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February 17, 2007, 07:37 PM
(I hope if you guys don't mind if I'm continuing from Chapter 16)

The smoke cleared and Lione's figure was visible.
"Well well what do we have here? 2 Noahs?" Lione walked to Tabby and Rinvak's side.
"Lione! Don't worry about us!" Tabby shouted.
"Yea! You have to help Stephanie!!! She's being massacred!" Rinvak said.
"I see..." Lione said camly. "What about you guys?"
"We... can still fight..." Rinvak said. "We're parasite types. So we can fight until our bodies are destroyed!"
"Good answer," Lione said. "But you can't fight anyone for too longin your condition especially not immortals."
"Then who else will fight???" Tabby shouted in anger.
"He will," Lione pointed to behind him

*A few hours earlier*
"Ah you've finally made it Zeran," Lione clapped his hands.
"I got lost," Zeran mumbled.
"PFFFFFFFFFFF HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA," Lione laughed his ass off. "How can you get lost???? The Tower is HUGE!"
Zeran drew Tengoku and stuck it under Lione's throat. "Wanna laugh again?"
"Just a joke sheesh," Lione cleared his throat. "Anyways..."
"THIS IS BAD!" a finder ran inside the room.
"What's wrong?" Lione asked.
"Some of my fellow finders have watched 3 exorcists enter a cafe and then encountered with three dark skinned people with crosses on their foreheads.
"Ara Ara," Lione sighed. "It must be the "Noah" clan I've recieved information about."
"What are they?" Zeran asked queitly.
"Well, we'll head out and I'll tell you along the way," Lione smiled brightly.

*Present time*

"Ah, I wondered who the three retarded exorcists were who got caught in a Noah's trap," Zeran said coldly. "Turns out it's you guys."
"Are you still sore about that prank 2 years ago?" Rivnak smirked and winced in pain.
"Damaru (Shut up), I'm here to do my job," Zeran drew his swords while Lione went over to take care of the Noah known as Magier.
*cough* Stephanie spat out some more blood. Magier dropped her to the ground.

"Seems like I found an interesting new toy," Magier chuckled.
"Sorry to disappoint," Lione grinned.

"Just when I think my life couldn't get worse," Zeran walked forward. "Hey you two," Zeran looked at the two exorcists on the ground. "Can you take on that Noah on the left?" Zeran pointed to I.Amateratsu
"ooooooooo," I.Amateratsu squealed. "Seems like this boy is a little stronger than the other two.'
"A little is not enough to decide this battle," Jacques countered.

"Let the games begin," Zeran grinned.
"INNOCENCE HATSUDOU!" The four remaining Exorcists shouted in unison.

*Zeran's fight*
"So you're a Noah huh?" Zeran jumped to the rooftop using Tengoku.
"Yes I believe I am," Jacques jumped to the roof opposite.
"I don't know what you believe in," Zeran said. "This apostle of God business. Personally I'm an athiest, so I don't believe in God. I'm only here to save the souls of Akumas. I will destroy your naive belief that God even exists."
"Interesting," Jacques mused. "You don't believe you're an apostle of God?"
"I don't believe in God period." Zeran said. "So I'll end it all.... RIGHT NOW!"
"COME AT ME BOY!!!!!" Jacques charged at a speed that was considered near demonic.
Zeran jumped backwards continuously manipulating his swords as a landing if there wasn't one to evade Jacques onslaught.
"Tengoku! OUGI!" Zeran jumped as Jacques destroyed the ground he was standing on a second ago.
"TENKAI NO RAIONKEI NO RYUU! (Heaven's Blessed Lightning Dragon)" A giant Lightning Dragon appeared froom Tengoku and rose in the sky.
Jacques paused and stared at the awesome sight.
"Even if you are immortal," Zeran yelled. "IF I DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE BODY THERE'S NO WAY YOU CAN STILL BE ALIVE!

rhapsody blue
February 17, 2007, 07:49 PM
Very good chapter! I enjoyed how descriptive it was and the battle scenes. Unfortunately, it ruined my idea for the next chapter... :notrust Not to worry; I'll modify!

Overall, nice chapter! It looks liked you studied our character descriptions since our personalities seem to work. Nice intergration of the said prank of chapter 12

Guess I should be writing it up soon... Three chapters in one day? Our audience should be happy :)

February 17, 2007, 08:20 PM
Sorry bout that :P but isn't it more fun this way? To have to work with unknwon factors and turn the factors into a beautiful image in ur stories?

rhapsody blue
February 17, 2007, 08:44 PM
Let me get it straight before I write my story:

Lione vs Magier
Rivnak, Tabby vs IA
Zeran vs Jacques

Stephanie (wounded... again) :xp

Looks like it's going to be another long chapter

February 18, 2007, 05:10 AM
I love the fighting scenes, very well done ^_^.