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February 29, 2012, 10:50 AM
A LoneLobo Review

Hi guys! Another review after last week? What is going on? I certainly do not know, but... welcome to a LoneLobo review. ;)

Chapter 658:Biscuits Room


The long going series of "decks of the world" continues and we do not go to CP9 and such, like I thought. Instead we see our gothic lolita Perona who looks really cute in that dress. And Kumacy is back, although he has no shadow in it and is long dead... oh well. Maybe Moria and company are around TB somewhere as well? What bothers me is circled in the picture: I do not think that those are her feet. But then, who do they belong to? The mini Kumacy we saw on Shabondy? It also seems to hold the black umbrella, so is it alive? Has she already met with Moria and he put a soul in the doll?

Giant Kids or Kids of Giants?


First of all: I love the kids reaction when it comes to the Strawhats. Be it "stag robot" Franky, Tanuki Chopper or "swirly eyes" Sanji. Note here: He calls the kids "shitty brats", like Jeff did. This felt really well written and totally natural in the One Piece world. Great! Of course the severed head scares the living s*** out of them, like Brook would do. The comedy is top nothc here, especially when Nami punches the samurai and he wants to kill himself for this humiliation. But we also get valuable information: The kids talk about Frozen People, so there have to be frozen people somewhere on this island. Why are there frozen people? Hell, I don't know. But maybe this will become another plot point in the future.

Anyway, while Team B runs away from their pursuers, the kids reveal in a sudden move that they want to be saved. They are not sick anymore and now they are fine. Now, let's think about that. The boy from the samurai was kidnapped. Maybe these kids were kidnapped too and told that they are ill, so that they would be quiet etc. These kids are pretty big, so maybe the kidnappers want something from those kids, maybe they want to study them. Big question: Does a sickness really exist? The rationality of the crew is nice as well: Franky and Sanji are sorry for the kids, but they know how bad it would be to just take them with them. Chopper does care about them, and Nami is torn apart. But then she decides to save them! Maybe her hormones are starting to awaken? She sure is in that age now ;) Sanji, Chopper and Mr. Robot (Robot Punch!) then stop and kick their pursuers back.

Punk Hazard


Back to the room Team B escaped from. Nameless people talk to... something. What is that? One guess could be someone using some kind of devils fruit (water fruit?) Anyway, they talk about Franky's attack and that it looks like a pacifistas laser. Franky is now like a pacifista? Awesome. However, it sure ate a lot of cola... anyway, a battleship of G5 is at the shore. Smoker sure travels fast. But for now we jump to the Harpy in the sky, and she seems to wear a top which says "Harpy". I'm so awesome =P Anyway, she talks to someone through a den-den mushi engraved with a CC. Meanwhile, Brook contacts Team A. He took out the people on the ship after waking up and we get to see a.. factory? inside an ice mountain. Back to Team A: Luffy and Robin take out two Centaurs, even more mythical Greek creatures. Their den-den mushi also says CC, so... Centaur Company? Team A then decides to go help Brook at the icy part. The chapter ends with Smoker and G5, giving us most suprising information: First, Vegapunk is called an old-geezer, so he probably is not that young anymore. Second, he did a chemical weapon experiment which went horrible wrong, turning the island into a wasteland. Therefore the name "Punk Hazard". Third, something I should've thought about: Akainu and Aokiji fought on this island. This must have been one hell of a battle. A great way to end the chapter!

Conclusion and Predictions


This was a nice chapter. Nice pacing, nice comedy, a bit of action and we got valuable information. Not much to say besides that, and the following listing of the differenct groups we have in this arc so far.

The Shichibukai: The person who cut the Samurai and the Halfling, but they did not die. Who could it be? First, someone we do not know with an unknown devils fruit. Second, Trafalgar Law has the ability to cut people and they are still alive afterwards (remember Shabondy). Third, it is Buggy. Yes, really. Devils fruti abilites can evolve over time, and he probably got an invitation to join the Shichibukai before the time skip. Hell, why not? He could be hiding there, far away from the rest of the world.

The Halfling, "Leggy": Whoever this is. He got stuck to the dragon. Maybe he is the boss of Pirate Crew X?

The Samurai: From the country of Wa. Searches for his son and got cut up by someone while killing pirate crew X.

Pirate Crew X: Unknown pirates who used the Den Den Mushi to get help.

The Kidnappers: Kidnapped the Samurai and Team B, have giant kids in their base. Maybe the son of the Samurai is there as well? Depends on the age.

The Harpy: Member of CC, along with at least two centaurs.


Credits: All chapter 658 pictures taken of mangazone.net