if there is a battle it should some1 form Fairy Tail A + some1 from Fairy Tail B, right ?

so probably the Tag battle will be Gajeel + Natsu Vs Sting + Rouge .

January 30, 2012, 07:30 PM
I absolutely DO NOT want to see Fariy Tail vs Fairy Tail

it is repetitive, we have had an entire arc on just this, they always want to scuffle with on another every single arc anyway. In Natsu's case he wants to fight his guild all the time. We have seen it already, why waste this perfect "battle/tournament" arc with fights we have seen or just as easily could see in the future? It makes no sense.

We have Jura, Ezra, Luxus, 2 powerful Dragon Slayers we have yet to see fight, and Raven Tail's elite.

Any combination of:
Luxus v Jura/Raven Tail/Dragon Slayers
Ezra v Jura/Raven Tail/Dragon Slavers

Im not really even excited for Natsu v Dragon Slayers, and I really could not care any less to see Jellal fight.

February 01, 2012, 01:14 PM
1. Erza vs Mirajane - Battle for top female though would probably end in a draw I want Erza to win this.

2. Laxus vs Sting - To show us Stings strength. Laxus should lose this.

3. Rouge vs Jura - To show us Rouge's strength. Ends in a draw.

That's all I got for now.

February 13, 2012, 02:42 PM
Flare vs Lucy:I think that this match will not end in only one chapter, she will take at least 2 chapter, perhaps also 3.
I think that Corona is the most interessant character in Raven Tail, she is the only girl and seem a little psyco, I think this since her first apparitions some chapters ago, and the lastest chapter confirmed it.

From her look as I already said she seem a psyco, she has also a scar on her left arm, for this reason I believe that she was abused, perhaps from Ewan, but to tell the truth I hope that she was on the Paradise Tower or in the magical resarch laboratory where there was also Urtear (also if I know it’s unlikely, because that facility was destroyed from Urtear 17-15 years ago).

Anyways if she was abused, she could use some armour, but to tell the truth I don’t think this will be the case because I believe that also the female mages of Sabertooth uses armour, the one who has a rose on her hairs.

I don’t think that she is a stellar spirit mages either, also because she would have only two golden key, at least she could summon evil spirits.
But to tell the truth I think that she fights melee or she uses distruction magic just like Gildzart, also if it is the lastest case her magic will be less powerfull.
I don’t think either that she uses creation magic or an element magic, as water or fire as Natsu and Lluvia, or card as Cana.

I think that the best magic, the more suited for her is a take-over.
In the truth if she was really abused, she could use several form of take-over, she could chose different form of takeover, which each form will protect her from an element (for example iron, fire, water, ice, sand, light), similar to Erza’s armour.
If this will be the case the fight between Flare and Lucy could be similar to that of Lucy and Kain Hikaru of Grimoire Hearth, at least at the beginning.
In fact she will try to use each stellar spirit that she has (perhaps except for Gemini), but in someway Flare will be able to stop every single attack.

Then she will decide to combined various attack (I hope to see “Loki and Ares” and “Acquarius and Scorpion”, counting their element and the fact that they are already a couple they could do an unison raid) and hurt Flare, perhaps also badly.
So in this fight we will se Lucy’s power up, that counting the fact that she uses stellar spirit will consist only in a improvement of her magic power, that for her is really a huge improvement, because in fact her weak poin since the first chapter has been her lack of magical power when she need it.
She in fact will be able to summon several stellar spirit also on the same time, not more only one each time, but more stellar spirit on the same time.

But as I already said I think that Flare is the most interessant character of Raven Tail, also more than the boss (actually the boss is interessant because he has his face covered, after he lost the mask I think that he will not be more interessant, or at least he will be less interessant), for this I don’t think that she will lose, particularly in the first match, eventually in the contest that she will participate.
I would be really happy if Flare after having seen her blood will lose her mind, as happened to Bell in Katekyo Hitman Reborn or to Gaara when in the chunin exam Sasuke injured him for the first time in his life.
I believe that she wil be similar to how was Luvia in her fight against Lucy in the Tower of Paradise, when she was controlled by the rockstar http://www.mangareader.net/135-7201-21/fairy-tail/chapter-86.html http://www.mangareader.net/135-7202-3/fairy-tail/chapter-87.html http://www.mangareader.net/135-7202-5/fairy-tail/chapter-87.html http://www.mangareader.net/135-7202-7/fairy-tail/chapter-87.html.
She will only think to kill Lucy, to destroy her.

