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May 25, 2012, 11:51 PM
Well, here's my fiction. It's in script format like Fayte, since… I suck at writing in fiction format. It's set in the alternative timeline where a school called Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku exist. It'll be starting in the National Tournament, and hopefully continue until U-17 camp, if I can get that farm of course. I'm not sure on how often I'll be updating this, as I'm handling so many different projects right now. But I'll try to make it reasonable timing.

(The score board show, showing a score of 7-5)

(Byoudonin look to be in awe.)

Byoudonin: This kind of strength… from a mere middle school student?

???: That's wrong, old man. It's not a "mere middle school student". As much as I don't look like it, I'm a professional tennis player, you know?

Byoudonin: Huh… I should have known from your level… Why did you play me anyhow?

???: Well, it's just to see the tennis level of Japan High School, right now. I must say that it disappoint me quite a fair bit, though.

Byoudonin: I can't say much as a loser now, can I? But with player like you, it doesn't look like your school, Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku, will have no trouble winning the Nationals this year.

???: Well… That would have been a case, if the our school true players play, that is. After I play you, I must says, it sounds a fair bit more boring than I expected. "We" won't be playing anymore.

Byoudonin: Are you planning to let reserve players play for your school like Hyoutei?

???: Reserve player? Naw, naw. I won't say that. I'm saying that we, the real players, won't enter this tournament at all. We have couples of other tennis talents. We call them "Chosen". Their potential is something that is truly interesting. I'm certain that you'll find them interesting too.

Byoudonin: Are they at your level, Kanzaki?

(Text box: Kanzaki Mukurou: 3rd Year: Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku)

Kanzaki: Huh, no. It won't be fun otherwise. We, the true Hantsuki tennis team, are 7 top tennis players of our school. They don't actually have a ranking. But… they are the one with the most potential. That's for certain.

Byoudonin: More so than you? That's frightening.

Kanzaki: Well, it's not certain that they have more potential than us. We're holding the absolute position, after all. I trust you've seen that with our match? But our school wants to nurture those talents. It's good for Japan if we have more good players, isn't it?

Byoudonin: Your school sure have a strange policy. Your school also enters the tennis tournament once every 7 years, huh? Last time, I heard your school went without losing even dropping a game. It's because of such things that your school earned a permanent seed in the national tournament.

Kanzaki: Well, that's something my senpai did. Nothing to do with me, really.

Byoudonin: Rikkai this year is pretty strong, you know. They are a "king" that went undefeated for 2 years… until the recent Kantou tournament, at least. Seigaku isn't a team to be underestimated either. They manage to beat the king. The national this year isn't something your school should play around with such policy.

Kanzaki: Well, we'll see what happen. If we lose, then that's just how far those kids will go. Old man sure likes to worry a ton, huh? It reflects your age, you know?

Byoudonin: What will you be doing, then? It's such a waste to see your kind of talents not doing anything.

Kanzaki: Well, we'll be partaking in playing Tennis professionally, so it's not like we'll just sit around doing nothing. I do have a favor to ask you, though.

Byoudonin:What is it?

Kanzaki: After the national, if they manage to beat it. They'll probably be invited to the cage that you own that's called "U-17". Don't go easy on them.

Byoudonin: Who do you think you're talking to?

Kanzaki: Right… And, if they do manage to beat the "Genius 10"… We'll be their opponents.

Byoudonin: Well, I won't expect them to be facing you guys then. We won't be showing them any mercy.

Kanzaki: Well… I'll just leave it at that.

Byoudonin: Can I ask you something, though?

Kanzaki: Huh?

Byoudonin: What's position are you playing?

Kanzaki: Well, an old man sure like to spit salt on old wound, huh? It's not something I really want to be talking about, you know?

Byoudonin: …

Kanzaki: Singles 3. And… while I'm pretty certain I'm pretty even with three of the members, but I'm also certain there's at least three members who are stronger than me.

Byoudonin: I see… So that's the level of your school.

Kanzaki: Well, see you later, old man.

Byoudonin: Wait!

Kanzaki: What? I'm not listening to an old man lecture, you know?

Byoudonin: I'm looking forwards to your school Chosen's growth.

Kanzaki: What a coincidence. So am I.

Tsukihime no uta
May 26, 2012, 12:16 AM
It is nice to see so many people inspired to create their own fan fics! It really helps the wait for the real chapters. Wish I had the time and creativity to crate my own >.< Look forward to seeing how everyone's stories turn out.

May 26, 2012, 07:00 AM
Good so far. Change the name Byodonin to something totally different though. Its like introducing a character called Ryoba or Ryoha, Tesuka or Tezoka, Atobi or Akobe, etc. You just think of Byoudouin too much when you see Byodonin.

June 03, 2012, 08:19 PM
Good so far. Change the name Byodonin to something totally different though. Its like introducing a character called Ryoba or Ryoha, Tesuka or Tezoka, Atobi or Akobe, etc. You just think of Byoudouin too much when you see Byodonin.

I did meant Byoudouin. I silent the "u" in my mind when I think of his name. I'll probably should pm Sai to ask about if u in Byoudouin name is silent or not, though.

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Shogi: (Spinning his pen around) Ah… This is a pretty boring class…

(Text box: Himatare Shogi: 2nd Year: Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku)

Col: Didn't you say that for every class? Well, it's not like I care.

(Text box: Midomi Col: 2nd Year: Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku)

Nomi: Well, I'm with Shogi. Honestly, I rather be hitting on girls right now.

