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April 03, 2012, 10:10 PM
I posted this a month or two ago on the Claymore forum for onemanga, but I didn't get much attention drawn to it. I don't need alot of validation, but the opportunity to discuss this may very soon be moot since it's likely that character introductions are due in the the next few months. This was an effort to track certain background characters and by doing so add some personality and definition to them. I will copy & paste my original post, & a follow up post, from here.

There are several people who have expressed that the warriors in the background are hard to distinguish (understandably.) One of the things that sets Claymore above all other manga for me is that I actually care enough to track them down.

This post will detail several unnamed warriors that I think will eventually survive & be named in the future. There are some noteworthy warriors I wont mention right away, and the warriors that I do mention will be present in more frames than I reference.

The chapter & page numbers that I do reference will refer to MangaAccess.com which is what I'm using as a reference to make this thread.

I will be identifying warriors by symbol and/or hairstyle. (sometimes admittedly without complete certainty) I will describe the symbols since I can't, or don't know how to, replicate the images. & I will give a chapter & page where they can be clearly viewed (when possible.)

Starting with the warrior (& her group that was caught off-guard while searching for Renee,) that we can deduce the most about;
Number 14 (she states as much in chapter 83)
Symbol (The midline is crossed by a single horizontal line that has 2 diagonal angles projecting out from the ends. ((>-I-<))) ch 114 pg 9
Hair Short feathered hair, shorter in the front, longer (but not long) in the back
She gives her number while confronting Uma in chapter 83. She leaves a strong impression that she is the leader of that group, hence the other two must have numbers higher than 14. She then reappears in chapter 114 and is frequently distinguishable in the background. I'll call her "#14" till she is named.
Symbol (The midline is covered by a circle. Possibly identical to Ophelia's symbol, possibly with a horizontal bar through the circle.) ch 114 pg 19
Hairstyle (Very short, tussled hair. In fact it's so short and defined that she is one of the easiest warriors to identify)
She gets a few lines in before Uma makes her sleep (the hard way,) ch 83 pg 15, and is frequently a character that can be picked out in large group panels in the organization battles. I'll call her "14.2" till she is named.
Symbol (The midline has a horizontal plane, and two upward diagonals. It looks like an asterisk with the lower two diagonals removed.) ch 83 pg 16
Hairstyle (Her hair is mid-length & swept forward, were it that she were at rest it would not be hard to identify...)
Alas she is rarely at rest in the organization battles so far. Her hair is tossed about on the ground or through the air & her symbol is not clearly visible. I have several instances where I'm pretty sure it's her, but I cannot positively confirm. I'll call her "14.3" till she is named.

The next group of nameless warriors I feel are important are the two that accompanied Clarice and Nina on that awakened hunt. We can deduce a bit about them. Nina's group was ordered to be replaced by Anastasia's group to increase the north's battle power. Therefore we can bet that they had rankings higher than #15 Nike, and one possibly higher, and the other lower than #31 Phina.
Symbol (Never saw one)
Hairstyle (Short upward swoop. Very easy too pick out, aside from Rachel no other warrior wears her hair "up.")
She gets a few lines & is the one warrior that acts civilly toward Clarice. Later in the organization battles she appears fairly frequently in the back ground. I'll call her "N1" (N for Nina) till she is named.
Symbol (Never saw one)
Hairstyle (Bowl with two textures, longer on top, short on her occipital neck.)
Aside from Kiera, no other warrior is sporting a bowl, and that two-texture look makes her easy to pick out. She often appears in the same frame as Nina. I'll call her "N2" till she is named.

Audrey and Rachel's party was assessed by Tabitha to have the greatest Yoki of the warriors in her range, including the two unnamed. One of which I think I can trace. If so her rank might be around the 20's.
Symbol (The midline is covered by an incomplete box. The upper horizontal line does not connect with the midline) ch 114 pg 1
Hairstyle (short, between eye & jaw length, with a center part)
I'm pretty sure she is standing behind Rachel in chapter 69 pg 8. The hair looks right, the symbol is hard to see perfectly. I'll call her "A1" till she is named. In ch 121 pg 21 I'm much more confident that she appears again. This time impaled by Hysteria, which brings us to our next warrior....

