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February 13, 2007, 09:20 AM
Chapter 14 - A sudden encounter

The three exorcists entered the restaurant they had chosen to fill their empty stomaches, not knowing of the danger they would meet within the lively restaurant full of innocent people. The exorcists even didn't take seat as a tall and thin, black haired guy approached them, followed by some other strange looking guys who definitely didn't belong to this area.

"Well, should I introduce myself? Jaques", the man said and the exorcists were staring at him with a surpried face. Just at that moment, his face colour turned greyish and a chain of crosses pictured on his forehead.
Rinvak, Tabby and Stephanie shrinked back. They hadn't expected a Noah appearing in front of them so suddenly and in public. On the other hand, Noah didn't care about human lifes. So, if some of them might die, who cared. They were all lowlifes anyway.

"Wha, Noah!", Tabby screamed and pointed at Jaques whose face decorated an evil smile.
"I'm sorry to interrupt your intention to take a peaceful meal now but I can't control myself when seeing some false apostles of God", Jaques said politely. The clueless people in the restaurant kept watching at the strange acting persons in the middle of the happenings.
"This fact really makes me indignant!", he shouted and the table the exorcists were standing around just a moment ago, splittered into thousand pieces. Their Innocence activating, they were able to avoid the flying fragments of wood, so that no innocent got hurt.

"Your bastard", Rinvak let hissing through the corner of the mouth. But just before she could release her Innocence, one of the guardians called Michael headed towards her and pushed the female exorcist away with his sword.

"Don't dare to touch him!", he snapped at her. Rinvak, beset with the sword of Michael, looked for her two comrades but both had some problems with their opponents too who unnoticedly approached them. Unfortunately Rinvak wasn't able to release her Innocence in such a narrow and full room, the tables and chairs just blocked her way, furthermore innocent people were still in the restaurant, appearently not able to move. Either they were shocked or fascinated by the show they were about to see. Why don't they try to run away, Rinvak thought. Then, she could release her Innocence without hurting anyone. But when she would not do so, someone would get hurt though. The Noah and his guardians were just too dangerous. What to do?

"Say your last prayer", Michael shouted but he was suddenly interrupted in his action by the open cracking door. Two shapes were standing in the door frame.

"Hey, what's this show here? You're going to have fun with some vermins without us, Jaques?!", a girl complained.
"I've said it to you thousand times, Exorcists aren't vermins. Stop talking like that! They're just pitiful human beings that were betrayed by their absurd thinking of being an apostle of God, not knowing the line between commiting a sin and acting in the sake of God. What a shame for them", Jaques explained.
"Nevertheless you hate them", the other person commented.
"Of course. They are befouling the name of God."

The two persons entered the restaurant. The girl was still complaining about the fun she could have missed if they haven't arrived at the restaurant just in time.
"What are you talking about! You were too late, good girl", Jaques said.
"Ey, it is just too early, yeah? And in this stupid train, I couldn't sleep properly, then I had to walk to the church, there I met some annoying people who wanted to hurt me, then I.Amaterasu appeared, even nearly stealing the whole fun. And now I can't complain?"

When the girl stepped into the light, Stephanie recognized her, pointing with the finger.
"I-I know this girl. This voice, she...she helped me to find the way to Opalo."
Magier turned around staring at the surprised face of the exorcist.
"Oh shit. I am identified. Well, well... at least, I will have some fun now. Keep me occupied, little exorcist", the female Noah responsed.
She draw her katana and stepped towards Stephanie. Her face turned into the same colour as the one of Jaques afor and crosses appeared on her forehead.
"It's killing-time!"

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How come I get a fight scene again XD? I might be able to get 15 up today, but I have a chorus concert tonight, complete with a solo for me~

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