I hope that for revenge she will strip Lucy completely, she will take out all her clothes.
In the truth this is not really a new news, in fact in almost every fights, in every arc (also if this time I hope she will be completely).
But more than the fact that she will be completely naked, I hope that Flare will injury Lucy very badly, in every part of her body, in her face, in her legs, in her arms.
In fact I hope that before of the end of the series, Lucy, Erza and also Urtear (for her I think that will be Zereff) will be badly injured, also to tell the truth I don’t know why I hope this will happened.

Perhaps also for the fight there will be points, and the first men who will reach the points that are needed will be the winner.
If this will be the case Lucy will not take any points for her first attacks, because Flare will not be injured, that attack will be useless, but then she will take some points for the her double attacks, because these will work.
Then as I said Flare will lose her mind (before of it also if with some problem she was able to control herself), then he will began to attack too (before she did not attack because she wanted to play a bit), and so she will gain several points.

Anyways I believe that Flare for the last point will try to kill Lucy, but then someone will stop her, someone will save Lucy, I think that the one who will save Lucy will fight Flare on the contest.
I believe that Natsu will face Sting on the contest, where he will be the lastest on the contest while Sting will be the first (but then he and Gray will defeat him and Rufus on the tag team match, where I think that there will be 20 points), I think that the one who will save Lucy will be one between Erza and Elfman.
I hope in Erza, but perhaps could be Elfman, if as I believe Flare magic is a take over.

Anyways I believe that Lucy’s wound will be so big that she will be forced to leave the tournament, then the others member of the team will do all the remaining contest and fight, and then to the fifth day she will be replaced from Wendy.

P.S: I don’t think this will happened, but perhaps Lucy could use Gemini and make them transform in Flare, so they will be able to understand Flare, perhaps they could make her remember her past, and perhaps for this Flare will lose her mind.
I put it in spoiler tag because this part was a long part and also because I already wrote this in the thread for chapter 270, as I already said above.

Before to write about the contest I have something to say before:
In fact in the first four days there will be a contest where each guild could chose the representative, but one of them will not participate because there is only one option, in fact I don’t think that in the contest there will be tag team, because otherwise there would be an hint since the beginning, as for example the tag team battle of the fourth battle.
For Fairy Tail team A I believe that Lucy will not participate to the contest, the reason I said it above, for Fairy Tail team B I believe that Gerard will not participate, because he is not a Fairy Tail member and because he is not interested in the game itself, but to the mysterious force that there is in the tournament.
For Raven Tail I believe that the leader, the masked man will not participate to the contest.
Anyways the things could change after each chapter, for example in fact after the lastest chapter I have changed something .
For example in fact I thought that Lucy would have lose in the contest, that the man who sucked Wendy’s power would have done the same thing in the contest, so she would have not participate in any battles.

Anyways here the match up of the 3 contest that remain (I will post the member that I am sure, or at least that there are some probability):
1) Elfman, Mira and perhaps Flare (As I said for Flare depends from who will save Lucy, if Erza or Elfman). For Sabertooth I believe that will be the third man, the one who is not a dragonslayer.
2) Natsu, Sting, Luxus or Gazille.
I think that Natsu will face Sting in the contest and also in the battles, I believe that in the contest
3) Erza, Milliana from Mermaid Hell, perhaps Flare, Luxus or Gazille, then the woman on armour or the dragonslayer which was Gazille apprentice.
I think that what will do Gazille (if he wil fight against Natsu or Erza) or who will fight between the other dragonslayer and the woman with the rose depends from what happened in the battles.