(Text box: Nomi: 2nd Year: Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku)

Teacher: (Standing next to those three seat, clearly looking angry) Well, I'm glad to hear that. How about you three go stand outside?


Shogi: Yeah… That class is totally boring.

Col: Well… It is kind of your fault that we get punish like that.

???: Hah… Really… All of you, as members of Chosen, I expect you guys to have a better manner. You're aware that you guys are going to be representing the school, aren't you?

Nomi: Oh… Rena. Well, you're also a member of the Chosen too. Kind of surprised me a girl can enters into a boy competition like that.

(Text box: Kimasane Rena: 2nd Year: Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku)

Rena: Well, Hantsuki Dai Fuzoku is a private school for the elite with many influences. It's because of those influences and our track record of producing excellent players in every sports that we're allow this exception. Well, the exception is only one way, though. Male cannot participate in the female competition.

Nomi: As expected from the granddaughter of this school director. You sure know a lot, huh?

Rena: Well, certainly. I do grow up with this school, after all. Well, Shogi. There's someone looking for you.

Shogi: Me…?

Rena: Yeah, he say he wants to play you for the Chosen position. What will you do? I can reject him for you if you want.

???: That's not fair! Hey! Fight me for the position! I can accept not being the regular members if the "Heavenly 7" take up their spot. But I'm never accepting any of you guys! Especially someone that always skip his class like you, Shogi!

Shogi: Kojiro-san…?

Kojiro: Who allow you to call me by my first name! Call me Yamazaki, dang it! And fight me!

Col: Shogi… Let me…

Shogi: Ah… Well, forget it, Col. He challenged me, right? I'll be the one to play him. You guys can count the score.

Nomi: Well, that's kind of boring. But… Yeah… Sure.


Col: 1 Set Match, Yamazaki Kojiro to serve…

Nomi: Watching men plays each other sure are boring. It's pretty lucky that the females can play in the National with us. I don't really want to watch a sausage feast.

Rena: Don't say that. Yamazaki-kun is coming.

Kojiro: I'll be taking that regular spot with this! Lottery Gambit!

(He hit a serve, when it hit the ground, it fly off in a random direction, kind of like Habu, Shogi try to hit the ball, but the ball curve and escape his racquet)

Col: 15-0

Kojiro: My Lottery Gambit fly around in the direction that I myself not even aware of. It's my ultimate techniques that I took so long to train!

Nomi: That guy is pretty impressive.

Rena: Of course. He attends this school after all. If you're not a son or daughter of a billionaire, you got to have some real fame or talents to be here.

Nomi: Ho… Well, I guess this could mean Shogi is in trouble then.

Kojiro: Lottery Gambit!

(The ball hit the ground again, but this time Shogi charge at it and hop back, but whe he try to hit the ball which fly toward the net this time, the ball again change it route in the air randomly, causing Shogi to miss)

Nomi: Front foot hop can't beat this techniques? It's some fancy technique.

Col: 30-0..

Kojiro: This is my victory! (He serve another ball, but this time Shogi suddenly manage to hit it back without any trouble at all, catching Kojiro by surprise.)

Col: 30-15..

Kojiro: You got lucky, huh! Well, miracle won't happen twice! (He hit another Lottery Gambit, but again, Shogi hit it back without any trouble. Kojiro react and hit back, but the Point ends with Shogi smash.)

Col: 30-30..

Kojiro: H… How…? Miracle shouldn't… (He's rallying with Shogi)

Shogi: You're right. Miracle happen only once. If it happened twice.

(Shogi smash a ball across the other side, gaining another point)

Col: 30-40..

Shogi: It's skill.

Nomi: I can't say I'm surprised.

Rena: Well, you should have known. Although Kojiro is an impressive tennis player… Our Shogi is the one of the Chosen that's the director pick himself. More like that, Shogi got a nickname too.

Nomi: Oh… That one…?

Rena: Yeah… That one…

Shogi: Your techniques isn't something to be snuff at. It's absolutely impossible to predict where the ball went. However, if I can't predict the ball, then I'll just rely on my instinct.

Kojiro: Instinct… But such a thing shouldn't be able to… Not this many time in a row, at least…

Shogi: But it's because that I able to that I'm able to hit the ball back, isn't it?

Col: Game, Shogi lead 1 game to love!

Rena: It's...

Nomi: "Prodigy of A Century", right? I'm kind of jealous.

Shogi: It's my turn now… Barren Serve.

(Shogi hit the ball, as soon as Shogi racquet hit the ball, the ball disappear from sight completely.)

(Kojiro look around, but suddenly a ball appear at the ground near and fly past him)

Kojiro: …!!!

Col: 15-0…

Shogi: Well, here comes another one.

Kojiro: Th… This is impossible…

Col: 30-0

Col 40-0

Col: Game! Shogi lead 2 game to love!

Nomi: It's just one side domination.. I'm starting to feel sorry for that guy. Isn't he a National Level Player?

Rena: I don't expect any less from Shogi.

(Scene show two side rally, with Kojiro keep losing points)

Col: Game and Match, Shogi win 6-0.

Kojiro: Tch… I'll beat you next time!

Shogi: Hm… I'm so sleepy…

Rena: Shogi-kun. The name for our first opponent in the National have arrive.

Shogi: What team is it…?

Rena: Well… "Hyoutei Gakuen"

Ah, how I hate exam week. Oh well. I can't wait for summer.

Tsukihime no uta
June 03, 2012, 08:38 PM
Nice job developing some background story for the eventual opponents. Look forward to see what happens next, and good luck to us all on exam week >.<