View Full Version : Life What makes your heart skip a beat, every time ?

February 11, 2012, 05:08 AM
Pretty simple idea for this thread, will you share what made and still makes you feel something that you usually don't in your everyday life ? It can be anything : a whole art piece or an excerpt of an art piece, a memory, a drink, food, anything. And it can be any kind of feeling too. The only criterion being in the thread title : every time, without fail, it moves you in the same way. If you want to and can, feel free to explain why it does.

I'll start with this video of Shingo Suetsugu's 200m race in Paris (2003) :


I was an admirer of Suetsugu since 1997, and when I saw it live back then, I went from anger aimed at the over-zealous starter who made him change his block pattern (and trademark) in a final race, to an enormous excitement with goose bumps through the race itself, to tears of joy when I realized he secured the third spot. It was on French television at the time, but this video makes me feel the exact same chain of feelings every time I watch it.