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February 08, 2012, 07:03 AM
Ok so,

I am starting to think that the balance in power is really shifting towards the Zodiac. I mean look at Jin. We already know he is one of the most fearsome monsters in HxH universe if not N1. Even Netero acknowledged that he is among the top 5 Nen users worldwide. The fact that he taught Kaito an ability that in some way would enable him to get back from the dead in one way or another just makes me doubt how he could be anything other than number 1.

My following reasoning will be very simplistic, I just want to expose some facts and read what you think about it.

We know for sure that Meruem was the strongest character we ever got to see. Netero being the most powerful human being we readers know about, plus Zeno's Grandpa (c.f. Zeno Zoldik) it is logical to assume that his sparring partners are more or less on the same level although Togashi has been staying very vague about each of the member's capacities. Are they all on the same level, are there some disparities? Now, Jin being among the stongest Nen users, it is not too far fetched assuming that at least 1 or 2 of the other Zodiac members are among this "Top 5".

Let's establish a pyramid of power
Meruem (although inconventinal villain)
Netero (old 50% strength) on par with Jin and rest of the Zodiac
Silva Zeno Kuroro Hisoka ( I don't really know for sure about those 4)
Rest of protagonists

I am well aware that this scheme is inaccurate but you get the big picture.
This estimation, based on what we've seen of each of the characters until now, is to say that there seems to be quite a gap between those who were considered the main antagonists, and an absolutely immeasurable force.

I still have trouble, for example, imagining Hisoka and his self confidence and craziness being crushed, but the gap in power just seems to be too overwhelming. Seeing the trouble the Genei Ryodan had with lieutenants, I doubt they could do anything against the Zodiac for instance.

What do you think?

February 11, 2012, 06:04 PM
I think that when you talk about sparing partners you forget that there is MANY plays a Hunter can do with each other that doesn't involve strength. And Nen always shown that doesn't matter on strength alone UNLESS you're Meryem. He's the solely exception to the rule (And maybe Gon)

Gin power level could be even above of the royals with ease.