The other warrior impaled by Hysteria on that same page. This warrior is a member of the last group I want to define. They are the warriors that faked Miria's death & are therefore very significant, since they basically did so in unison without overtly communicating.
Symbol (Two horizontal bars cross her midline, the lower of the two has a diagonal leaning down & away from the midline.) ch 114 pg 9.
Hairstyle (Very long straight hair with bangs curving over her forehead) Very easy to pick out.
This warrior appears alot. She appears in ch 119, ch 113, ch 115 & ch 121, & I'm probably missing a few because she's everywhere & I stopped looking. It's impossible to think Yagi has drawn her so frequently without thinking up her backstory a bit. She also appears fighting the abyssal feeders after Miria orders the weaker warriors back, strongly implying to me that she has a ranking in the teens. Being involved in the Hysteria fight & being involved in the faux-killing of Miria also bolsters the notion that she is at least important to Yagi, even if not certainly high ranked. I doubt that she could be the long haired warrior in Dietrich's party. I'll call her "FK2," FK for Faux-Killer, till she is named.
Symbol (The midline has two crescents facing away from the midline and on a short horizontal bar) ch 113 pg 21
Hairstyle (Mid length feathered hair with bangs)
It's the Narrator! She is the one who narrates the "her body was like a phantom" speech. No doubt at all she is important. She isn't that hard to pick out if you look for the bangs, but she does blend in to the large crowds. I have no doubt at all that as the narrator & as a participant in the faux-killing of Miria that she will get named eventually. I'll call her "FK1" till she is named.
Symbol (The midline has a single horizontal line that has an upward vertical perpendicular at each end, and a short diagonal going down and out midway between the midline and the perpendicular) ch 114 pg 23
Hairstyle (Long wavy hair.)
She is one of two that have long wavy hair. Unless you can see their symbols, they are hard to distinguish. By looking at and comparing the armor of the two, this one was also most likely the girl in Dietrich's party ch 85 pg 7 & the Miria faux-killer ch 113 pg 21 & 22. Therefore I think she is more likely to be named, & then ranked below 30 according to Deneve. I'll call her "FK3" till she is named. The other long wavy haired warrior has a symbol that is definable in ch 114 pg 6, and is probably in the center of the scene on ch 116 pg 3 where a long wavy haired warrior with what appears to be a different armor type is. Two different warriors, easy to get confused.
Symbol (The midline is crossed in the center by a single horizontal bar, and then twice more by bars bent so they radiate, one above, one below the horizontal. It looks like a bug, or an asterisk that had its diagonals stretched away from the horizontal) ch 114 pg 1
Hairstyle (Short half-eye straight hair, possibly an A-line)
Her hair covers half her face when she is at rest, which isn't often. She does appear several times & I'm reasonably confident, although not totally sure that she also participated in the faux-killing of Miria. I'll call her "FK4" till she is named.
Symbol (The midline is crossed by a 'v' at the angle, at the tips of the v there is a brief horizontal ending in long vertical lines that may be parallel to the midline.)ch 113 pg 12.
Hairstyle (She has long straight hair with poofy bangs. Her hair appears to be pinned back by clips or an unseen devise. Not a pony tail, not free hanging, definitely pulled back. The poofy bangs however are a tell-tail marker never the less.)
I've been back & forth on whether to include her in the list, & whether to include her as an "FK" or not. I've decided too because she gets drawn more than some of the other warriors I've defined, & she fills the role of the missing long straight haired girl on ch 113 page 22. We can now say that these girls in that top panel on that page hacking away at Miria are from left to right FK4,->FK2 or 5 ->FK1->FK2 or 5 & FK3. I'm not sure it's really her, but since she seems important I'll say it is for now. It allows me to write a fun follow up post to include the girl who I've been calling "poof bangs" but will now define as "FK5" till she is named.

There are a few other nameless warriors that can be defined by a symbol &/or a hairstyle, but these ones I think are noteworthy & more likely to survive & get named. The twins of course are nameless but very likely to be named in the future.

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Now, if you have some free-time, we can play a little game to see if we can make an old Claymore chapter or two a little more meaningful & maybe give a little more for you to look forward to.