I want to know your opinion about what I wrote, if you agree with me or disagree.

February 13, 2012, 05:57 PM
Well, I don't really care how the fights go, as long they are not boring..I am glad Lucy is fighting first, I am so and tired of the same characters fighting-Erza and natsu should be the last to fight..
They had enough battles, let everyone else get their...I'll start from the people I want to see fight first..
Jellal-when was the last time, I saw this guy fight-I don't care who he fights but I can't wait to see him in action..
gajeel- it's been along time, v.s. rogue
mirajane- I'm tired of this girl being underrated and I don't care who she fights..
Luxus -Well, it would be nice to see him in action without giving natsu his power, maybe against rufus..
Gray- this guy doesn't get any luck at all, he's doesn't get any shine..Ultear didn't count, he was merely lucky because she had mother issuses..He needs to fight that stupid guy from raven tail.( I can't recall how to spell his stupid name)
Lluvia-she needs to get a hold of herself, let go of gray obsession go for a while.. and regain her glory days.. v.s beth
Erza-Well, she needs a break-v.s. that girl I saw in sabertooth
Natsu-he needs a rest too, v.s sting

February 14, 2012, 03:09 PM
Now I will write how will be the battles:
But before to write of the fight itself I must say that I don’t believe that all the Fairy Tail mages will fight only against Sabertooth or Raven Tail, I hope in fact that at least each other guild will face at least one mage from Fairy Tail (perhaps for Raven Tail and Sabertooth will have two match against Fairy Tail mages, which one of them would be the “tag team battles”).
I don’t want also to see battles between the two team of Fairy Tail, but perhaps this will happened to Erza, she in fact could fight Mira (I think that there aren’t too much change, beside I think that if we will have this match this will end up in draw) or Gerard.

Anyways now I will write the other fights:
1) Gazille: I think that he will fight Rogue.
If Gazille has been helped from Urtear I believe that the match will be a draw, otherwise he will lose, he will outclassed.
But if this fight will be happened in the first day, or at least in second, Urtear could help him, just like she did with Natsu and the others, and then he could take his revenge in a contest, he will be better than Rogue in the contest, also if Rogue will not be anyways in one of the first positions.
Perhaps Gazille could take his revenge also in the first days, or perhaps only in that.
In this second scenario Gazille will not participate to the contest, and instead of him will participate Gerard.
If this will happened He will be on the same contest of Erza, while Luxus in that of Natsu, and instead of Rogue will participate the girl with the rose, the one which I think uses armour like Erza (She will take the place of Rogue also if Gazille will participate in a contest before of fight).

2) Lluvia: As I already said in order from the most likely to the least likely Lluvia could fight:
Shellia; Narupuding Erza or the woman with a rose of Sabertooth.
Actually I believe that she will fight Shellia, with a probability very high, I think the 90%.
I don’t know what magic Shellia uses, perhaps similar to that of Shelly.
Anyways I believe that at the beginning Shellia will be in advantage, then for some reason Lluvia will use her real power and wins.
I believe that perhaps someone of the team, most likely Gazille will make her remember what will happened if they will be better of the team “A”, then she will remember that Gray will must do everything that she wants he will use her real power, the same power that she uses against Meldy.
The same time will happen if someone will offend Fairy Tail and/or Gray.
This could happened if as I believe Lluvia will fight also in one of the first two days, because in meantime Fairy Tail took the lastest two position on the contest of the first day, Lucy will lose to Flare (if I will have right), then (if Lluvia will be on the second day) I think just as I said before that Gazille will lose against Rogue, then Natsu will took 8th place in the second day of the contest.

3) Elfman: He could fight one of the mages from Quatro Cerberus, Narupuding or the last men of Sabertooth.
I hope that he will see one of the guy of Quatro Cerberus, they have great muscle, just like him. I believe that he will win.
But he could fight also Narupuding, because his magic seem a take over.
But there is the possibility that he will be in a tag team with Gray and with him will fight also Rufus, this could happened if Rufus in the truth is Rusty Rose.
Anyways I hope that he will fight one mages of Quatro Cerberus because I don’t like that that they will fight too much against Sabertooth or Raven Tail, but also other guild, and also because I believe that anyways Natsu and Gray will fight Rufus and Sting, so if he will fight one between Narupuding and the man in Sabertooth this would mean that only Erza will not fight mages from this two guild.