If you have time to kill;
Open chapter 113 page 26.

There are 16 warriors on this page. Of the current generations 47 at the time of that image, there are 3 dead or missing warriors, & 8 defected (not onsene at the organization) from the current generation. Meaning there are only 21 warriors left unaccounted for, (we have more than half.) It've very likely that the missing 21 are really just fodder, & will be declared dead. There are other warriors in the background shots, but they tend to be more generic than the 15 (not counting Miria) on that page.

We can name all but 6 of the 16 warriors on chapter 113 pg 26;
From left to right; Audrey (we know what her face looks like), N2 (Two tone bowl haircut), FK2 (clearly), Ukn, FK5 (clearly), Nina (Only ponytail on this battle field), Ukn, Ukn, Miria (duh), #14 (we know what her face looks like), FK3 (clearly), Rachel (unique spiky hair), Ukn, FK1 (clearly), Ukn, Ukn.
Meaning that its a mural of Miria in the moment her death is revealed to be a fake, & the 4 persons closest to her and drawn the most prominently are 2 confirmed and 2 suspected of being direct conspirators in Miria's faux-killing. And all three single digits are present too.

April 04, 2012, 04:14 PM
I like the idea behind this :D would be nice to see some of the other warriors ...... i wanna know if there are any other " Special " warriors... i doubt Clare was there only Experiment *Evil Grin*

April 05, 2012, 01:37 PM
I am already of the mindset that most warriors represent a experiment, and a progression of experiments over generations.

I am a little surprised to find out that Hysteria had her tenure between Lucillia and Rosemary, I was under the impression that the Organization had moved on from "High yoki concentration" experiments to sister bond experiments. I can rationalize it be saying that High Yoki density experiments were continuous, & the aftermath of Lucillia left a gap that the organization was not prepared to fill. Originally, i thought of Rosemary as a lower #1 that only got promoted because there were so many casualties from Lucillia. The latest chapter reveals that the organization rebounded quicker than my original impression. That strongly implies that Rosemary was a legit AO & not just a strong AB when Teresa killed her.

At any rate, the story should continue with a big picture plot-line of the Warriors continuing the organizations attempts to perfect a reversible awakening. Ever since the slashers that has been a slow plot motive. Now with the young twins mixed with the 4 slashers (3 minus Claire,) and Dae presumably to be taken captive soon, that progression should take another step in the coming months. The organizations experiments will continue, now under new management.

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I was just re-reading. Ch 123 pg 20 shows Nike pulling a sword out of Hysteria.

Who's sword is it? Miria just picked it up off the ground.

I suspect it's "FK5's" sword.

May 15, 2012, 06:08 AM
Can almost make out a symbol for N2 in Chapter 65, Pg 8 and you can see the top of a symbol on N1 in the same chapter but Pg 12 - hope this helps

May 16, 2012, 02:19 PM
Awesome, I knew that already, but I wish we had a clear cameo for them.

Of the top of my mind I seem to recall one or both (N1 & N2,) appearing in chapter 126, so they should have survived & will get named & symbolized soon.

I think it's fun to go through the chapters & make the connections of these warriors. It gives a head-start on getting to know them before they are formally introduced.

May 17, 2012, 05:05 AM
I haven't got my books with atm (in transition moving house) otherwise I'd checked them to see if it was any clearer.

Can definately confirm N2 in that chapter, she has her own little box, page 20. Couldn't find N1 in the chapter, but then she might be one of the many on page 21, it's a bit hard to tell though cause of her hair type.

14 and 14.2 are also on page 20 in the same box together. Still looking for others :)

June 06, 2012, 03:24 PM
It does not appear that Yagi is in any real hurry to get into introductions, but "FK2" & several others still reoccur in the backgrounds of 126 & 127 scans, so names are coming right away. The characters seem to clearly defined in Yagis mind, but he's not sharing them with us yet.

October 26, 2012, 10:36 AM
OMG! This looks great (as i'm a faithful editor of en Spanish Claymore Wiki). But, can you tell me when the Claymore in Dabi I (http://es.claymore.wikia.com/wiki/Claymore_en_Dabi_I) appears?. As far, i've seen her in Scene 065 (duh) and Scene 113.