4) Erza: She could fight one between the woman of Sabertooth, Mira, Gerard, Milliana (or another woman from Mermaid Hell), or at least one of the man of Blue Pegasus.
To tell the truth I don’t hope that she will fight against the girl of Sabertooth, because if also that girl uses armour the battle would be boring, I think would be too much similar to the battle against the Erza of Edolas.
Another reason, as I already said is that I don’t want to see too match fight against Raven Tail or Sabertooth.
Also against Mira and Gerard I think that it’s unlikely, because Gerard can’t use his true power, because he is undercover, beside I think that if he will be discovered will happenend only on the fifth day.

For Mira I don’t think that we will have this fight because Erza and Mira are rivals, or I should say they were, so I don’t think that we will see clearly who is stronger, for this reason I think that this match will end in a draw, of if someone will win there will be conditions that will prevent us from saying who is the strongest, for example one of the two will be tired because she will have participate to the contest the same day of the battle.
Anyways if someone will win, I hope that the winner will be Mira.

As I said I hope and believe that Erza will fight one of the woman in Mermaid Hell or one of Blue Pegasus.
For Mermaid Hell I don’t think that she will fight Milliana, because she will face her on the contest, so she could fight one between the leader, the spider woman or the fat woman.
I think than the fat woman is really strong, her magic will be based on pshysical strength.
For the woman with the spider net I think she will use spider, I think that would be funny if Erza will have fear of them.
I believe that Erza will lose or at least will draw against them, but perhaps if she will lose this will happened thanks to an escamotage, perhaps there will be the excuse that Erza was tired because in that day she partecipated also to the contest.
If Erza will fight one of the Blue Pegasus she will win because she will seduce her enemy.

5) Gerard:
Gerard could fight Erza or Juura, but counting the fact that he is undercover he will not use his true power, so under this conditions I don’t want to see this battles.
I think that he could face one between Hibiki or Ichiya from Blue Pegasus, because they could discovered him thanks to their mages (this could happened also if Gerard will partecipate on a contest with one of them in it) then after knowing the truth Blue Pegasus could help in the searching of the misterious force.
But Gerard could face also Milliana, if this will happened he could remember how he treaded, how he tricked her on the Tower of Paradise, then after this he could not withstand these memoires so he will retreat and declare defeat.
Actually I hope that Gerard will face of of Blue Pegasus, while Erza one of Mermaid Hell.
If this happened there is the possibility that Milliana will face one of Raven Tail so she will lose, she will badly injured or perhaps the one who attacked Wendy could sucked her power.

6) Natsu and Gray: As I already said I believe that they will fight as a tag team Sting and Rufus, I think that would be fun counting also how is it their bond.

7) Luxus: I believe that he will be the tag team match together to Mira against the masked man of Sabertooth and one between Narupuding or the one who seem a mix between Cobra and Midnight.
I don’t think that the man who sucked Wendy’s power will fight against Fairy Tail, because I believe that he will punished by Wendy in the fifth day.

8) Mira: The same as Luxus, with the exception that if she will not be in the tag team match with Luxus or not fight Narupuding in an 1 vs 1 battle, she could fight Erza, as I already said above.

February 21, 2012, 01:45 PM
laxus vs jura (lamia scale)

that would be a great fight

March 16, 2012, 12:45 PM
I want to see either Gazille or Laxus vs the masked guy from Raven Tail.

Lyon vs Rufus might be interesting too.....but I'd be pissed if Lyon lost(want Sabertooth to lose lol).

Mira vs the Sabertooth girl would be cool too.

June 18, 2012, 12:15 PM
Natsu vs Sting

That cocky bastard needs to be taught a lesson by letting his ass get beat up by Natsu:nerve